There has been a lot of talk, and angst on the left about banning abortions in Texas.  People are marching in the streets of major cities in Texas protesting the upcoming ban because of the SCOTUS decision to bring abortion back to the states, as it was a defective ruling 50 years ago, and indeed is not, and never has been a Constitutional right. 

Dallas protesters 06/26/2022

The left sees this as a travesty of justice, taking away a woman’s right to control her own body.  Narratives abound, including one that takes women to slavery as nothing more than baby machines.  There has even been talk by the Democrats in Washington D.C. to pack the Supreme Court in order to get their way with unfettered abortion. 

There is an elephant in the room that nearly no one sees!  That is the morning after pill and plan “B”.  Both are ways to eliminate pregnancy, with the morning after pill able to eliminate pregnancies within 72 hours of having sex, and plan “B”, which can work for an extended period of time, even after the zygote has penetrated and attached itself to the uterus.  Both systems use hormone imbalances to put additional mucous in the vaginal tract to stop sperm from entering to the fallopian tubes if fertilization has not yet happened, have the ability to stop an egg from dropping of it already has not, and thickens the uterus in order to reject implantation if fertilization has already happened.  It is interesting to note that in 2021, it is estimated that 53% of abortions in Texas were chemically induced.

Even after the trigger law goes into effect, the morning after pill is available to anyone that needs it without a prescription.  Just go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist on duty for one.  He will gladly sell it to you legally without question.  For a whoopsie, this is an effective way to eliminate an unwanted pregnancy without surgery, and you can take the pill and do it in the privacy of your own home. 

Plan “B” varieties of chemical abortion works during pregnancy, and can work over an extended time.  The Texas legislature saw this as a loophole that needed to close, and sent a bill to Governor Abbot’s desk, and was signed into law.  In order to get this abortion drug in Texas, one has to go to their physician, pay for an examination to determine if they are over 7 weeks into their pregnancy, and if they are not, they will be given a prescription that either the doctor or one’s local pharmacy can fulfill.  The law states that a person cannot get this drug if it is determined by their doctor that the pregnancy is over the 7-week cut-off.  So all abortions are not illegal in Texas, and the only impediment for women will be their internal conversation with their Creator.

So, what is all the hoopla about anyway?  It seems that Democrats, looking at getting a royal shellacking this coming November, think they have finally found a way to hold onto the House and Senate.  They are playing the defeat of Roe VS Wade as an Armageddon for women’s rights in order to rile up their base enough to forget about the mess our country is in because of their own bad policy, and rise to the occasion to vote them back in on the promise of some future Federal legislation that will codify abortion forever in the USA. 

Those people in the streets are their base.  Far left activists, BLM, ANTIFA and other left leaning groups have taken the bait, and they are marching with the notion that abortion is now gone, and their only hope is the Democrat Party.  These useful idiots will not save the Democrats, but it is the only thin rescue line they can see for the foreseeable future, and they are grasping on it for their parties very life!   

Funny thing is, even in Texas women have access to chemical abortion.  Further, even though Texas outlaws it, mail order chemical abortion clinics will still be sending their pills to willing Texas women!  Once again, the Dems are betting on a new false narrative to take them over the finish line!  Good luck with that!