Trump Signs Phase One China Trade Deal, Avoiding Brutal December ...

We are in the midst of a crisis, one caused by China’s inability to tell the world the truth about the origin, time-frame, and the scope of the virus they unleashed on the world.  This has cascaded into a re-evaluation of all things that China has meant to the world.  No longer do we, or for that matter does the world look at China as a benevolent supplier of cheap goods.  It has become apparent that they are not a “good faith” supplier that we can count on, and we are rapidly re-assessing our commercial relationship with them.

We are finally in a position where covid-19 makes it absolutely necessary to control our borders and our immigration policy.  Our southern border wall is growing larger and more effective daily.  With the wall and our military, no one crosses the southern border without the expressed permission of the United States.  Immigration, both legal and illegal has been temporarily halted, and a massive reassessment for future immigration policy is imminent. 

With a halt to immigration, and a rapid reassessment of our supply chains, American companies producing in China will have good reasons to relocate back home.  America will go back to work faster with these new additions to our production capacity, and we will also be strategically stronger with this “homesteading” of these companies back on our soil. 

With blue state governors resisting the process of re-opening their state economies, it has become apparent to their citizenry that their positions are more political than simply being cautious about the virus.  This has led to the citizenry rallying around the desire to go back to work and their lives.  The governors have pushed back and doubled down on “stay at home” and “non-essential” business shutdowns.  Citizens are now practicing peaceful civil disobedience with massive rallies in these states, showing these governors that there is a political consequence to their actions. 

The virus crisis has given globalism, a Progressive mantra and the opposite of Trump’s “America First” policies a knockout punch.  It also is giving us the “big beautiful” southern wall, and immigration control, something the Progressives fought against and now have lost the battle.  Companies are coming home, which will accelerate our economies healing, giving the President and conservatives a big lead in the November election.  Blue state governors are unwittingly giving the conservative movement more momentum in their own states, by sacrificing their citizens liberty for their own political hatred of the President. 

“America First” is winning!  The President is winning!  American people are winning!  This dark cloud of pandemic really does have a silver lining!


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My wife and I are compliant.  We are social distancing.  We bought KN95 masks to wear when shopping.  She does not go anywhere except to walk our dogs.  I do the store runs, and mind my distances, mask at the ready.  We have shoes for inside, and shoes we wear outside.  We are doing exactly what we are told to do.

We keep busy.  We are retired, but prior to the lockdown, we were active at our local college, taking interesting courses and interacting with other students in various on-campus clubs.  Although that has ended, the classes have moved on-line, and we have our classes live using “go to meeting” technology.  My wife takes art courses, and has taken over my “man cave” and turned it into a studio. She is creating an impressive portfolio of drawings and paintings.  We let our maid service go as part of our “distancing” program, and clean our house every day ourselves.  We also are cooking most all of our meals, experimenting with many new dishes.  We walk our dogs, sometimes as much as 3X per day, weather permitting.  I write on my blog, as I’m doing right now.  Our time is well used, considering the circumstances. 

Still, we long for actual human interaction.  Without personal contact with our families, no restaurants, bars, movie theaters, neighborhood gatherings, and even our church, we feel a personal emptiness.  Humans are social animals, and without personal contact, depression results.  We just are not built to be islands unto ourselves. 

We use social media as a way to connect with others.  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are our major source of social interaction.  Facebook is for our families and friends, Twitter is for our political rants, and Facebook is becoming more and more politicized too.  My wife uses Instagram for her art, and that is how she connects with other artists.  None of this is as satisfying as actual human interaction. 

All this leads to big questions on our minds.  Is what we are doing necessary?  Is blowing up our national economy, putting tens of millions of us out of work the right thing to do?  Is shutting us down in our houses really going to keep us safer?  Is ruining the financial markets, putting many seniors in tenuous financial positions the right thing to do?  Is putting small businesses in a position where they will never be able to resuscitate the smart way to go? Is the price we are paying for safety worth the cost?  Is the cure worse than the disease?  So many questions, so few answers.  We pray for resolution, and pray that it happens soon.  If that does not happen, we are looking at a very bleak future for America, and for that matter the world.  Yes, we are having a real bad case of “Corona Virus Blues”!