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We are told that the Keystone pipeline had to be cancelled for environmental reasons.  “The Permit is hereby revoked,” Biden’s executive order says. “Leaving the Keystone XL pipeline permit in place would not be consistent with my Administration’s economic and climate imperatives.”  Now that’s a very powerful statement, but what does it really mean?  Is there a well thought out plan, or is this just more corruption from a man known to deliver if the money is right?

Economically, this cancellation will increase the cost of oil-based products to the consumer.  Instead of piping this crude to refineries (830,000 barrels a day), the same amount of oil will have to continue to be shipped by rail and truck to its final destinations.  It is estimated that the cost for this type of delivery system is approximately $10 per barrel, as opposed to $5 per barrel using the now defunct pipeline.  It is hard to imagine that killing the pipeline was done for economic reasons, unless there is an alternate energy source that is cleaner and competitive with oil.

Could it be that windmills and solar are the answer to our future energy needs?  Both are intermittent power sources that require intensive capital investment and are highly unreliable.  It is estimated that power from these sources can only be counted on at peak demand 30% of the time, and hundreds of millions of acres of land would have to be devoted to the construction and maintenance of these forms of “green energy”, not to mention the massive amounts of raw materials required for production of these alternate energy sources.  Further, it would cost us at least 10X the amount we currently spend on energy to switch to these alternative sources, so it doesn’t look like this is a sane approach to economic issues in our country.  Short of green lighting nuclear power, it doesn’t look like alternate energy sources will ever make the cut with the state of our current or foreseeable future technology. 

For climate imperatives?  It is estimated that the earth has warmed approximately by 1 degree Celsius since the start of the Industrial Revolution, which began in 1760, or 260 years ago.   We also know that the earth cools and warms as natural cycles over thousands of years.  Is global warming a natural cycle? Or is global warming affected by human influence? What does the science say? Both may be true. In the natural cycle, the world can warm, and cool, without any human interference. For the past million years this has occurred over and over again at approximately 100,000 year intervals. About 80-90,000 years of ice age with about 10-20,000 years of warm period, give or take some thousands of years.  There is healthy debate about human interference with this cycle, and the science is far from settled.  The left would let us believe that in fact the science is settled, and hydrocarbon usage with its CO2 emitting is the direct result of warming we are experiencing.  If that is true, and there is a load of empirical evidence that it is not, a case could be made that cancelling the project was done for environmental reasons, especially if the goal of zero CO2 emissions by 2050 is the goal that will solve the supposed human caused problem with global warming. 

Maybe taking President Biden on his word is not the best way to understand why he cancelled the project, or for that matter why he has signed 40 executive orders in the first 9 days in office.  Could there be another reason for his race to change things?  Focusing on the pipeline, who would benefit most from the cancellation?  Could it be Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, and the Burlington Northern Railroad?  Currently, the Burlington Northern Railroad ships 100% of this oil by rail to destination, and it is a very profitable run for this business, as they are the only line that ships this oil to refineries.  This business is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, a holding company controlled by Warren Buffett.  Berkshire Hathaway also owns the company that produces oil tankers for rail, and has a virtual monopoly on this business.  Warren Buffett donated $250,000 to Democrats on the 2020 election cycle.  Other mega-donors, including CEO’s of fortune 100 companies donated millions to the Democrats and the Biden campaign, and were opposed to the pipeline.  Could it be that Joe Biden is still playing the “pay to play” scam in the oval office?  What about the other executive orders?  Will we ever know?


We are told that a 78-year-old man with first stage senility got more votes than any other Presidential candidate and now will be our President, even though he campaigned in his basement?  His running mate, a woman who could not muster over 2% of the votes in her Presidential primary race helped him in this historic victory?  We are constantly remined by the bureaucracy that there was no election fraud, even though the evidence is in plain sight?  The Democrats in Congress, hell bent on impeaching the current President the second time when his tenure in office ends in just a shade over a week?  Big tech companies trying to eliminate free speech, not only on their platforms but by killing their competition, literally?  Mega-corporations doubling down on efforts to control free speech and the general population?   The Democrat party disparaging all patriots, while trying to sell the narrative of unity? 

That’s not all, we are also told to socially distance, avoid crowds, and wear a mask or we most certainly will die of the deadly covid-19 virus, even though the death rate per 1000 has been steady for years?  (In 2020, death rate for United States of America was 8.9 per 1,000 people. Death rate of United States of America fell gradually from 9.5 per 1,000 people in 1971 to 8.9 per 1,000 people in 2020-World Data Atlas United States of America Demographics).  We are told that we need to take a vaccine based on un-tested new technology in order to fight this deadly scourge?  Yet, our homeless population, living in close quarters, not wearing masks or socially distancing, seem to be immune to this plague? 

Yes, Nurse Rached, I’m ready for my lobotomy!  Having all of my cognitive abilities is putting me in a very bad place.  I cannot fathom the stupidity around me, and look forward to the peace that this operation will bring!  Please schedule me right away!


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A 4 year attempted coup, finally accomplished with a stolen election. A radical takeover of the Capital building, and now 4 dead and dozens of DC police injured. Democrats now holding all power in the Federal government, with our freedom on the line. It truly is a dark and bleak January!

We have a lot of problems that will be hard to fix with what amounts to a 1 party Federal government, but all is not lost. Sadly, we will be suffering through 4 years of a Biden/Harris regime that is moving hard to the left, but there is a silver lining. With our election system in tatters, destroyed by those that want to transform America, this new regime will be tainted with the general knowledge that they are illegitimate, and as time goes on, that illegitimacy will come to full light.

In Washington, it will still be very hard for the Biden regime to pull off some of their most radical schemes, with the Senate at 50/50, and at least 10 Democrat Senators that are centrists. If McConnell can pull it off and reach over to the other side of the isle convincingly, he can hold off some of the lefts most damaging dreams of transformation. That, however, is not the best news!

As a Republic, the States are granted more power than the Federal government over much of our political lives. That power is absolute, and it includes insuring that elections are fair and accurate. We have seen that our elections are not, and it will be up to states, not the Federal government to fix this defining problem, and up to us to push our state and local officials to get that job done. Politics has always been a local issue, and that has not changed.

We will survive the next 4 years, just as we have done throughout our history. Much can be done to make our country a better place, and that starts locally. Get active politically, embrace local elections as you have never done before. Run for office if you can, and if you cannot, campaign for those that hold similar values to your own. Insure that you are heard where you live, and make your town a better place. Make your county and then your state a better place, and focus on the end game, to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”!

Remember, politicians do not have power, unless we give them the power that each and every one of us have. If we do not give them that which is ours to give, they have nothing. Nothing is lost, unless we just give up, and that is not what Americans do. Yes, the next 2 years will be rocky, but with a little luck, we will take back the Senate and the House at the midterms, and effectively neuter this illegitimate regime. Keep your eyes on the end-game, and never give up!