Joe promised us when campaigning for President that he would end our reliance on petroleum products.  He didn’t end our reliance, but he is in the process of strangling our petroleum industry and prices are skyrocketing.

Joe promised that he would “stop the virus in its tracks”.  He didn’t stop the virus, but he did lie to us so often that our faith in the CDC has been destroyed.

Joe promised us his spending bills would revive the economy.  Instead, we have high inflation and interest rates are rising fast.

Joe wants to fix inflation and high interest rates with his “BUILD BACK BETTER” bill, but that $5 Trillion plus spending plan would just devalue the dollar even more.

Joe promised to get us out of Afghanistan.  He turned what could have been an orderly withdrawal into a rout, and abandoned our Afghan allies to the Taliban.

Joe promised he would solve our supply chain problems.  Instead, he appointed Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary, who knows nothing of logistics, and Pete then promptly took off 6 weeks in the middle of the crisis to attend his adopted babies. 

Joe decided to end the southern border crisis by stopping the border wall and ending all Trump era policies.  We now have a virtual invasion of illegal aliens on our southern border.

Joe has decided in the midst of the southern border crisis, to end the title 42 border policy soon, and now we are expecting the invasion to double in size.

Joe has decided since Elon Musk bought Twitter, that he needs Homeland Security to establish an “office of disinformation”, which will turn into a partisan disaster. 

Joe wants the Iran deal back in place, and is using Russian diplomats to negotiate for us.  These are from the same country that is invading Ukraine and considering it a war against the west.  I’m sure that will not go well.

Joe wants to send Ukraine $40 billion dollars in aid because they are being invaded by Russians, but cannot find a single dollar to stop the invasion happening on our Southern border. 

Joe wants the largest tax increase in history, and he is telling us that the increase will be good for people and good for business.  I doubt that will ever be true.

Joe wants to give up our medical sovereignty to the WHO, which would be the first step for One World Government.  I doubt that will pass muster with SCOTUS!

I could go on and on and on, but you get the point!  This Administration is a hot mess!  At every turn, bad decisions are made, expecting a positive conclusion that never happens.  This is a textbook definition of insanity.  Wrong way Joe is virtually taking us down the path to perdition, all the while telling us he has our best interests in mind.  But does he?

There is a silver lining.  His Administrations policies are so wretched they are pushing voters into a corner, where they have no where else to go but to punish the incumbent party, and that is surely going to happen.  Republicans will win big in November, taking over the House and the Senate by big numbers.  Problem is, will we be in WWIII before that happens?  Time will tell, but at least his most damaging desires for us will then be stymied for the remainder of his term.  

The Biden Administration is a Failure

The chances grow stronger each day that President Joe Biden will not run for re-election in 2024. We are sixteen months into the Biden Presidency, and it has become a failure of performance, competence and trust. It is equally certain that President Biden will not resign the presidency prior to the 2024 election, due to the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris, has proven that she is as unqualified for her position as Mr. Biden is for his. Together they engender absolutely no trust or confidence that they can effectively lead our nation during the challenging times in which we live. President Biden is cognitively diminished, and often unable to remain in sync with his aides and unable to remember what he said the previous day. Vice President Harris is in worse condition than the President, as she is a 57-year-old woman who conducts herself like an immature 7th grader.  If ever there was a glaring abyss of leadership on the national stage, it is this administration.

            President Biden was born in Scranton, Pa on November 20, 1942 and shortly thereafter his family relocated to New Castle, Delaware. President Biden earned a Law Degree from Syracuse University in 1968 and represented the state of Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009. Prior to becoming Vice President to Barack Obama in 2009, President Biden made two unsuccessful runs for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1988 and 2008. In the course of his political career President Biden has been known as a middle of the road Democrat, a consensus builder, able to work across the aisle and a strong supporter of labor unions. He was not considered to be a deep thinker or a technocrat, but rather a politician who was practical and who could work with others. He harbored a deep resentment for the energy industry and a strong interest in foreign affairs and unionization in both the government and private industry.

President Biden is cognitively diminished and unable to discharge the responsibilities of the Presidency.  His condition is unpleasant to observe because as human beings we have a natural empathy for one another. We are all old enough, and experienced enough, to have witnessed the traits President Biden is exhibiting in our grandparents, parents, friends, siblings and associates as they age. In these instances, we feel for them, and only hope that their decline is slow and painless, and that they feel the love and respect of those that are closest to them. It cannot be easy or pleasant for those who love and respect President Biden, to see him attempt to navigate through difficult conversations, to see him stare blankly into space, to see him angry and confused, to see him argue with a Gold Star parent  or to simply not really understand what is going on around him. The tasks and challenges in front of the current administration, most of which are of their own making, are simply beyond their capacity to manage and control.

As a nation we are in trouble both at home and on the world stage. This is as difficult a time as we have experienced since World War 2. The morale of our country is low, the Corona Virus and variances were mishandled and unexpected , our population is divided, we are in enormous debt, the cost of energy is at an all-time high, inflation is approaching 10%, our southern border has morphed into a factory manufacturing an infinite amount of undocumented immigrants and life threatening drugs, our large cities are struggling with growing crime rates, our supply chains remain in second gear, unfunded governmental spending is at historical levels and we are now funding a European war that never should have happened and against a nation that has 4500 nuclear warheads. And for the cherry on top of the sundae ,this administration has an energy policy for 2040 under the guise of the Paris Climate Accords but the one for 2022 seems to be to beg the Saudis, the Russians, the Venezuelans and of all people
the Iranians for security of necessary supply.

As a backdrop to all of our current difficulties China is lurking in the shadows, constantly evaluating the competence, intellect, resolve and performance of our leadership. They are so impressed that they have signed a major energy agreement with Russia, have held joint military training sessions with Russia, continue to be supportive of Russia on the world stage and have amped up their military and verbal harassment of Taiwan. At this point in history we need to clearly and coldly understand that China has vowed to assimilate Taiwan by any means necessary, and is also well on its way to achieving its longstanding goals of domination over the United States in the areas of GDP, trade, science and technology as well as global military power. Given the performance of our current administration, I am more than certain that China is intent upon closing the gaps between now and the end of Mr. Biden’s term.

Although President Biden and Vice President Harris are on the proverbial hot seat and have not performed well, I do not feel they should bear the full responsibility for the danger in which we find ourselves. They have a perfect right to share that responsibility with the Democrat Party/ DNC and a routinely dishonest and agenda driven national media, i.e., ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times. All of these entities are complicit and have been instrumental in putting our nation in the situation where we now find ourselves.

The Democrat Party/DNC knew full well, and in more detail than anybody, the extent and struggles of Mr. Biden’s cognitive issues prior to his nomination. These same entities were fully versed, and aware of Ms. Harris” limitations regarding maturity, experience and work ethic. However, this did not deter them in the least. Their sole aim was to find two candidates that could win a single election. The fact that neither was in a position to govern or combat the issues of the day was not even considered. It was probably not even discussed or debated within the party. They simply hunkered down, hid then candidate Joe Biden in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and kept the clock running on the campaign knowing that our corrupt and dishonest media would supply all the necessary cover. The safety of our country was never a concern for the Democrat Party.

In the upcoming November elections hold the Democrat Party/ DNC responsible for the condition our nation is in today. Vote out every single Democrat candidate from your local Mayor and City Council member to your Governor and on to your Congressional candidates. They are all part and parcel of our nation’s problems. Remember…. they did not care in the least that President Biden was in a cognitive decline, they did not care about the quality of governance that would follow and they did not care about you or your families. They simply wanted to win one single election at any cost.

This article was submitted to themcculloughreport.com by Rowe Hayden. Rowe is a Republican Precinct Chair in Denton County, Texas.


Thirteen months ago, Joe Biden took the reigns as President of the United States.  One of the first things he did, was to kill our program of energy independence.  He also opened borders, ended the “stay in Mexico” program, and virtually every other program that President Trump put in place. At that same time, he identified Climate Change as the “existential threat”, even though over 50% of the world population could care less!  In essence, he did everything he could to make our country weaker!  Biden’s first day in office.

Fast forward to today. We are now, instead of being a net exporter of oil and gas as we were with Trump’s energy policy, instead are importing 500,000 barrels a day of oil from Russia. Europe imports 40% of their natural gas needs from Russia.  Russia is on the path to re-create the Soviet Empire.  There is an excellent chance that not only will we not be getting additional oil supplies from Russia, but that Europe will be held hostage by Russia, turning off their natural gas supplies.  This is coming for certain since economic sanctions are right now being imposed on Russia.  They will not ship if they cannot get paid. 

To counter the dearth of hydrocarbon supplies in the free world, we need to open up our reserves for drilling and fracking.  We have the energy supplies to do so and can in time replace the lost imports that Europe was buying from Russia, but that effort needs to start in haste!  It will take time to bring new oil and gas fields into the marketplace, and every day we wait means it will take that much longer!  In the meantime, we need to lobby other national suppliers to increase their exports, and that needs to be pressed with great urgency!  The Biden administration is not even mentioning the thought that we can make a difference with our reserves, and as of now is just making lip service to lobbying other countries like the Saudis for additional supplies.  The need is urgent in order to keep a unified effort against Russia’s imperialist threat to world order, but without the energy to keep their economies in order, NATO will have a hard time keeping a unified front. United States holds the most recoverable gas and oil than anywhere in the world.

Ukraine is now effectively gone.  Russia has invaded, and next on their list will be the Baltic states and Poland.  We have repositioned some troops to those areas, but to be a deterrent, we need a massive build up of force to ensure that Putin will not consider invasion.  Further, NATO countries need to live up to what they are supposed to invest in their own defense.  2% of their GDP is what they all have agreed to as the bottom line for military investment, and so far, very few of those countries have lived up to that agreement.  NATO has been freeloading on our military for a long time, and now is when it is critical that they start investing in their own protection.  Biden has not reached out to those countries to live up to their commitment as Trump had done, but now is the time to do so. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/02/world/europe/trump-nato.html

With all this happening, the main thrust for the Biden administration is economic sanctions against Russia.  That may inflict some pain, but it will also cement the relationship Putin has with Xi, who is in control of the second largest economy in the world.  China has the power to blunt much of the pain inflicted by our sanctions.  Xi also has imperialist notions, and most likely will be moving against Taiwan in the next weeks.  We should be sending an additional Carrier battle group to the South China sea to supplant the 2 battle groups we already have there as a message to Xi that we are watching closely, along with 3 more LPD’s with surge capacities of 800 marines each to supplant the one their already.  Nothing is coming from the White House that indicates any additional action is being considered.

The world order is falling apart because of weak leadership.  It is not only President Biden that is the cause, but it is the weakness of NATO, and the weakness of the Westernized Countries in general.  This overall weakness inspires tyrants to do what was previously unthinkable.  If good men do nothing, tyrants will endeavor to do their worst.  Right now, all of us in Western Civilization need to consider thoughtfully what our next steps should be. 

What to do?

  1.  Open up our gas and oil reserves, and cut unneeded regulations in order to ensure ample supply for the USA and our allies, especially NATO members.
  2. Increase Liquified Natural Gas ports in the USA and with our allies.  This should be done in a state of emergency.
  3. Have an emergency NATO meeting, getting all on board with understanding they have to live up to their defense commitments.
  4. Reinforce Baltic states and Poland with 100,000 additional troops and equipment from USA bases to send a message to Vladimir Putin that we are serious about our commitment to NATO.
  5. Send additional Naval Forces to the South China sea to send a definitive message to China and Xi. 
  6. Shoring up our allies in Asia to ensure that we can leverage strength against Chinese intrusions.

Will Biden do any of this?  Probably not!  It would go against the Progressive Socialist wing of his party, and he does not want to alienate them! Weakness personified!


Ronald “Dutch” Reagan was born February 6th, 1911.  He was raised mostly in small Illinois towns with his father, an Irish American itinerate shoe salesman and his mother, a strong and religious Scottish American whose influence was a deciding factor in his upbringing. 

From humble beginnings he ascended to greatness.  He worked his way through college, graduated without honors, and began a career as a radio sportscaster.  Eventually he found his way to Hollywood and stumbled onto an acting career.  That lead to the beginnings of his political career, being elected 6 times as President of the Screen Actors Guild.  He changed political parties in 1962, moving his allegiance from the Democrats to the Republican Party, famously saying “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, they left me.”

His foray into National Politics started with his famous campaign speech for Barry Goldwater, “A Time for Choosing”, which typified his belief system throughout the rest of his life.  “  The Founding Fathers knew a government can’t control the economy without controlling people. And they knew when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose. So we have come to a time for choosing … You and I are told we must choose between a left or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down. Up to man’s age-old dream—the maximum of individual freedom consistent with order—or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism.”

From there he became a 2-term California Governor, and then a 2-term President.  As President, and against the advice of his adversaries in the Democratic Party, he cut taxes, re-invigorated a stagnant post Jimmy Carter economy, rebuilt the military, and won the Cold War with the Soviet Union, eventually dismantling it using its own arcane policies against itself.

This remarkable man truly did live the American Dream, and through the strength of his character and his unyielding drive to govern with his ideals, all of us are better for it! 

Ronald Reagan (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004)


Monoclonal antibody infusions have had remarkable success in getting rid of covid-19 variants with infected people. The latest variant, omicron, can be eliminated in people with the beginnings of mild symptoms using just one of the 4 monoclonal antibodies now in production.  That one is called SOTROVIMAB.  The other 3 varieties available are effectively useless in fighting omicron. 

Since September, the Federal Government has taken over distribution of monoclonal antibodies.  In doing this they purport to eliminate shortages, but instead are creating them in some states.   Texas, in particular, and other mostly Red States, have suffered shortages because of the Feds way of distributing these antibody’s.  It seems that Blue states can have as much as they need, but states like Texas and Florida are held back on distributions for apparently political reasons.  See the numbers here:  https://www.phe.gov/emergency/events/COVID19/therapeutics/distribution/Documents/mabs-distribution-27Dec2021.pdf

Its looking like if your state is blue and complies, you can have your fill of these therapeutics, but if you’re a red state with people that will never comply, your mostly out of luck.  Texas will be given another distribution after the end of the year, but I for one bet that smaller blue states will be given much more based on their population numbers.

This is the Biden Administration’s way of punishing those that refuse to give up their liberty for a fleeting sense of safety.  Don’t take the jab, then you deserve to die!  This is the same administration that promised to eliminate the virus, but instead, they are milking it for all that it will give them for more power over us.  The only science here is “political science”, and Fauci is the godfather of this thinking!

The Biden Administration is still pushing so called “vaccines”, that are not really vaccines at all.  In order to put them in this category they had to change the actual definition of what a vaccine is.  Here is the definition as put forth by a medical professional: https://www.rxlist.com/vaccination/definition.htm  mRNA shots do not fit into this category, but with the new definition that allows that, they therefore are called “vaccinations”.  Instead, these shots are DNA modifying substances that are increasingly less and less effective, where those that have had the shots and boosters, still get sick, and still pass on the virus to others.  That begs the question as to why mandates are in place for shots that effectively do little to keep one healthy, and no one knows what the long-term side effects are, including the manufacturers.  In fact, they are given by the government a pass on any law suits that may happen in the future if it turns out that the side effects are damaging, and those damaging side effects like myocarditis are already killing people.  In fact, the original scientist that developed the first mRNA shots, advises against taking them!  Here is a video of the scientist and his thoughts on the matter! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E2UkhCWosg

One has to wonder how so many excellent therapeutics have been squashed or regulated by the Biden Administration, and how the shots seem to be the only answer from them forthcoming?  I say, follow the money!  Big Pharma must be putting a lot of riches into the hands of politicians that are supporting shots! 

It’s looking like a “RED TSUNAMI” this coming November for the mid-terms! If this happens, we need to press congress to impeach Biden. His conduct has been unconscionable in the last 11 months, especially with withholding treatments like monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutics from red states. This amounts to the likes of murdering his opponents, and he has to pay for that! Remember in November what has transpired in the last 11 months, and vote accordingly!



Over the last number of decades, trade has become internationalized.  40% of international trade to and from our country comes through Long Beach and Los Angeles ports.  Finished goods from the far east are on those containers, as are vital parts for manufacturing in the USA, like chips for electronics, cars, and household appliances, car parts, and a list of other necessary items for our home economy to thrive.  Also, our exports are dependent on these ports operating at flank speed.  These two ports are vital for our economy to work seamlessly in this age of “just in time” deliveries.  What has gone wrong?

First, we can blame the pandemic, and the pent-up demand that it has caused as economies all over the world have now opened up. This puts additional stress on ports, especially with the ports at Long Beach and Los Angeles.  These two vital ports are especially stressed for a multitude of reasons.  Let’s look at them:

  1.  The Longshoreman’s union controls these ports.  The average Longshoreman makes over $174,000 per annum, and these coveted jobs are protected with the threat of closing down these ports if their wants and needs are not met.
  2. Automation has been fought by the union, eliminating any real effort to increase productivity at these ports. 
  3. The union dictates how many shifts are allowed, and will not let the ports work at full capacity with 3 shifts per day, 7 days per week.
  4. The port authorities have had no real economic incentive to create any excess capacity because of a lack of evident ROI (return on investment). 
  5. California environmental regulations preclude rail companies to tie up with the port, even though rail companies have offered to take on the investment in infrastructure unilaterally. 
  6. California environmental regulations will not allow semi-trucks with engines over 3 years old pick up at the ports.
  7. Other California regulations that support the Teamsters union eliminate independent operators from picking up or dropping off at the ports.  Only employee union drivers working for approved companies are allowed into the port for pick-ups and drop-offs. Intermodal-Chassis trailers are also in short supply on the West Coast.  With these trailers in short supply, trucks that comply with California regulations in short supply, and approved drivers in short supply, and un-cooperative Longshoremen that will not work a 3-shift schedule, there is a serious bottleneck here.

This problem with these ports is a major cause of the inflation we are seeing right now.  There are just too many dollars chasing too few goods!  What is the Biden Administration doing about it?  Nothing other than trying to pass another multi-trillion-dollar bill that would make matters even worse.  The transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg actually took 2 months off on paternity leave in the middle of this crisis.  Once back, all he can tell us is that the crisis will probably last as long as the “pandemic”, and that the “Build Back Better” multi-trillion dollar social spending bill will somehow come to the rescue?  The Biden Administration remains tone-deaf on the problem, as inflation roars out of control!  Leadership is needed here, and there is none in sight!

What should be done?  First, temporarily nationalize the ports until the crisis has been alleviated.  Lift California regulations and let independent truckers and trucks with older engines into the ports.  Re-direct the supply of Intermodal-Chassis trailers from less busy ports to where they are currently most needed.  Break the bottleneck, open the economy, and fight inflationary issues with supply chain problems with real-time solutions.

Longer-term, these ports have to be automated and brought up to 21st century standards.  To do this union hold on these ports have to be eliminated.  Otherwise, this problem will just resurface again and again.  Will any of this actually happen?   With the state of California in play, and with the clueless Biden Administration, I wouldn’t hold your breath!


Today, reading the weekend version of The Wall Street Journal, I noticed a continuity of theme.  The theme appeared to be “division by fear”.  Let me explain.  The first article I read was “SCHOOLS REWRITE VIRUS POLICIES ON THE FLY”.  The story has a graph that shows how many students are getting covid-19 delta variant.  The highest number of infections were from the 12–15-year-old group, and that was 170 infections per 100,000 students, or 0.0017% of that population is coming down with the virus, and most have slight to non-existent symptoms.  That is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of1%!  This is why school districts are shutting down or inviting mask mandates and waiting for vaccines approved for children to arrive?  Absolute insanity, at least on the surface of the story!

I then read the story titled “WHY COVID-19 SHOTS DON’T LAST A LIFETIME”.  Long story short, these shots have effectiveness of less than a year, much like flu shots.  The reason for this is this virus, like the flu virus, continually mutates, thereby reinventing itself faster than researchers can modify or create new vaccines.  The efficacy rate for vaccines that would fight covid-19 is roughly the same as flu vaccine, where the rate is anywhere from near zero to about 70%, depending on how well the researchers guess about the next variant.  This begs the question “If these vaccines are at end-life, why is the federal government mandating for companies with over 100 people employed, federal employees and contractors to get the shot, and now telling the vaccinated to take a “booster”?   Also, why is there a $14,000 per violation fine for companies that do not comply, and why is Biden vilifying the unvaccinated, blaming them for the vaccinated getting sick?

Another question is why is the Biden Administration cracking down on citizens, but letting 10’s of thousands of illegal aliens into our country from the wide-open southern border without testing them for disease?   Why are they being distributed all over our great country, when many of them are sick with covid-19, and many are most likely radicals that would do us harm?

Why are small businesses clamoring for more stimulus money from the Federal Government?  The economy is coming back, but they still have their hands out.  Hospitals too have their hands out for mover covid-19 relief money, and of course the Biden Administration is all too happy to meet their needs.  Instead of meeting and beating the competition, these entities have now been trained to lean onto the government for their economic needs.

The answer can be found with the writings of Marx, Ingalls, Hegel, and Rousseau.  They preached that on would have to destroy the old system in order to bring in Utopian Socialism/Communism.  Their preferred method of destruction was to pit disparate groups against each other, raise taxes and debt to unsustainable levels, destroy societal mores, turn the citizenry into dependents of government largess, and then let the system collapse under its own weight.  In today’s society, this is being aided and abetted by our own government officials that are aligned with the Progressive branch of the Democrat Party, a compliant media to spread toxic propaganda, and control of the education process. 

In short, our Republic is being systematically destroyed on purpose in order to implement drastic change that will, if successful, sap us of our freedom, our economic wealth, and enslave us to those that lust for our power.  We cannot let this happen, lest we abandon our children, grandchildren, and future generations to this tyranny.  Marx and his cronies were all wrong, the Socialist/Communist system has never worked, and in fact has destroyed lives of many millions of people in its wake.  We must stand up and fight for what we believe, for the people we love, and for our Constitution, which is now being trampled in a most horrific way.  We must tune out the propagandists, if possible, home school our children or by the very least, reform ISD’s and Universities so that our children are no longer indoctrinated in this false promise of Utopia.  We need to take back our cities, our states, and our country!  We need to vote the bad players out, and as soon as possible, because we are running short on time.  We can win this, but we must act now!


Two bills are being pushed by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  These bills are the so called “Infrastructure Bill” at 1.2 trillion dollars, and the 3.5 trillion dollar “Human Infrastructure Bill”.  Not only are these bills prohibitably expensive, but they do not convey what they are named.  The “Infrastructure Bill” has very little actual infrastructure in it, but goes wide into Progressive wish lists.  The “Human Infrastructure Bill” is a deep dive into Socialist policies including the “Green New Deal”, that Progressives have wanted for years. 

Their gamble is that they pass these 2 bills, and the results are so wonderful that the majority of Americans will embrace them, and that will catapult them to a big win in the 2022 mid-terms.  It’s a long-shot for several reasons.  First, the cost of these 2 bills is mind-blowing, and it will all be borrowed money that will have to be paid back in present and future generations with high taxes and lost economic opportunity.  Further, there is much doubt that the votes can be found in both the House and Senate to pass them.  The House has 9 moderate Democrats that would be signing their political death warrants if they go along with this spending.  Every one of those votes will be needed in order to pass this mess.  In the Senate, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are not sold on the idea of either of these bills, and with the Senate evenly divided, Schumer needs both of their votes and the tie breaker VP Harris to get this through the finish line, and their betting hard that they can intimidate those on the fence to go along with this obvious overreach of power.  Will they be successful?  Doubtful!

There is no mandate for either of these bills.  The Senate is evenly divided, and the House is close to being in the same position.  The President has lost the good will of most American people, especially after the Afghanistan debacle.  These bills cannot honestly stand the light of day, let alone be something that the American people are begging for!  They are attempting to do this now, because it is doubtful that they will be able to do anything after the 2022 midterm elections. If they do get these bills over the finish line, it will fundamentally change our system of governance, and not for the better!

Write your Senators and Congressmen, and let them know that their own political futures are in question if these bills pass.  Apply all the pressure that you can bear, and then some!  Our future, and the future of our children and succeeding generations are on the line.  We cannot walk quietly into the night; we have to stand and fight!  Its our liberty and prosperity that is at stake, and we cannot stand by and let them take that from us!


640+ Afghan refugees on our C-17 heading to America

We have witnessed for the last few days the tremendous tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan.  The Taliban taking over the entire country in just days.  The Afghan army disappearing into the countryside, not to be seen again. National leaders escaping and now residing in safer environs.  Complete chaos everywhere, and the execution of our exit from that country appearing to be an unplanned and poorly executed mess. 

Taliban soldiers are going door to door in Kabul looking for those that assisted Americans in order to execute them.  Women being subjugated into burka’s and now subservient to their Taliban masters.  Every fabric of their fragile society under attack, with nothing else to look forward to but the terror of Taliban leadership.

Making matters even worse, the Taliban now have our Blackhawk helicopters, our M1A2 tanks, our Humvee’s, and all the artillery that we left behind. They also have inherited our Air Force we gave to the Afghans.  By default, they are one of the best equipped armed forces in the world.  They even were left with a lethal Air Force consisting of a large mix of US and Russian helicopters, and A-29 Super Tucano’s, completely weaponized to be lethal ground support.  Now the Taliban have all the tools necessary not only to control the country with an American made “Iron Fist”, but thanks to the Biden Administration, they have enough weapons of war to terrorize surrounding countries, which most likely will happen.

Was this really an unplanned mess, or was it something else altogether?  With the terror happening now in Afghanistan, and with the Taliban in control of a lethal mix of left-behind weaponry, it most likely is something else. 

The withdrawal plan with the previous administration was predicated on the Taliban living up to their agreement, which they did not. They then would have been bombed to submission and brought back to the negotiating process. Instead, Biden ignored their breach of contract and created the mess happening now. I’m certain this mess is purposeful. It will certainly bring in excess of hundreds of thousands of Islamic immigrants here over the next few years, with the hope of making them subservient Democrat voters, much the same thought process as opening the Southern border. It’s all about finally giving us that “fundamental transformation” that Obama originally promised. Make no mistake, this chaos was planned, and was executed perfectly for the desired result.

We are in big trouble. There is a concerted effort by the Progressives/Socialists/Marxists and the Islamist’s to bring down our country. In order to fight back, we need to understand the threat. There is an organization that does a very good job of educating people on this topic. https://www.understandingthethreat.com/


It is estimated that as many as 800 individuals entered the Capital building uninvited on January 6th.  There were thousands that stayed outside the building that same day, protesting what they were sure was a “stolen election”.  In all of that activity, only one person was killed, an unarmed woman climbing through a window shot dead by an unidentified undercover Capital police officer.  Now let’s look at some interesting facts.

The Capital police are well funded.  Their budget for 2021 is $516,000,000.  Their budget has grown from $115,000,000 in 2000 to what it is today, and that equates to a 7.4% increase year over year, even though the inflation rate averaged over the same period of time just 2.1% per annum.  Their current budget is larger than the combined budgets of both Atlanta and Detroit, and with a staff of over 2,300 officers they have more feet on the ground than either of those 2 cities.  All that in the way of assets, and they only protect an area of less than 2 square miles!  Interesting that Congress has recently allotted an additional $350,000,000 for the Capital police this year to modernize equipment and pay for post-Jan.6th overtime, and this is the same party that has been telling our big cities to “defund” the police!  Hypocrisy at it worst.  They tell us that we don’t need protection, but they double down on their own!   

Warnings were coming in from the FBI that there would be trouble, and the White House offered to send in the National Guard to supplant the efforts of the Capital police.  The warnings were ignored, and the offer of troops were disregarded.  Wondering why?

Who controls the Capital Police?  The Congressional Master at Arms does, and is a direct report to Nancy Pelosi.  She appoints that position.  It can be safely surmised that Nancy Pelosi did not want additional help for January 6th.  Why?  She wanted trouble, she wanted something else to hang Donald Trump with, and she needed a narrative.  Her proscribed narrative was, and is “insurrection”, and the fault would be pinned on our ex-president.

Now she puts together a Congressional commission to investigate this “insurrection”.  Initially, Jim Jordan(R-Ohio) and Jim Banks(R-Ind) were picked by Kevin McCarthy as 2 of 5 members for this 13-member panel, but Nancy Pelosi refused to seat them, because they were already asking questions about her personal involvement in the January 6th event.  In response, Kevin McCarthy pulled all 5 of his picks off the panel.  The only Republican on the panel now is Trump hater Liz Cheney, the rest of the panel occupied by Trump impeachment antagonists including Adam Schiff(D-California).  She has put together a modern version of a “lynch mob” and this suits Nancy just fine! 

The investigation is a sham.  Most likely, Nancy Pelosi has already written what the outcome will be, and that is that Donald Trump instigated the so called “insurrection”.  This in her mind would invalidate any future hope for him to run again for the Presidency.  It will not work, as this “investigation” is a sham, but it is also a diversion that the Democrats need in order to direct attention away from rampant inflation, open borders, out of control debt, and looming new taxation that will affect all of us. 

Nancy and her Democrats have increased their own personal protection.  That just may be a wise decision based on their current involvement in deconstructing America as we know it.  As their popularity drops even further (yes that is happening), they will need the Capital police, and their new equipment even more than they may realize!