Today we have politicians that have dusted off the concept of socialism.  They have renamed it Democratic Socialism.  Karl Marx said “Democracy is the road to Socialism”, and the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others are presenting it as the ultimate answer to the apparent unfairness of capitalism.  We are told that capitalism breeds greed, and greed is bad.  Their contention is that humanity is inherently good, and any system that operates on individual greed needs to be answered with a better, kinder version that insures that no one is left behind.  Their answer is to use government to redistribute wealth so that everyone will have a happier, fairer life, with guaranteed outcomes for all.  With the government insuring all of our needs, the problems associated with capitalism will justly be squashed in favor of a kinder, gentler system.

They tell us that no one will be poor.  No one will be in debt.  Everyone is entitled to a good education, a good job, health care, and basic necessities of life, and all of this will be free.  Big government will be our nanny, our parents, our protectors, and our ultimate providers.  The rich will be no more, those robber barons that took all and never gave back.  Government redistribution of wealth is the ultimate answer to all of our problems, and the solution is just an election away.  Millennial’s are lined up to embrace the Utopian promise, and look starry-eyed to this future!

To quote Karl Marx again “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, and second as farce”.  It seems that Karl was on to something.  History does repeat itself, most often when history itself is ignored, or in fact re-written.  Let’s examine the history of socialism.  Henri St. Simon has been given credit for being the original founder of socialism.  He designed the principals of what is socialism today.  Since then, governments all over the world have tried to embrace the concept of socialism, including but not limited to the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Chile, Bolivia, and Venezuela.  In every case, Socialism failed to deliver, governments were toppled or the rules were re-written once the reality of what it takes to actually create wealth is realized.  History has taught those of us that are observers that Socialism is a compelling dream.  It is a dream that is constantly foiled by human nature on a variety of levels, making it unworkable in practice.

Human nature is dark.  Unlike the assumption of Socialism, we are not by nature inherently good.  The religions of the world address this issue.  Certainly the Christian religion does so with much clarity.  We face a battle between good and evil, and evil often wins.  Without faith in God we cannot overcome.  People with religion believe that Utopia is only achieved in the next life, not here on earth.  Human nature is at odds with the premise that we all basically good people.

Our constitution was written by godly men who believed that freedom, embrace of individualism, defined human rights based on natural law, faith in God and hard work should be the basis for their new experiment in self-government.  They created what has become the most successful government and economy in the world, and the basis for our success has been individuals that have been largely unfettered by government intrusion.  Our founders gave us an economic system that was developed as the antithesis of  Socialism, and that is Capitalism.

Unlike the failure of Socialism, Capitalism has proven to be an economic system that has the direct ability to motivate the ambitious to achieve greatness.  The incredible progress made in the last century is largely the result of Capitalism.  Capitalism insures that economies grow, and do not remain stagnant.  Capitalism also addresses the needs of the marketplace much more efficiently than government controlled production.  Capitalism creates wealth and improves lives.  Socialism insures stagnation and mutual shared suffering.  Capitalism is by no means perfect, but its track record is light years ahead of Socialism.

It seems that many young people in our country have not been taught history, or that they have been taught a false version of history in their schools.  As parents and grandparents, it is up to us to spread the word to them about the lie that is Socialism.  It is also up to us to take a more active role in how our children are being educated.  If we don’t, we may just see ourselves repeating the failure of Socialism.  History ignored is history repeated!

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This is the bridge that has been crossing America for 18 months!

Rob and Colby Cortis are a father and son team that has been criss-crossing America, towing this “UNITY BRIDGE” with their family SUV, spreading the word of unity, love, and the accomplishments of Donald Trump to our citizens everywhere.  They have put 120,000 miles so far on their vehicle, stopping in cities everywhere spreading their message of unity and love to all that will listen.  Rob starts his rally’s off with a speech about how he came about this mission, and then talks about all of the good that our President and the conservative movement is doing for our great country.  It is truly a sight to see, and it is wonderful to see these patriots in action! 

The rally was held in Hollywood at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland, right in front of the Trump “Walk of Fame” star that has been destroyed by his detractors.  In place of the star is a cardboard cover now, with warnings on it to leave this space alone.  This was by all accounts an appropriate place for this rally.  A local activist, Randi Berger, organized the rally here, and she did a great job!

Most people in attendance were very supportive!  Many were tourists from out of town, many were Trump supporters, some apolitical, and there of course were passionate detractors in the crowd!  This part of Hollywood Boulevard was permitted for the rally, blocked off to traffic, and a company of police officers taped off the sidewalks from the street to keep the crowd away from the bridge and those participating in the event.  It was well organized and peaceful event, insured by the active police presence.  The LAPD did a great job!

The intersection of Hollywood and Highland is a huge mecca for tourists and interestingly the people who were visiting from outside of California were mostly supportive of President Trump.  A trio of beautiful visiting women from Oklahoma even wanted to purchase Trump merchandise as a souvenir.  There was a woman who very boisterous yelling “TRUMP 2020!!”

And now for the detractors…..there were a few that wanted to engage in angry vitriolic discourse, the rest well I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

Now let’s talk about the passion, and the cross-section of the American patriots that participated in Saturday’s event.  This is a group that represents all Americans, we are an inclusive group.  Cost of membership is only love of country, love of God, and disdain for an over-reaching government.  It was an honor and pleasure to be among you.  We met many new friends and hope to work with them in the future.  Thanks again to Randi Berger for working hard to secure the permit to shut down that section of Hollywood Boulevard for the event, on a Saturday night yet (what a feat that was)!  We also had the pleasure of meeting two candidates for Congress, Jazmina Saveedra running for 44th Congressional seat and Johnny Nalbandian, running to defeat Adam Shiff for the 28th Congressional Seat.  Both of these candidates are running to defeat Democrats which we need to do if we have any hope of restoring California to fiscal sanity.  Big shout out to Slightly Offensive and the great work you do bringing the truth in really well done videos.  Check them out at

Rob and Colby Cortis are doing a great job spreading the word all over the country.  They are not finished and plan on continuing their journey for the foreseeable future.  Their message needs to be heard, and they cannot do it without the help of like minded people.  Their website is:    It is there that you can see their schedule (maybe coming to your hometown!) and also can leave a donation to their cause.  Without your support, this laudable effort may not be able to continue.  Let’s keep the Cortes’s on the road!

Trump Unity Bridge and Rob Cortis on the road again to their next destination.



I was brought up in a family of lawyers.  I was taught at school and in my home that we had a justice system that was fair and impartial.  This system I was taught was highlighted as one of the reasons why our country was so great.  It didn’t matter if you were homeless, or the President of the United States, our justice system would impartially treat any individual in the same way, regardless of their position in life.  That was put to all of us as a guarantee, and I, along with people of my generation embraced that concept as a promise that kept us as Americans safe from having a justice system based on class rather than basic citizenship. 

It seems that we have lost that promise.  There are now countless examples of people being unjustly treated in our system.  People of wealth, power, protected class and status are now being given free reign to break our laws with impunity.  Al Sharpton walks free even though he owes the IRS millions.  The Clinton’s have been exonerated of all of their crimes in spite of the evidence.  President Obama weaponized the Department of Justice, the FBI, the IRS, and other Federal Agencies to the detriment of conservatives including the incoming administration, and there are no charges or investigations of his nefarious actions.  The DNC fixed the 2016 Presidential primary without any consequence.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz ran the DNC, using Pakistani national Imwan Awan and his family as IT experts for the DNC, who subsequently offered their services to Democrat Congressmen.  With Ms. Schultz’s blessing and DNC bank account, this family greatly enriched themselves at the DNC’s expense, and purportedly engaged in espionage.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz has not been charged with any crime.

On the other hand, we have our current President, without any evidence of a crime, being investigated by Mueller for allegedly colluding with the Russians in regard to the 2016 Presidential Election.  There is no evidence that this had happened, but the investigation is ongoing, wrapping up those who worked on the campaign with indictments for crimes not in the least tied to Russian Collusion.  In fact, several have been indicted for “lying to the FBI”, and subsequently pushed to provide information about our President in order to cut a deal and stay out of jail.  Paul Manafort is  in the final phases of a trial put forth by the Mueller team,  attempting to convict him of tax fraud from 2005.  It seems that conservatives are not part of the “protected classes”!

Seeing this, I can’t believe for one minute that our Justice system is blind.  Instead of being a country of laws, we have now gravitated down to being just a country of men.  Corruption seems to rule, and the rule of law has been replaced with the law of the jungle.  Our country cannot continue to exist if we go down this path any further.  If we expect to have a country in the future, we need to fix our system of justice.  We need to blindfold the lady, and insure that the scales of justice are once again in balance.  If not, we will surely find ourselves in a position of rapid decline.  #ISJUSTICEBLIND #ISJUSTICEDEAD #JUSTICEISDEAD


                                                                                                                                                      It seems that we hear everyday about the evil Russians.  They are hacking our businesses, hacking our military and our allies for top secret information, still interfering in our elections, and doing everything they can to take us down.  We are told that they are building up their military so that they can go “head to head” with NATO, and that their weapons R&D is so superior to ours that they are making weapons that we have no defenses for.  It is said that Vlad Putin is in the process of resurrecting the old Soviet Union, and that they are back and challenging our world leadership.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!

The Russian economy is roughly 1/12th of ours.  Russia has 5X the people of Texas, yet the Texas economy is roughly $500 billion larger than that of Russia.  Russia’s military is dwarfed by the US military.  With the exception of nuclear warheads where they are roughly equal to ours, we outclass them in every other way.  We spend 8X as much as they do in annual military budget, and our Navy and Air Force is larger and far superior to theirs.  Our ground troops are somewhat smaller, but better equipped and able to project power worldwide, whereas they are a land based force.  They have many more tanks, but ours are qualitatively better and capable of defeating theirs in large numbers.  They have more artillery, but that is trumped by our Naval and Air Force air superiority.  That said, they are a nuisance, but they are not the boogeyman that our media and our Leftists make them out to be.

China however is a different story.  They have in the last 40 years, come from economic obscurity to prominence, and are now the 2nd largest economy in the world, at roughly 65% of the USA economy.  Their military, once considered one of the most antiquated in the world, has rapidly modernized and although not nearly as well organized or effective as the US, they are rapidly reaching parity with us when close to their mainland.  They have for these 40 years implemented a long-term plan to eventually overtake us both economically and militarily, and have been very successful.  They have in mind to displace our world leadership with their own, and take us down hard by creating a Chinese world hegemony.  They are down that path already, creating the new “Silk Road”, investing in countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Russia to build a way to get to Western Europe economically with lightening speed.  They are also partnering with Russia and many countries in Africa to create economic pathways for raw materials and energy needs that they cannot satisfy at home, and in the process creating new alliances and new markets for this goal of worldwide hegemony.  One should now ask a few questions:  Why aren’t we more focused on this threat, and how did they become so prosperous and powerful in such a short time?  The answers to both these questions will shock you, for reasons that you may not expect!

40 years ago, President Nixon, on the advice of Henry Kissinger, created detente with the Communist Chinese.  There was much made out of this historic venture, and every administration from Nixon to Obama doubled down on getting closer to China.  This was advice coming from Ivy League educated advisors that reasoned that being closer to China with trade was a good thing, and that the more prosperous that country became, the more likely that they would eventually embrace a capitalist themed democratic republic.  These advisors, some of the same that brought us into Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other failed foreign adventures sold their bill of goods successfully to all of these administrations.  Trade barriers were lifted, and in fact George W. Bush actually had his administration put on seminars for American business showing how to relocate manufacturing to China.  All of this fell nicely into China’s long-term plan, and we naively assisted them with their accelerated growth that eventually created our own greatest challenge, a China that has every intention of eliminating us from the world stage.

Although not in writing, verbally the Chinese government insisted that in order for our businesses to penetrate the Chinese market, they would have to transfer their technology to their Chinese counterparts, and many businesses, including those that are deemed critical to our national defense, did do that.  In addition, China systematically hacked our military contractors to acquire defense secrets that took decades of work and billions of dollars to acquire, giving them technological parity in many areas with us not only militarily but economically too.  In short, China grew off the backs of the naivety of US government, businesses, and what they could not get by asking, they simply stole.  All the while, our Ivy League advisors were telling us that this was OK, and that in the end a better, more accommodating China would be the eventual result.  They could not have been more wrong!

The only administration that has “kicked backed” from this suicidal policy has been the Trump administration, with the initial volley through trade sanctions.  This “kick back” is long overdue and has had some effect already.  Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Dictator is now having issues that will be difficult for him to solve.  His biggest nightmare is a restless population, and the sanctions and threat of more to come is taking its toll.  His bet is that we are too weak as a society to prevail in the trade war. He believes that the short-term pain will be too much for a Democratic Republic to bear, that the weakness of our system will not allow us to win.   His Communist dictatorship can use propaganda and force to insure that his people will give him time for us to fail, but that is only a theory, and it needs to be played out.  Unrest in China is building, and his method to control that may just backfire.


 “The wildlife and scenery are so spectacular. I love to sit in camp during a multi-day run down the South Salmon canyon and watch what I call ‘elk TV.’  The hillsides are so lush and green in the springtime.  Wildlife abounds throughout the canyon. I have seen everything from bears, sheep (somewhat rare these days), elk, deer, eagles and so much more. I have also had the opportunity to see steelhead on redds below Poverty Flats. What a magical experience. Paddling is my passion, but protection of this watershed for our wildlife and fish is my number one concern. We need to do more to protect our wild salmon.”   -Nathan Todd, McCall, Idaho                                                                                                                                               Sorry everyone that I have not been writing.  My wife and I just got back from a 2 week vacation that was partly for fun and part for finding somewhere other than California to live.  We went to Idaho, and wow, we found a state that was actually beautiful!  Rivers and lakes everywhere, low cost of living, and green is the color of the day for summer.  We really did like Idaho, especially north of Boise.  McCall was more beautiful that we could imagine, and the cost of living there was incredibly low compared to where we are now in Southern California.

We also revisited the Reno Nevada area, and were very disappointed!  All the areas that we have found to be acceptable are now growing so fast that the area is going to be an extension of Southern California, an area that we have grown to hate!  Tech firms from the Silicone Valley are relocating there for the tax savings and the lower cost of living, which is actually driving the cost of living up and the quality of life down.  This wonderful place where one could find a great lifestyle is now being ruined, and it is definitely off our list of places to relocate.

Idaho is where we will end up.  In the next few weeks we will be going to Northern Idaho, in the area that is around the Coeur D’ Alene area.  This state is marvelous, and we are looking forward to finding our retirement home there and moving in the spring or early summer of 2019!  The southern and middle part of the state is excellent, but we have been told that up north we will find the next thing to nirvana!  I hope that is the case!

We looked at Utah, Idaho, and Nevada, but hands down, Idaho is a wonderful place!  Any of my Southern California friends that are looking to get out, take a look there!  It is beautiful, and the people are very friendly.  They just don’t want us to ruin it for them, and if you are exceptionally liberal, go somewhere else!  They don’t want you!

I’m signing off now, but will be back in the next day or two with a commentary about what is happening in our country.  My wife will also be posting something about animal rights soon, so look forward to that too!