I had never witnessed a state legislature in session.  I went because I wanted to see the State House of Representatives in their opening week.  This was not just for curiosity sake, but also because I was interested in seeing how this body will embrace the Republican Party platform as designed at our 2022 state convention. 

Of all the components of the platform, I wanted to see what would become of the most popular one, that being “NO DEMOCRAT COMMITTEE CHAIRS”!  Not only was this part of the Republican Party platform, but over 80% of Republican voters cast their ballot supporting this initiative in the mid-term election!  The politicians elected to the House are to represent the people who elected them, and logically this should be a shoe-in, but with the distinct possibility of Dade Phelan being voted in once again as Speaker of the House, his stance on this issue put a dark cloud on the possibility of getting rid of Democrat Committee Chairs!

Sure enough, Dade was once again elected speaker.  After talking to Representatives, it seems that it was a foregone conclusion that most Republicans and all Democrats would be voting for him, as a vote against would put that Representative in a position of being essentially powerless in the House for the next 2 years.  It is Phelan that picks committees and chairmen, and voting against him would be a death knell for anyone that would have the audacity to do so.

Next came proposals to modify the “Rules of the House”.  Representatives Slaton and Tinderholt put  up as many as 7 different modifications to eliminate Democrat Chairs for rules approval, but were summarily shot down by Phelan and his Parliamentarian. Representative Hayes, an attorney and a rules expert, argued to have them heard and voted on, but was also shot down.  These elected officials now show that they do not care about what their constituencies want, instead care about their power within the House, and very little else.  Only a few brave souls stood up for their voters, the rest went along with the easiest pathway to their perceived power. 

One thing did come out of the first week, and that was fines, censorship, and possible removal for Representatives that purposely flee the state to remover the quorum for voting.  The Democrats did that in the last session, going to Washington to eliminate conservative bills from passing. That will help the process, make it cleaner, but what a firestorm it created with the Democrats!  They were lined up at the speaking platform at the back of the room to complain on this proposal, and their arguments fell short, but they were passionate! 

I moved here from California for the freedom and fairness that Texas seemed to represent.  I learned early on that the same process that changed California for the worst, was being reenacted right here in Texas.  That is why my wife and I started a conservative group in my own city here, have worked on elections with truly conservative candidates, and have been fighting to wake up conservatives in Texas.  Texas is due for a rude awakening if people here do not see the threat. 

Get active people, or you will not like the consequences.  The BAD is coming, and you will not be able to hide from it!  Vote, get active supporting conservative causes, because there is an army of people and money from blue states that are actively trying to change the state that we love. 


  1. Thanks to you and thousands of Texas conservatives who took the time to travel to Austin to let your voices be heard. Our representatives need to know we are watching and will hold them accountable.
    Rep. Phelan is now our House Leader, so we must monitor his actions, praise his support for our values and loudly protest his failures and/or desertions of our principles. All of our representatives must know we are monitoring their performance.

    Let’s celebrate our success in imposing consequences for the shameful actions of the Democrats who abandoned their responsibility to the citizens of Texas by refusing to appear. Personally, I would have denied them the right to serve as a committee chair this session, but perhaps we can still fight that battle in the future.
    Praise also for our local Representative, Richard Hayes, for speaking out for open debate and transparency. We desperately need warriors with the courage to stand up for us. Bless you Representative Hayes.
    I agree, George, that more conservatives must join the battle if we are to preserve our freedoms and our conservative values. If they do not get to the polls this Spring, the candidates of the Liberal Progressive PACs will control city government and take Little Elm down the path you fled California to escape. This Spring’s election will determine Little Elm’s fate!

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