The American people have been beaten up for decades with the Progressive assault on our values. The litany of wrongs is too large to print into one story, but I will highlight a few. It starts with Political Correctness, an assault on free speech and the 1st Amendment. Then there is their war on right and wrong. We are to believe that there are more than 2 sexes, and that anyone can change and identify their sex, regardless of physical make-up. Men now compete in women’s sports. Women now can identify as men, or any of dozens of other imaginary non-binary sexual identifications.

In California, we are told that anyone can steal from a retailer and get away with it, as long as the retail cost is less than $950.00. Homelessness runs rampant, and the state does nothing. In fact, the state has made it legal for them to form encampments in any public space, and tens of thousands are now doing so.

The assault on our values does not end there. The 2nd Amendment is under attack by Progressives. They want an unarmed public, allegedly in the name of safety. They try to sell this idea as their way to stop mass shootings, but the reason is much more nefarious. They want us disarmed so that we will be more compliant as they continue to change our way of life. They do not want an armed resistance to their attempt to steal our freedom.

Progressives have taken over our places of learning. Our children are bombarded with their caustic philosophies. This is now happening in all areas of learning, from primary school to secondary school, all the way through colleges and universities. The indoctrination is all-encompassing, as they know if they can win over the hearts of the young, their job of transforming our society in the future will be much easier work.

Entertainment and mass media are now largely controlled by Progressive ideologues, continually spinning movies, music, and news to fit their toxic agenda. With few exceptions, the general public is assaulted from morning to night with messages contrary to traditional values and truth.

Socialism is being actively sold to us, even though it has failed virtually everywhere it has been tried. We are told that it is the only fair way to run an economy and a government. Many younger citizens are wholeheartedly buying this philosophy. They did not live through the cold war, and they have not paid attention to more recent Socialist failures. They are enticed by Socialist buzzwords, like equality, fairness, the inequity of the rich. They are also enthralled by the wonders of economic redistribution where student loans would disappear, health care would be free, $15 per hour minimum wage, guaranteed income for all, etc… They see Socialism as kind of a heaven on earth, without realizing that this system has lead to the bankruptcy and downfall of all countries who have previously tried it.

The Progressive movement has been all about crashing our economic and social systems, in order for them to bring to us their vision of a society that instead of guaranteeing the rights of the individual, it will instead solidify the omnificence of the state. This would be a last step before we would accept global governance, and the end of national identity.

President Trump has tried for 3 years, and for 3 years his efforts have been stymied by investigations and finally a failed impeachment, all by Progressive politicians in the House and Senate. He has also been held up by Intelligence organizations that were weaponized against him by his Progressive predecessor. Finally, the investigations and the impeachment process is over with, and he is more effective than ever.

There is also a kind of renaissance of interest with Republicans in taking over the House and solidifying control of the Senate, and this is on the back of the failed impeachment process, and finally the realization that if nothing is done, our country will be lost. Energized by President Trump and his impeachment acquittal, congressional hopefuls are making the case that Trump needs a fighter like them in the House or else the country will succumb to “socialist” Democratic plans. This time, based on the latest data, more Republicans are running than Democrats — with 874 total candidates compared with Democrats’ 842.

The pendulum is swinging back to the right! President Trump likely will be re-elected for a 2nd term, the Senate will remain in solidly Conservative hands, and there is a good chance that the House will turn back into the hands of the Republicans. Unwittingly, the Democrat Progressives overplayed their hand, and actually created the momentum for Republican victory in 2020! We will take our country back, and we will “KEEP AMERICA GREAT”!


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Nancy Pelosi marched out her hand picked prosecutors today for all to see. She named Reps. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), Jason Crow (D-Colo.), Val Demings (D-Fla.) and Sylvia Garcia (D-Texas) as managers. Nancy Pelosi stated at the beginning of this event “What is at stake here is the Constitution of the United States. This is what an impeachment is about”. This was just the first of many lies and half truths fed to the American public during this presentation.

Leading this ragtag team will be Adam Schiff, a toxic partisan that has been saying for over 3 years that the President was put in office by Vlad Putin, and that he had definitive proof of this, in spite of the Mueller investigation spending over $25 million dollars investigating that and finding absolutely nothing. Schiff did not dissapoint, he stated that the evidence was incontrovertible and damning, even though that is not the case. He also stated that the President cheated in the 2016 election, using Russians to get elected and now is attempting to use Ukrainians to cheat in the 2020 election, and this is why impeachment is so important now, because we cannot have foreign powers impede free and fair elections any more!

He went on to attempt to make the case that witnesses have to be called in the Senate trial, even though there is not constitutional imperative to do so. In fact, the House is constitutionally directed to interview all witnesses and to then make a case for impeachment if one is to be had. Then it is their duty to present their case to the Senate, the jury, to make a decision. Since they did not interview any witnesses that would actually help them make a case for impeachment, Schiff and his minions are insisting that the Senate do their job for them, in effect to search for the crime to impeach the President, since they did not do so when they had their hearings.

Every one of the other impeachment prosecutors mouthed the same words as Schiff, and Nancy Pelosi did the same. They are bringing impeachment to the Senate without a crime, and expecting Senators to do the job for them. Ultimately this will fail, and they will have egg on their faces. Their hope of sullying the reputation of the President, making a case not to vote for him in 2020 is going to backfire, and most likely they are simply helping him to be re-elected with a landslide.

Pelosi knew this would happen, and advised against this move. The radical left in her coalition would not listen, and they insisted on impeaching the President, even if they had no evidence to do so. You could see on Nancy’s face that she was not happy with their decision, but she felt she needed to go along with them even though she knew it would lead to failure. The expression on her face looked as though she was marching to the gallows.

The Democrats have opened up a pandora’s box, one that will lead to the destruction of the “separation of powers” and neutering the office of the President. They have set a precedent for impeachment to be used simply as a political tool, and unfortunately it will be used again and again, to the detriment of our Republic.

Meanwhile, the President has another big political victory! He is signing phase 1 of the China Trade Deal! He is moving forward in spite of the Democrats voting along party lines to approve the articles of impeachment. These Democrats should be ashamed, but instead they are blinded with hatred for the President. They will have their own day in court with the 2020 election. That will be when the people decide on their fates, and I would not put money on them keeping the House or beating Donald Trump at the polls. That will be when the American people will decide who will lead them and who will represent them, as it was always meant to be.


It’s only a matter of 2 days before the New Year sets in, and it is time to reflect on what 2019 brought to us. We have an economy that is on fire! Joblessness is at an all time low, and there are now more jobs than people looking for work. The middle class is getting the biggest raise overall in decades. The stock market is booming, and retirement accounts are bulging with newfound cash. In spite of a global downturn, we are growing our economy at about a 3% rate. In almost every measure, the United States has been better off in 2019 than any other time in recent history.

The “Swamp” is starting to drain. AG Barr and Special Prosecutor John Durham are days away from releasing their report on the biggest political scandal our country has ever seen. There will be indictments and prosecutions, and these lawmen are going to insure that this type of atrocity will never happen again. Our President is shrinking the entrenched bureaucracy by not replacing those that retire or quit for another job in the general marketplace. Still, there are swamp creatures that will not go easily, as the status quo continues to enrich them.

Dianne Feinstein’s husband stands to make up to 1 billion dollars on a real estate deal put together by Senator Feinstein herself. His company, CBRE is the sole agent for selling post office buildings that are no longer needed by the USPS. Many of these buildings are in prime locations in major cities. Without his wife’s lobbying, this deal would never have happened. God only knows how many other deals are lining the pockets of our entrenched politicians and bureaucrats?

With all of this good news, and with some of the bad, the only one that has actually suffered to date is our President. He is primarily responsible for most of the good news, but still, his opposition in Congress decided to Impeach him, without a crime! How’s that for injustice?

The New Year is laden with promise! The economy show no sign of slowing. Justice will prevail and the President will be exonerated in a Senate trial if Nancy Pelosi ever releases the articles of impeachment. The 2020 election is looming, and it promises to bring about much needed change in our political system. Congress just might sway back to the Republicans, and it appears that Donald Trump will continue as President!


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11/13/2019 has come and gone. 5.5 hours of second and third hand “evidence” rolled out by Adam Schiff’s committee for all to see, and yes, it was a circus. First, we now know that the Republicans will not be allowed to bring in any of their preferred witnesses, because they have to be approved by Adam Schiff and every member of the Intelligence committee, and Adam will never allow that to happen. We also found out that Adam Schiff can and will object to any line of questioning if it has the potential to hurt his impeachment narrative, but Republicans are not given the same latitude. Finally, we discover that the person that created this mess in the first place, the so called “whistleblower” will not be interviewed at all in this process.

The witnesses were sober, apparently experienced career bureaucrats assigned to the State Department. In their opening statements we were given history lessons dating back to the Revolutionary War all the way up to present day. We were also given their impressive resume’s, but absolutely nothing about their first hand knowledge of any Presidential wrongdoing.

The lawyer representing the Democrats interviewed each of these bureaucrats, in a carefully choreographed Q&A session. Both the lawyer and questioner were constantly referring to notes on their respective desks. It was apparent that the questions and answers were concocted and practiced by all involved prior to the start of the session. Questions and answers were designed to show that the President abused his power and practiced a Quid Pro Quo in regard to his conversation with the Ukrainian President.

When the Republicans had their time with the bureaucrats, they pointed out through their questioning that neither of these gentlemen had any first hand knowledge of any Presidential wrongdoing. Instead, they were regurgitating what others had told them, many of which only had 2nd hand knowledge of the phone call, and no real evidence of the so called “Quid Pro Quo”. That, it seemed was their conclusion, albeit without any real evidence.

The bureaucrats also told us that “Quid Pro Quo’s” are never used to push a foreign government to start an investigation, at least not the way they felt our President was using it. They finally did admit that foreign aid is routinely held back in order to get the receiving government to change behavior, usually to stop internal corruption prior to releasing the funds. In effect, they indicated that Quid Pro Quo’s are routinely used in dispensing foreign aid, just not the particular way our President used it. They did admit that the Ukrainian government is very corrupt, but it was their opinion that our President withheld funds not to insure less corruption, but to investigate a political rival. They did not give any mention of the President’s favor to have the new Ukrainian President look into Ukraine’s involvement in our 2016 election, just based their assumption on the passing mention of looking into Hunter and Joe Biden’s activity in the Ukrainian gas industry.

Our butt hurt bureaucrats indicated that it was the job of the State Department to dispense and at times hold back foreign funding, not the job of the President. They also repeatedly told us that the President used back channels to keep them out of the loop on the Ukraine funding, and that was the essence of their hurt feelings. They felt that Rudy Guiliani was not a State Department employee, and should never have been inserted into the Ukraine story. It’s not illegal or unprecedented for a President to use a civilian in foreign affairs, in fact every President has used their own back channels, but one would not know it with the testimony given by these two witnesses!

We were lectured by Democrats about how 2nd hand information is just as valuable, and maybe even more valuable than first hand knowledge of the alleged crime, and was a practice honored in our court system. That is not true, because hearsay or 2nd hand knowledge is typically not allowed in American courts, but that did not stop Democrats from saying so, and of course Adam Schiff would not allow the Republicans to object to the statement.

At the end of the hearing, we effectively learned nothing. The Schiff Circus tried to tighten up his impeachment narrative, but without any real effect. No one’s opinion of the impeachment process was in any way changed, and the hearing turned out to be a big waste of time. This is one Circus that no one should be paying for. No entertainment value, and nothing there to be learned.


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Yesterday was Halloween, and in true form, the House Democrats were in full swing to celebrate.  They honored this day with a vote, one to establish rules for an Impeachment inquiry.  Mind you, this was not a vote to validate an inquiry to Impeach the President, but a vote to establish rules for an on-going investigation.  Predictably, the vote was right down party lines, with Republicans all voting against this resolution.

The Republicans and the President asked for a vote to validate and start an inquiry in a fair and impartial manner.  That did not happen.  Instead, the Democrats put together rules to follow in the future, rules that were heavily slanted towards creating a narrative for impeachment, rather than to make the process fair and mirroring the established rules of law. 

How is this going to work?  Well, Chairman Schiff will continue his closed-door hearings without any change in behavior.  He will still silence Republicans that wish to question witnesses in a manner that will not support an impeachment narrative.  He will still be the sole person to be able to summon witnesses, the Republicans on the panel will not be able to subpoena anyone.  The President’s defense team will not be allowed in these closed-door hearings.  In short, nothing changes for Adam Schiff and his one-sided hearings.

Once Adam Schiff is confident that he has a narrative that is strong enough to play with the American public, he will turn the investigation over to Jerry Nadler and his Judiciary committee.  At this point, Republicans and the President’s team will be allowed to subpoena witnesses as long as the entire Judiciary panel agrees to it, effectively giving Jerry Nadler, a long-time hater of the President the power to determine who may be called to testify.  Further, Republicans and the Presidents team can cross examine Democrat’s witnesses, just as long as Jerry Nadler agrees to the line of questioning.  At this point Republicans and the Presidents team can also see transcripts of Adam Schiff’s closed-door hearings, but without their participation in the process, those transcripts are subject to a great degree of disbelief.

Further, all other committees that are investigating the President are encouraged to continue on, in the hope of finding any other possible damaging evidence. 

The Democrats believe that having a vote for these so-called rules will shield their members from weeks of Republican complaints that the inquiry is invalid because the House had not formally voted to begin the work.   They are hoping that the American public will accept their “trick” as a “treat” and that they can now move on with their “witch hunt” with the end-goal of impeachment within sight.  It is appropriate that they did this sham vote on Halloween!


Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer walk out of the White House after a meeting in Washington on Oct. 16. 

Leadership is tough. Often one has to make hard decisions for the betterment of the organization. Our President is in that position. Just like a CEO of a large company, a President is the final arbiter of USA policy. He at times makes decisions that do not sit well with at least some other politicians, and for reasons other than logic would suggest. Politics is an ugly profession, and that ugliness is on graphic display today.

The President ran partly on the promise to end the “endless wars” we seem to be endlessly engulfed in. He is honoring that promise by pulling out special operations forces out of Northern Syria, with the eventual plan to get all of our military out of Syria permanently. He rightly considers this part of the world, with centuries of hate behind them and the prospect of centuries more of the same, a particular area where there is little to no hope of finding a peaceful solution. He is right about this, and there is no logical reason for us to continue down the same road, expecting different results rather than the failures we continually derive from our presence there.

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat followers in the House, people that up until now were firmly against military action of any kind, are now cynically using the pullout for political gain. They now present themselves as “hawks”, and condemn the President for “destabilizing” the region, a region that has been perennially destabilized throughout history. This attempt to use the Presidents decision against him is just another of their current tactics to speed him along to impeachment in the House.

The debate on the pullout will be in the news and later in the history books. Talking heads will expound on the worthiness of the move, some agreeing with the President, and others siding with Nancy Pelosi’s minions in condemning the effort. History will have the final say in the matter, and the present and future in the region will have to play out for that story to be written.

Make no mistake about it. Nancy Pelosi and her minions were elected to represent their districts. Our President was elected to represent all of us. Pelosi was elected by the lunatic fringe in the San Fransisco Bay area, and from all accounts she does an exemplary job of representing them, but she is not speaking for the vast majority of American citizens. Her toxic narrative is designed to take a duly elected President down, and in no way is representing the best interests of the United States. She and her followers should be ashamed, and as voters, we all should remind them of that shame in the 2020 election cycle.



First we were subjected to the Russian collusion narrative. Every day in the news there were so called breaking stories that the Mueller investigation was onto something nefarious and that we would certainly be amazed at the illegal activities President Trump engaged in with Vlad Putin in order to steal the election from its rightful owner, Hillary Clinton. We were told that the Mueller report would be the final nail in Trump’s coffin. That narrative was strengthened by statements from Congressman Adam Schiff, who personally assured us almost daily that he had the goods on the President, but we would just have to wait for the Mueller report for them to be made public.

After 2.5 years and over 30 million taxpayer dollars spent, the Mueller report was finally available for general consumption. The report, as long as a Russian novel, virtually said nothing about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, but made insinuations that it was possible that Congress could find a charge of obstruction, being that the innocent President attempted at various points to fire Mueller and end the investigation, knowing that it was only the result of partisan injustice, harming his reputation and that of his administration. The Democrats thought that they had a new narrative that just might stick. Obstruction of Justice just might fit the bill for Impeachment.

After a month of pondering possibilities and putting out the obstruction narrative, it did not seem to stick with the American people. No matter how hard the Democrats argued that obstruction was the serious crime that they needed to Impeach, the narrative did not catch on. They were desperate for a new narrative, and they worked to create one that was believable.

The first 2 attempts by the Democrats and the bureaucracy were dismal failures. Both Russian collusion and obstruction of justice fizzled out before their very eyes. It was looking like their dream of Impeachment and removal from office was never going to come true. They did not give up hope, and instead used an asset within the Trump administration to concoct a new narrative, one that would have some basis in truth.

The President made a phone call to the newly elected President of the Ukraine. Most of the conversation was polite and congratulatory. Trump wished the new President Zenensky his best, and then at the end of the conversation, asked for a favor. That favor was in 3 parts. He asked him to look into Joe Biden and his son, inferring that their may have been some funny business with the ex-VP withholding 1.5 billion dollars of loan guarantees unless the prosecutor looking into the Ukraine gas company that his son Hunter was a board member collecting $50,000 a month in salary was fired. The President also asked Zelensky to talk to our Attorney General and Rudy Guliani about past corruption and election interference, and lastly asked to investigate “Crowdstrike”, which refers to the alleged Russian hack of the DNC’s computer and e-mail stash. All of these alleged transgressions happened before the 2016 Presidential election, and this is information that relates to current Attorney General and Inspector General investigations.

Apparently someone that was involved with the conversation directly did not like the favor being asked, and discussed it with a low level CIA official serving temporarily in the White House. That low level official met with Adam Schiff’s staff, and subsequently filed a “whistle-blower complaint” with the house. The substance of the complaint was that Trump asked a foreign national to investigate Joe Biden, who is currently running against Trump for the Presidency. In order to make it a high crime, there needed to be a “quid pro quo” and alas they found one that just might stick. Previously President Trump put a hold on military assistance authorized by Congress for the Ukraine, and it was on hold during the conversation. That said, President Zelensky did not know that, and it was never brought up in the conversation, but that wasn’t enough to kill a perfectly good narrative! The Democrats and the bureaucracy now had their new impeachment narrative, collusion with the Ukrainian President to the detriment of an opposing candidate.

The Democrats never thought that a transcript of the phone conversation would be released for public consumption. Without that, they could sweeten the narrative in such a way that the general public would be howling for Trump’s impeachment. To their dismay, Trump did release the transcript, but hope springs eternal. With time running out, they decided to use their newfound narrative to impeach!

Nancy Pelosi knew that she didn’t have the votes to start a formal impeachment process, but that did not deter her. She put the most partisan Trump hater in Congress, Adam Schiff, in charge of investigating the President for impeachment. This process is being held in secret, without any representation by Republicans or the President. It is apparent that Nancy and Adam are intent on impeaching the President this year so that it won’t be done in the 2020 election year, and they are going to do it with scant evidence of “high crimes or misdemeanors”! In their minds it is their only hope for defeating the President at the polls. They know that the Senate will not remove him from office, but they hope the stain of impeachment, however partisan and one sided will do the trick.

Chances are they will be strengthening Trumps position in the 2020 election. 40% of eligible voters are his base, and their votes for him are guaranteed. He will only have to convince a small percentage of independent and uncommitted voters to have his win, and with the weak stable of Democrat candidates with their hats in the ring, its almost a sure thing for his victory. It appears that the 3rd time is not the charm for Democrats, but simply more evidence of their insanity!


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For over 2 years, Adam Schiff had been the darling of cable news.  He was on hundreds of times on CNN, MSNBC and legacy news channels like CBS, ABC, and NBC.  His message was simple and to the point.  He claimed that President Trump was illegitimate.  He stated time and time again that the President colluded with the Russians to deceive the American people to steal an election that he did not deserve to win.  He would also state that the President is a stooge of Putin’s and deserves to be impeached.  Further, he continuously stated that he was in possession of incontrovertible evidence of this collusion, but cannot make it public until the Mueller investigation is over. 

The Mueller investigation is now over, and unfortunately for Adam Schiff, there was no collusion, and Adam Schiff has now been silent over his claims of having personal evidence of that crime.  His narrative has been totally debunked.  He lied to us for over 2 years, but apparently his lies are going to be unpunished and forgotten.  In fact, he is now chair of the House Intelligence Committee, a position that puts him in the forefront of the new Impeachment inquiry.  How convenient. 

He is now the official face of the Democrat push to impeach the President.  They are pushing for impeachment on the basis of the transcript of the recent conversation the President had with the new President of the Ukraine.  In fact, Schiff and the Democrats announced the inquiry for impeachment before they even had the transcript available to read, based on 2nd hand information in a complaint by an alleged whistleblower who apparently is a low-level CIA employee, who had no direct contact with the phone call in question.  The Washington Post breathlessly wrote “so troubling that it prompted an official in the US intelligence community to file a formal whistleblower complaint.”

Once the transcript was made available to the public, it became apparent that the phone call was for the most part innocuous, not in any way rising to the level of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”.  In other words, it did not constitute an impeachable offense.  That did not deter the Democrats or Adam Schiff.  Last Thursday on live television, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff had news conference to inform the American people just how evil the President is, and that they are proceeding forthwith into an expedited impeachment inquiry.  Adam, in full glory, even read into the record an utterly fabricated statement from President Trump to the President of the Ukraine.  This fabrication highlighted a false narrative that gave credence to the impeachment inquiry, but had no basis in fact.  He later, when questioned about it, stated it was a parody, not to be taken seriously, but the damage was done, and the false narrative embraced by CNN, MSNBC, and the legacy news channels.

Once again Adam Schiff is in the driver’s seat with a false narrative that has the potential to damage the President’s re-election chances.  He is their best propagandist, and will do whatever he can to bolster the impeachment argument with as many lies as he thinks the American public will stand.  Stay tuned for more of his public television appearances bolstering false narratives of impending impeachment. 


Adam Schiff News Pictures Of The Week - November 29

After close to 3 years of multiple investigations, the Russian Collusion narrative proved to be a red herring.  The Democrats held out hope that the Mueller report would change that, but it was a bomb, pointing out that the collusion narrative did not have legs.  Not willing to give up, the Democrats subpoenaed Robert Mueller with the hope that a personal interview would give them something, anything they may use to impeach our President.  Instead, he gave them nothing more than even less reason to impeach, and Mr. Mueller’s poor performance even put his lengthy and costly investigation in a very poor light, with Mueller stating there was no collusion, and not even giving them any ammo on the backup narrative of “obstruction of justice’. 

Now fast forward to the latest attempt to impeach.  The same Democrats were jubilant that the President was caught in a phone conversation that appeared to give them the information Mueller did not, a reason to impeach the President.

A CIA agent was the whistleblower.  This agent pointed out that the President asked the new Ukrainian President to “interfere in our upcoming election” by investigating the Biden family.  He pointed out that the “quid pro quo” was the military assistance that our President temporarily withheld allegedly for reasons of possible Ukrainian corruption weeks earlier.  The Democrats felt that they finally got him, and that it was imperative for them to impeach DJT as soon as possible! 

The thought process was that this is the perfect situation for them to pursue impeachment in the election year.  Since the conversations between heads of state are always classified and not available for public consumption, they could have the likes of Schiff and Nadler make up volumes of damaging narratives about the President and this phone call without any possible way to verify.  The whistleblower would also be protected, with identity and content of the complaint held in indefinite abeyance.  They felt that this was the only way that they could win back the Presidency, as their candidates are too weak to do it on their own.  This, in their minds was the “perfect storm” to sink the Trump candidacy! 

There were many unintended consequences to their new narratives.  First, in order to be a “whistleblower” one would have to be part of a bureaucracy where crimes were committed, and the alleged criminal would have to be part of the same organization.  Further, the evidence would have to be “first hand”.  In other words, the whistleblower would have to have seen the crime himself.  Unfortunately, the information in the complaint was second hand hearsay, and obviously the complainant was not a witness to the alleged crime, and did not have access to the phone call transcript.  Further, since the alleged criminal was our President, he did not qualify as being a part of the intelligence agency whose member originated the complaint, thereby making the complaint useless, and the complainant’s status as a whistleblower “null and void”.

Still, the Democrats charged forward on their investigation to impeach, but another unintended consequence happened.  DJT declassified the phone call transcript and made it available to the public.  As read, there was nothing remotely criminal about the conversation.  A case could be made that our President should not have asked for help investigating the Biden’s past corruption, but the request does not rise to the level of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors”.  At most, it pointed out that the President was indiscrete when asking for investigatory assistance. 

Shortly after, the transcript of the actual complaint was declassified and released.  It showed definitively that it was inaccurate, second hand, and politically biased.  This made the case for impeachment impossible to justify, but the Democrats soldier on with their efforts to do just that, impeach the President. 

Another unintended consequence of the Democrats embracing the phone call as the reason for impeachment was that it effectively killed the Biden presidential bid.  It brought to light the criminality of his own “quid pro quo” activity while he was the Vice President, resulting in the firing of the prosecutor investigating the same company where his son was making $50,000 per month as a member of their board.  Biden withheld 1.5 billion dollars in aid until the prosecutor was fired, and he was fired hours after the firing demand.  This showed that the only “quid pro quo” was done by the Democratic front runner, thus eliminating him from the presidential run.

It is apparent that they hope to burden us with their false narratives right up to election day in the hope of wearing us down with their manufactured drama.  They are hoping beyond hope that they can fatigue the President’s base to the point where they will be “absent without leave” on election day.  It is their only hope to succeed, but they have not taken one prescient fact to task, and that is they are actually energizing President Trump’s base to vote “en masse”! As a footnote, an additional $15 million dollars has rolled into the President’s re-election fund since the start of this new impeachment process!


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There has been much debate about guns recently, with mass shootings and many deaths in Texas.  The Democratic Presidential candidates have all come to the conclusion that the problem is guns, and their solutions run from total confiscation to a mandatory buyback of semi-automatic rifles.  They believe that if they can get guns that fire rapidly off the street, then the problem is solved. 

Our President has indicated that the problem is not guns, but a serious mental health issue.  He believes that disturbed individuals should not be afforded the opportunity to purchase firearms and ammunition, and that the state should do more with government sponsored treatment for the mentally impaired. 

It takes people to shoot guns.  Guns are inanimate objects that can do nothing by themselves.  Without people, guns are useless and benign.  Our President is onto something, and that is mental health.  However, mental health will not be achieved with any state sponsored program.  Mental health is something that can only be achieved by persons with a moral center, and the institutions that promote moral centers, our churches and synagogues, are losing the battle. 

Our society is changing fast, with the younger generations ignoring God.  In 1986 10% of young people declared that they did not follow a religion or believe in God.  Today, it is 40% of Millennials that do not believe in God (as reported by the Religious News Service 6/26/2018 article).  In addition, the vast majority of mass shooters were either fatherless, or had fathers that did not live at home.  They also are Millennial’s, or close in age to them. It is a fair assumption that broken families, not held together by God’s word, is a major reason for this phenomenon.  Without a cohesive family, based on the Judean/Christian ethic, these young people feel lost and alone, and they have no moral center to fall back on.  This is what drives them to do these nefarious acts, and this trend will not stop until we as a society do something to curb this societal trend.  

We need to have another religious enlightenment, favoring the word of our God over the word of Progressive governance.  Without that our country will be lost.