The border is still being invaded, and Biden’s excuse is that this crisis did not begin overnight.  Fact is it did begin overnight, the same night he took office!  Due to inflation and high interest rates, the average family to date has lost over $8,000 in purchasing power.  MAGA Republicans, accounting for ½ of the voting population in America, are being vilified by Biden, as evil, anti-democratic monsters.  How’s that for living up to his promise of being a unifier? 

The” State of the Union” address will be read by Joe tomorrow evening.  Wondering how he will try to spin his many failures into victories?  This should be interesting, as he has had nothing but failures since taking office. From the border crisis he created, to asking our enemies for more oil while we sit on the largest petroleum deposits in the world, Covid-19 tyranny, shameful Afghanistan retreat, this guy is far from the healing uniter he promised, and this was just some of the failures in his first year as President! 

Now let’s look at what he has done in the last 12 months.  Cannot ignore the border, as over 250,000 invade every month, with over 3 million illegal aliens let in, and those are just the ones that were caught.  Another 100,000 or so each month get in and escape the border patrol all together.  Not only are our border towns besieged, but the entire country is now adversely affected by Biden’s border policy.  Huge quantities of drugs are now being smuggled in and thousands of our citizens are dying because of border policy.  With this happening, Alejandro Mayorkas continually states that the “border is secure”!  This crisis is intentional, purposely damaging our country for decades to come!

Federal spending is out of control.  So far Biden has accounted for 4 trillion dollars in additional debt in the 2 years he has been President.  To make matters worse, the lame duck Congress last year approved additional spending through September 2023 in its last dying breath, tying the hands of the new Republican majority Congress from addressing spending until then.  As of now, we have debt at 120% of GNP, the highest since WW2! 

The spending has put us into both an inflationary spiral with a looming recession.  Very predictable since too many dollars right now are chasing too few goods.  Coupled with the Transportation Secretary completely unqualified for his job, ignoring supply chain issues that continue to dog our economy.  Doesn’t sound like a very good plan for economic stability, does it?

With Biden’s insistence, the whole Federal bureaucracy, including our military has gone “Woke”.  Instead of focusing on their individual missions, they are now more interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Our military is now more worried about “White Supremacy” and micro-aggressions rather than protecting our country from its enemies.  Letting a CCP spy balloon fly over our nuclear sites rather than shooting it down, letting it traverse our whole country is a shining example of how they will now ignore their basic mission. 

The Biden Administration has also re-defined Title IX protections for women to now include LGBTQ+ and transgender protections.  This is leading to the Department of Education withholding funds from schools that either have same sex bathrooms or are taking sexually perverted books off the school libraries.   

One also has to mention the scandals Joe and his family are in the midst of.  The family business of selling influence for millions to the Russians, Chinese, and Ukraine.  Joe being the “Big Guy” and his 10% cut of the take.  Classified documents, some dating back to when Joe was a Senator and VP, found in his garage and in an office at the University of Pennsylvania that was shared with the CCP representatives on campus.  All of this leading to Joe being compromised by our enemies!  What a mess!

We are dealing with a big fight, a fight for the soul of our nation.  Joe Biden is on the wrong side of this issue, having embraced all that is “Woke”, and vilifying those that believe in our Constitution.  His presidency is a total failure, and he is a tottering, corrupt, intellectually bankrupt face of this radical, anti-American broken regime.  Yes, it will be interesting to see how he spins total failure to something other than what it plainly is! We will see how creative his writers are!


  1. George, I love reading your blog because it reminds me of how you and I think so differently, like 180 from me. But I still appreciate the difference.

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