I was brought up in a family of lawyers.  I was taught at school and in my home that we had a justice system that was fair and impartial.  This system I was taught was highlighted as one of the reasons why our country was so great.  It didn’t matter if you were homeless, or the President of the United States, our justice system would impartially treat any individual in the same way, regardless of their position in life.  That was put to all of us as a guarantee, and I, along with people of my generation embraced that concept as a promise that kept us as Americans safe from having a justice system based on class rather than basic citizenship. 

It seems that we have lost that promise.  There are now countless examples of people being unjustly treated in our system.  People of wealth, power, protected class and status are now being given free reign to break our laws with impunity.  Al Sharpton walks free even though he owes the IRS millions.  The Clinton’s have been exonerated of all of their crimes in spite of the evidence.  President Obama weaponized the Department of Justice, the FBI, the IRS, and other Federal Agencies to the detriment of conservatives including the incoming administration, and there are no charges or investigations of his nefarious actions.  The DNC fixed the 2016 Presidential primary without any consequence.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz ran the DNC, using Pakistani national Imwan Awan and his family as IT experts for the DNC, who subsequently offered their services to Democrat Congressmen.  With Ms. Schultz’s blessing and DNC bank account, this family greatly enriched themselves at the DNC’s expense, and purportedly engaged in espionage.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz has not been charged with any crime.

On the other hand, we have our current President, without any evidence of a crime, being investigated by Mueller for allegedly colluding with the Russians in regard to the 2016 Presidential Election.  There is no evidence that this had happened, but the investigation is ongoing, wrapping up those who worked on the campaign with indictments for crimes not in the least tied to Russian Collusion.  In fact, several have been indicted for “lying to the FBI”, and subsequently pushed to provide information about our President in order to cut a deal and stay out of jail.  Paul Manafort is  in the final phases of a trial put forth by the Mueller team,  attempting to convict him of tax fraud from 2005.  It seems that conservatives are not part of the “protected classes”!

Seeing this, I can’t believe for one minute that our Justice system is blind.  Instead of being a country of laws, we have now gravitated down to being just a country of men.  Corruption seems to rule, and the rule of law has been replaced with the law of the jungle.  Our country cannot continue to exist if we go down this path any further.  If we expect to have a country in the future, we need to fix our system of justice.  We need to blindfold the lady, and insure that the scales of justice are once again in balance.  If not, we will surely find ourselves in a position of rapid decline.  #ISJUSTICEBLIND #ISJUSTICEDEAD #JUSTICEISDEAD

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