Four years ago, I wrote a story about a new cold war coming. (

It now appears that its time has come!  China is spying on the world, preparing to transition from a cold to a hot war!  Spy balloons have floated for years over the entire earth, mapping defenses and weak spots, mineral deposits, and monitoring electronic conversations from every point in the globe.  They now have the largest military force in the world, and is rapidly becoming the premier nuclear power on earth.  They are planning to rule us all.

They have allied themselves with Russia and Iran.  Iran now has its fleet entering the Panama Canal, with ships docking in Brazil.  Russia and China are having joint naval exercises with South Africa off its southeastern coast, another nation rich in raw resources and a new potential ally.  China is supplying Russia with arms and ammunition in its fight to take over Ukraine.  In short, the post WW2 power structure centered around the USA is rapidly crumbling!

All this happening as we now have the weakest leadership in Washington that we have ever had, with Joe Biden at the helm.  Not only is he a doddering old fool of a man, he is compromised because of the fortune he and his family has amassed by selling influence to our enemies, most notably Russia and China, regimes planning for our demise.  We, and the entire Western Civilization are now in deep trouble.  Deeply in debt, and with our ineffective leadership, China, Russia and their newfound allies are filling up the vacuum in haste. 

Our military, once considered the best in the world, is now more interested in being “woke”, rather than being a premier fighting force.  The Biden Administration is intent on bringing this Marxist indoctrination into the ranks, and high-level officers that resist are being fired.  This military “wokeness” is endangering us all.  If a major war were to break out now, we would be woefully unprepared for the fight!

With our southern border open wide, we are also vulnerable to terrorist attacks.  We should have no doubts that terrorist cells are alive and working inside our country right now, waiting for the most opportune moment to create havoc.  Our security, and the security of the world is now in great jeopardy.  We are living in a time that is possibly more dangerous than right before WW2.

What can we do?  Right now we need prayer, and a lot of it.  We hopefully can get by the next 2 years unscathed, and at that time elect new leadership.  It is the lack of real leadership now that is our greatest danger, and we will have to wait until 2024 to correct the slide.  Until then, pray!

2 thoughts on “CHINA IS ON THE MARCH”

    1. Well Rusty.
      We do have a President that is incontrovertibly compromised by our enemies, and that happened with his involvement in the Biden Family Business. Remember, he is the “big guy” and he gets his 10%. If we can get rid of this fumbling, bumbling fool of a President, we just may be able to create a plan to actually deal with China, and for that matter Russia, Iran, North Korea, and others that would do us harm. Yes, Hunter is being investigated, finally, and with luck that will lead back to the big guy and we then can send him on his way!

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