Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer walk out of the White House after a meeting in Washington on Oct. 16. 

Leadership is tough. Often one has to make hard decisions for the betterment of the organization. Our President is in that position. Just like a CEO of a large company, a President is the final arbiter of USA policy. He at times makes decisions that do not sit well with at least some other politicians, and for reasons other than logic would suggest. Politics is an ugly profession, and that ugliness is on graphic display today.

The President ran partly on the promise to end the “endless wars” we seem to be endlessly engulfed in. He is honoring that promise by pulling out special operations forces out of Northern Syria, with the eventual plan to get all of our military out of Syria permanently. He rightly considers this part of the world, with centuries of hate behind them and the prospect of centuries more of the same, a particular area where there is little to no hope of finding a peaceful solution. He is right about this, and there is no logical reason for us to continue down the same road, expecting different results rather than the failures we continually derive from our presence there.

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat followers in the House, people that up until now were firmly against military action of any kind, are now cynically using the pullout for political gain. They now present themselves as “hawks”, and condemn the President for “destabilizing” the region, a region that has been perennially destabilized throughout history. This attempt to use the Presidents decision against him is just another of their current tactics to speed him along to impeachment in the House.

The debate on the pullout will be in the news and later in the history books. Talking heads will expound on the worthiness of the move, some agreeing with the President, and others siding with Nancy Pelosi’s minions in condemning the effort. History will have the final say in the matter, and the present and future in the region will have to play out for that story to be written.

Make no mistake about it. Nancy Pelosi and her minions were elected to represent their districts. Our President was elected to represent all of us. Pelosi was elected by the lunatic fringe in the San Fransisco Bay area, and from all accounts she does an exemplary job of representing them, but she is not speaking for the vast majority of American citizens. Her toxic narrative is designed to take a duly elected President down, and in no way is representing the best interests of the United States. She and her followers should be ashamed, and as voters, we all should remind them of that shame in the 2020 election cycle.



First we were subjected to the Russian collusion narrative. Every day in the news there were so called breaking stories that the Mueller investigation was onto something nefarious and that we would certainly be amazed at the illegal activities President Trump engaged in with Vlad Putin in order to steal the election from its rightful owner, Hillary Clinton. We were told that the Mueller report would be the final nail in Trump’s coffin. That narrative was strengthened by statements from Congressman Adam Schiff, who personally assured us almost daily that he had the goods on the President, but we would just have to wait for the Mueller report for them to be made public.

After 2.5 years and over 30 million taxpayer dollars spent, the Mueller report was finally available for general consumption. The report, as long as a Russian novel, virtually said nothing about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, but made insinuations that it was possible that Congress could find a charge of obstruction, being that the innocent President attempted at various points to fire Mueller and end the investigation, knowing that it was only the result of partisan injustice, harming his reputation and that of his administration. The Democrats thought that they had a new narrative that just might stick. Obstruction of Justice just might fit the bill for Impeachment.

After a month of pondering possibilities and putting out the obstruction narrative, it did not seem to stick with the American people. No matter how hard the Democrats argued that obstruction was the serious crime that they needed to Impeach, the narrative did not catch on. They were desperate for a new narrative, and they worked to create one that was believable.

The first 2 attempts by the Democrats and the bureaucracy were dismal failures. Both Russian collusion and obstruction of justice fizzled out before their very eyes. It was looking like their dream of Impeachment and removal from office was never going to come true. They did not give up hope, and instead used an asset within the Trump administration to concoct a new narrative, one that would have some basis in truth.

The President made a phone call to the newly elected President of the Ukraine. Most of the conversation was polite and congratulatory. Trump wished the new President Zenensky his best, and then at the end of the conversation, asked for a favor. That favor was in 3 parts. He asked him to look into Joe Biden and his son, inferring that their may have been some funny business with the ex-VP withholding 1.5 billion dollars of loan guarantees unless the prosecutor looking into the Ukraine gas company that his son Hunter was a board member collecting $50,000 a month in salary was fired. The President also asked Zelensky to talk to our Attorney General and Rudy Guliani about past corruption and election interference, and lastly asked to investigate “Crowdstrike”, which refers to the alleged Russian hack of the DNC’s computer and e-mail stash. All of these alleged transgressions happened before the 2016 Presidential election, and this is information that relates to current Attorney General and Inspector General investigations.

Apparently someone that was involved with the conversation directly did not like the favor being asked, and discussed it with a low level CIA official serving temporarily in the White House. That low level official met with Adam Schiff’s staff, and subsequently filed a “whistle-blower complaint” with the house. The substance of the complaint was that Trump asked a foreign national to investigate Joe Biden, who is currently running against Trump for the Presidency. In order to make it a high crime, there needed to be a “quid pro quo” and alas they found one that just might stick. Previously President Trump put a hold on military assistance authorized by Congress for the Ukraine, and it was on hold during the conversation. That said, President Zelensky did not know that, and it was never brought up in the conversation, but that wasn’t enough to kill a perfectly good narrative! The Democrats and the bureaucracy now had their new impeachment narrative, collusion with the Ukrainian President to the detriment of an opposing candidate.

The Democrats never thought that a transcript of the phone conversation would be released for public consumption. Without that, they could sweeten the narrative in such a way that the general public would be howling for Trump’s impeachment. To their dismay, Trump did release the transcript, but hope springs eternal. With time running out, they decided to use their newfound narrative to impeach!

Nancy Pelosi knew that she didn’t have the votes to start a formal impeachment process, but that did not deter her. She put the most partisan Trump hater in Congress, Adam Schiff, in charge of investigating the President for impeachment. This process is being held in secret, without any representation by Republicans or the President. It is apparent that Nancy and Adam are intent on impeaching the President this year so that it won’t be done in the 2020 election year, and they are going to do it with scant evidence of “high crimes or misdemeanors”! In their minds it is their only hope for defeating the President at the polls. They know that the Senate will not remove him from office, but they hope the stain of impeachment, however partisan and one sided will do the trick.

Chances are they will be strengthening Trumps position in the 2020 election. 40% of eligible voters are his base, and their votes for him are guaranteed. He will only have to convince a small percentage of independent and uncommitted voters to have his win, and with the weak stable of Democrat candidates with their hats in the ring, its almost a sure thing for his victory. It appears that the 3rd time is not the charm for Democrats, but simply more evidence of their insanity!


Image result for Adam Schiff crazy eyes picture

For over 2 years, Adam Schiff had been the darling of cable news.  He was on hundreds of times on CNN, MSNBC and legacy news channels like CBS, ABC, and NBC.  His message was simple and to the point.  He claimed that President Trump was illegitimate.  He stated time and time again that the President colluded with the Russians to deceive the American people to steal an election that he did not deserve to win.  He would also state that the President is a stooge of Putin’s and deserves to be impeached.  Further, he continuously stated that he was in possession of incontrovertible evidence of this collusion, but cannot make it public until the Mueller investigation is over. 

The Mueller investigation is now over, and unfortunately for Adam Schiff, there was no collusion, and Adam Schiff has now been silent over his claims of having personal evidence of that crime.  His narrative has been totally debunked.  He lied to us for over 2 years, but apparently his lies are going to be unpunished and forgotten.  In fact, he is now chair of the House Intelligence Committee, a position that puts him in the forefront of the new Impeachment inquiry.  How convenient. 

He is now the official face of the Democrat push to impeach the President.  They are pushing for impeachment on the basis of the transcript of the recent conversation the President had with the new President of the Ukraine.  In fact, Schiff and the Democrats announced the inquiry for impeachment before they even had the transcript available to read, based on 2nd hand information in a complaint by an alleged whistleblower who apparently is a low-level CIA employee, who had no direct contact with the phone call in question.  The Washington Post breathlessly wrote “so troubling that it prompted an official in the US intelligence community to file a formal whistleblower complaint.”

Once the transcript was made available to the public, it became apparent that the phone call was for the most part innocuous, not in any way rising to the level of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”.  In other words, it did not constitute an impeachable offense.  That did not deter the Democrats or Adam Schiff.  Last Thursday on live television, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff had news conference to inform the American people just how evil the President is, and that they are proceeding forthwith into an expedited impeachment inquiry.  Adam, in full glory, even read into the record an utterly fabricated statement from President Trump to the President of the Ukraine.  This fabrication highlighted a false narrative that gave credence to the impeachment inquiry, but had no basis in fact.  He later, when questioned about it, stated it was a parody, not to be taken seriously, but the damage was done, and the false narrative embraced by CNN, MSNBC, and the legacy news channels.

Once again Adam Schiff is in the driver’s seat with a false narrative that has the potential to damage the President’s re-election chances.  He is their best propagandist, and will do whatever he can to bolster the impeachment argument with as many lies as he thinks the American public will stand.  Stay tuned for more of his public television appearances bolstering false narratives of impending impeachment.