The Liberal Progressive playbook has been applied time and again to destroy societies across
the world. The pattern is nearly the same in every instance.

  1. Promote discontent in the economically disadvantaged classes
  2. Expand the numbers of disadvantaged within the society by redefining “the
    disadvantaged” or importing large numbers of disadvantaged individuals
  3. Expand the role of government from governance to provision of “equality”
  4. Provide “free” services to both the deserving and the undeserving to buy votes and at the
    same time destroy the economic viability of the society
  5. Falsely promise “true equality” to encourage the sacrifice of personal freedom and the
    enhancement of the power of government
  6. Gain control of the education system and propagandize younger generations
  7. Use mass media (willingly or through force) to promote their propaganda
  8. Attack the underpinnings of the free society – law and order, freedom of speech,
    economic freedom, religious freedom, the right to bear arms
  9. Disarm the populace
  10. Rescind constitutional rights or declare martial law, giving an elite few total control of the
  11. Eradicate all dissidents
  12. Enslave the entire population for the benefit of a few
    It only took one generation for the Socialists to transform Venezuela from a Democracy to a
    socialist democracy, to a ruthless dictatorship.
    1992 Became 3 rd richest country in hemisphere
    2001 Voted for Socialist president to correct “Income Inequality”
    2004 Private healthcare is completely socialized and is free
    2007 All higher education becomes “free”
    2009 Socialists banned private ownership of guns
    2012 Bernie Sanders praises Venezuela as the “American Dream”
    2014 Opposition leaders are imprisoned
    2016 Economy collapses. Food/healthcare shortages become widespread
    2017 Constitution and elections are suspended
    2019 Unarmed citizens massacred by the government
    Source: Not a direct quote.
    The Liberal Progressives have been working for well over 50 years to transform the United
    States. They are no longer working in the dark, they are openly declaring their intentions to rob
    you and future generations of your freedom. Their recent actions demonstrate clearly that they
    feel the United States is ready for transition. Their willingness to challenge law and order, use
    our intelligence agencies to spy on private citizens,, attempt to illegally impeach a duly elected
    president and to openly encourage the mass migration of millions of illegal aliens are all bold
    signs of their intentions.
    Only one question remains, will you wake-up in time to stop them?

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