Afterthoughts on the State of the Union address

The Democrats promised DACA people, transgenders, and media stars to disrupt the agenda. None of that happened thank God. The President made his points, some of which the Democrats applauded him for but many that they just sat through. Next week, we will see what happens, and I think that it will be a raucous time with the news channels!

See you all next week!

Thoughts about the upcoming State of the Union address

In 1961, Democrat President John Kennedy gave a stirring Inaugural address. His most famous line was “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”. That statement inspired a generation of people to work towards great things both personally and as a nation. We actually went to the moon several years later, largely through his inspiration and the hard work of our fellow citizens.

This is in stark contrast to what Democrats are planning for the State of the Union address that will happen in just a few short hours. The plan is that a number of Democrat representatives will not attend, this in spite of the good news that will be imparted by our President. Others are bringing celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna and others to shout down the Presidents message. Many are also bringing in DACA and other illegal aliens, transgenders, and God only knows who else to shout down President Trumps positive message. Instead of being part of the solution, they double down on the problems. Instead of helping inspire a generation to “do for their country”, they default to a hypocritical message of having our country do for their own special interests. Their dream is not for American greatness, but rather for America’s decline.

As Americans we are at a critical junction in our history. Do we follow this cynical lead into national decline, or do we follow the President’s lead to bring our nation to a position of even greater freedom and prosperity? The answer seems simple, but the solution will be fought long and hard both at the polls and in everyday life. I pray that God will bless us with the right solution.

Review of Kiara Ashante’s book “COMMANDER IN FAILURE”

My wife has a signed copy of this book, and I recently read it. It is a very good read, highlighting President Obama’s 8 years in office. The book poignantly points out that this President, through his arrogance and hubris, failed at almost everything he set out to do. His health care law was a debacle, his economic policies were atrocious, his regulations were business killers, his foreign policy was unintelligible and destructive, and the corruption was widespread. Also, as the first black President he did not use his bully pulpit to improve race relations, but instead used it to further divide us. I highly recommend this book!  Available at

Commander in Failure: An African-American reflects on America's First Black President and how he failed us all


There has been a lot of noise in the last few months about DACA.  Dreamers carrying Mexican flags protesting in front of the Capitol Building and the White House, Dreamers making statements on social media indicating that they want to fight “racist” Republicans that are trying to destroy their “dream”.  Democrat apparatchiks grabbing hold of the narrative that they, and only they, can save the dreamers from the racist Republicans.  All the while, it seems that it is the Republican Party, and our President that are taking real action to actually help these people, and this is only part of the irony.

Another part of the irony is that Obama with his executive order did little to help these people, other than to give them very shaky temporary status in our country. Shaky because his order was patently unconstitutional. In spite of that, these dreamers bring up Trump’s ending of this unconstitutional and temporary order as being supremely “racist” and wrong, totally missing the point that he is offering them instead of a temporary program, a path to citizenship for 2 million of them, when the original “Dream Act” only covered 800,000. A very generous offer! Instead of giving our President and the Republican Party accolades, they simply accuse them of “racism”.

Also ironic is that it seems the Democrats are using “dreamers” as a narrative that paints themselves in a positive light, even though the solution is something that they are prepared to fight against.  In fact, Nancy Pelosi is promising to bring dozens of “dreamers” to the President’s State of the Union address on Tuesday to highlight the Democrats “concern” for these people.

In reality, Democrats don’t care about the “dreamers”, they see the issue as one to campaign on for the mid-term elections.  They are going to fight the Presidents offer as “racist” because in order for the solution to be enacted, it must come with border protections and positive immigration reform, and they want none of that. Open borders are a method for the Democrats to acquire additional voters, third world people with little or no skill levels that will immediately acquire welfare, housing, medical care and other subsidies from government, making them indebted to Democrats, who zealously protect these so called “entitlements”. Their hope is that this issue lasts until after the mid-term elections, and then they have the opportunity to take over the house and the senate.  They believe that then they can save the “dreamers” and keep open borders to insure that they can have the future opportunity to take over national elections ad infinitum.  That is their cynical game plan.

My liberal friends do not see it that way.  They say that they simply want a “clean bill”.   A bill that grants citizenship to the dreamers, but keeps the borders wide open, chain migration and the lottery system in place, which then is “fair” for new immigrants. What is lost on them is that this cynical Democrat plan has the devastating potential to wreck our country.

What does “wrecking our country” look like?  There are many facets to this outcome, and let’s start with economics.   A century ago we needed the influx of immigrants to fill the interior of our country.  They arrived with only the expectation that they could work and find success in America, because we had opportunities for hard work absent in their home countries.  We needed them to grow, and they needed us to realize opportunity that they otherwise lacked.  Today, we have over 330,000,000 people in our country, which by any measure is enough for our economy and for the space we occupy.  We have evolved from being a pure capitalistic economy to a hybrid welfare state.  We are 20 trillion dollars in debt, and that figure grows exponentially if one includes unfunded liabilities.  We can no longer afford to take in the worlds unwanted souls.  We will eventually go bankrupt.

Also, eliminating the 2 party system, giving Democrats the reigns in national elections, will drive us to pure socialism, which has the potential to further wreck our economy.  Without dwelling on the failures of socialism, history proves that this economic system does not work, and eventually leads to economic failure on a grand scale.  Just look at Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, and a host of other failures throughout the world.  This power concentration would also greatly erode our freedom, as it incrementally has in the past when they have had the reigns.  Just look at the Obama administration and the freedom killing regulations during his time in office.  Our constitution would be simply a study for historians, and we would be governed under a “living socialist document”, which would mean that we would then simply become a nation of men, and no longer a nation of laws, which was something that set us apart from the rest of the world.

In short, DACA and its resolution has greater impact than simply giving 2 million ‘dreamers” a path to citizenship.  It has the potential to make or break our country and our way of life.  Our President has offered a very generous and fair deal.  It is now up to the Democrats to do the right thing for our country and agree to pass this proposed bill.  If they do not, their position on this issue will define where their priorities really are, and the cynical way they use people to further their own power base.



Wow! 2017 has come and gone, and what a year it was!
1. Tax reform!
2. Economy killing regulations were eliminated.
3. The economy is growing again!
4. Illegal immigration has been checked.
5. The wall is “in progress”.
6. The military is regaining its strength.
7. Our national respect has been renewed.
8. Bad trade deals are being re-negotiated.
9. Bad international agreements are being reviewed for change.
10.The United Nations has been put on notice for their excesses.
11.Our judicial system is being renewed with fresh conservative faces.
12.The “deep state” has been exposed and the “swamp” is slowly being drained.
13.Government is shrinking.
14.Political Correctness is dying, soon to find the “ash heap” of history.
15.Obamacare is on its way out.
16.American malaise is ending, with a fresh new spirit of national pride emerging.
17.Iran and North Korea are being dealt with properly for the first time, with the hope that peace can come to both of these countries.

This all happened with the election of a President that the media and Liberal Progressives hate. Donald Trump has lit the fire of the American Spirit, and we are now on a journey that will lead us to greater heights both economically and as more united nation, in spite of the roadblocks presented to him. The left is slowly but surely losing their battle to take us in another direction. At the end of this year, our President now has favorability polls approaching 50%, better than at any other time in his short Presidency.

How did we get to a point where so much had to be fixed? That is a question that has been bantered around for some time, and with a short examination, the answer will unfold. We start with the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Prior to his election there were a lot of red flags, with a father and mother that were avowed communists, his father a devout muslim, his connections to Acorn, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, George Soros, Gus Grissom, the Muslim Brotherhood, Black Panthers, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and others, it seems surprising that he wasn’t on a FBI watchlist, rather than a Junior Senator running for President. The media acted as his biggest cheerleaders, ignoring these connections and applauding this “up and coming black politician” for being in the race for President. With the exception of Fox News, one would think that this guy was almost as holy as Jesus Christ, rather than a radical muslim communist intent on bringing down the USA.

Obama promised to fundamentally transform the very nature of our country. He promised hope, change and unity, but did not get to involved with what that fundamental transformation would look like. The general population readily embraced this charismatic speaker and bought into the vagaries of his promises, without asking for specifics. He was elected 2 times with people that did not understand that he was in fact a Progressive Liberal Socialist/Communist intent on breaking our economy, military and spirit in order to impose his radical ideology on us. He couldn’t do it in 8 years, our economy is too resilient, even with 20 trillion in debt, our military downgraded was still more capable than any other in the world, and Americans were waking up to the fact that they actually elected a bad player, a Manchurian Candidate, rather than a patriot. He put his hopes in the election of Hillary Clinton, assured that 4 or even 8 more years of his policies continued under her reign would be what it would take to complete his promise of “fundamental transformation”. Little did he or his supporters understand that an American re-awakening was in progress, and his dream of a socialist America was about to come to an abrupt end with the defeat of Hillary, and the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America.

Our President is still under attack from the left, and no one else but he could possibly take the attack, attack back and weather their storm. He, in fact is fundamentally transforming the USA with his “America First” policy, and we are seeing results early in his Presidency. I believe that by the end of 2018, we will see an excellent economy, a return of jobs from overseas, better trade agreements, more people back to work, our borders protected, a sensible immigration policy, restructured health system, and a national renewal in the understanding of why America is Great Again! His battle has just begun, but there is confidence that he will prevail, and so will the American people! MAGA!