Today, reading the weekend version of The Wall Street Journal, I noticed a continuity of theme.  The theme appeared to be “division by fear”.  Let me explain.  The first article I read was “SCHOOLS REWRITE VIRUS POLICIES ON THE FLY”.  The story has a graph that shows how many students are getting covid-19 delta variant.  The highest number of infections were from the 12–15-year-old group, and that was 170 infections per 100,000 students, or 0.0017% of that population is coming down with the virus, and most have slight to non-existent symptoms.  That is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of1%!  This is why school districts are shutting down or inviting mask mandates and waiting for vaccines approved for children to arrive?  Absolute insanity, at least on the surface of the story!

I then read the story titled “WHY COVID-19 SHOTS DON’T LAST A LIFETIME”.  Long story short, these shots have effectiveness of less than a year, much like flu shots.  The reason for this is this virus, like the flu virus, continually mutates, thereby reinventing itself faster than researchers can modify or create new vaccines.  The efficacy rate for vaccines that would fight covid-19 is roughly the same as flu vaccine, where the rate is anywhere from near zero to about 70%, depending on how well the researchers guess about the next variant.  This begs the question “If these vaccines are at end-life, why is the federal government mandating for companies with over 100 people employed, federal employees and contractors to get the shot, and now telling the vaccinated to take a “booster”?   Also, why is there a $14,000 per violation fine for companies that do not comply, and why is Biden vilifying the unvaccinated, blaming them for the vaccinated getting sick?

Another question is why is the Biden Administration cracking down on citizens, but letting 10’s of thousands of illegal aliens into our country from the wide-open southern border without testing them for disease?   Why are they being distributed all over our great country, when many of them are sick with covid-19, and many are most likely radicals that would do us harm?

Why are small businesses clamoring for more stimulus money from the Federal Government?  The economy is coming back, but they still have their hands out.  Hospitals too have their hands out for mover covid-19 relief money, and of course the Biden Administration is all too happy to meet their needs.  Instead of meeting and beating the competition, these entities have now been trained to lean onto the government for their economic needs.

The answer can be found with the writings of Marx, Ingalls, Hegel, and Rousseau.  They preached that on would have to destroy the old system in order to bring in Utopian Socialism/Communism.  Their preferred method of destruction was to pit disparate groups against each other, raise taxes and debt to unsustainable levels, destroy societal mores, turn the citizenry into dependents of government largess, and then let the system collapse under its own weight.  In today’s society, this is being aided and abetted by our own government officials that are aligned with the Progressive branch of the Democrat Party, a compliant media to spread toxic propaganda, and control of the education process. 

In short, our Republic is being systematically destroyed on purpose in order to implement drastic change that will, if successful, sap us of our freedom, our economic wealth, and enslave us to those that lust for our power.  We cannot let this happen, lest we abandon our children, grandchildren, and future generations to this tyranny.  Marx and his cronies were all wrong, the Socialist/Communist system has never worked, and in fact has destroyed lives of many millions of people in its wake.  We must stand up and fight for what we believe, for the people we love, and for our Constitution, which is now being trampled in a most horrific way.  We must tune out the propagandists, if possible, home school our children or by the very least, reform ISD’s and Universities so that our children are no longer indoctrinated in this false promise of Utopia.  We need to take back our cities, our states, and our country!  We need to vote the bad players out, and as soon as possible, because we are running short on time.  We can win this, but we must act now!


Two bills are being pushed by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  These bills are the so called “Infrastructure Bill” at 1.2 trillion dollars, and the 3.5 trillion dollar “Human Infrastructure Bill”.  Not only are these bills prohibitably expensive, but they do not convey what they are named.  The “Infrastructure Bill” has very little actual infrastructure in it, but goes wide into Progressive wish lists.  The “Human Infrastructure Bill” is a deep dive into Socialist policies including the “Green New Deal”, that Progressives have wanted for years. 

Their gamble is that they pass these 2 bills, and the results are so wonderful that the majority of Americans will embrace them, and that will catapult them to a big win in the 2022 mid-terms.  It’s a long-shot for several reasons.  First, the cost of these 2 bills is mind-blowing, and it will all be borrowed money that will have to be paid back in present and future generations with high taxes and lost economic opportunity.  Further, there is much doubt that the votes can be found in both the House and Senate to pass them.  The House has 9 moderate Democrats that would be signing their political death warrants if they go along with this spending.  Every one of those votes will be needed in order to pass this mess.  In the Senate, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are not sold on the idea of either of these bills, and with the Senate evenly divided, Schumer needs both of their votes and the tie breaker VP Harris to get this through the finish line, and their betting hard that they can intimidate those on the fence to go along with this obvious overreach of power.  Will they be successful?  Doubtful!

There is no mandate for either of these bills.  The Senate is evenly divided, and the House is close to being in the same position.  The President has lost the good will of most American people, especially after the Afghanistan debacle.  These bills cannot honestly stand the light of day, let alone be something that the American people are begging for!  They are attempting to do this now, because it is doubtful that they will be able to do anything after the 2022 midterm elections. If they do get these bills over the finish line, it will fundamentally change our system of governance, and not for the better!

Write your Senators and Congressmen, and let them know that their own political futures are in question if these bills pass.  Apply all the pressure that you can bear, and then some!  Our future, and the future of our children and succeeding generations are on the line.  We cannot walk quietly into the night; we have to stand and fight!  Its our liberty and prosperity that is at stake, and we cannot stand by and let them take that from us!