Well, without going through all the painful events of 2022, let’s just say, whew, glad that is over!  Now we are in the New Year, and drama envelops the House of Representatives.  At stake is the speaker ship of the House, 3rd in line for the Presidency.  Kevin McCarthy wants that position badly!  He has made promises to House members in order to find a path to victory, and he needs 218 votes to get him across the finish line.  As of today, on the 6th vote, he is 17 votes behind finding victory.  He just does not have the votes.  Why?  Because he is agnostic politically, and the grassroots conservatives in Congress want the Speaker to embrace Conservative values. 

Why do I say he is agnostic?  He votes by analyzing the political winds, not what his party stands for.  He is one of the people that put together “crisis legislation”, which is bankrupting us.  This is, in shorthand form why we never really get a budget, but at the last minute we see them passing a pork filled bill to keep the government from shutting down and defaulting on their financial responsibilities. He votes historically with Democrats on spending bills.  That is why Conservatives do not want him.  That is why we as citizens should not want him.

It is possible that he will redeem himself, but do not hold your breath!  He will not agree to the demands of the Freedom Caucus.  He will not push for a balanced budget.  He will not push for a negotiated budget ahead of time.  He will not agree to embracing Conservative values.  If he does, he has a slim chance of being Speaker, but that is a long-shot! 

We will have a Speaker in the next week or two.  It will most likely not be Kevin McCarthy, as he is part of the cabal that has taken our country down.  It will be someone that is smart, Conservative, and willing to take up the job.  The job is a hard one, not only do you direct bills in Congress, but you actually fund-raise and build coalitions within your ranks by continually politicking with your Caucus.  That is an 80+ hour a week job, and a thankless one at that!  That man will be praised and vilified at the same time, but a man that will be for the country and the citizens thereof.  He will, in a different way, be like George Washington, who never wanted to be President, but took the job because he was a patriot and knew that his country needed him.  Most likely, he will also step down after 2 terms as George Washington did, as that is the most that any politician needs to be in the same position of power. 

This is a great process!  For once, we are having a debate in Congress, as it was originally designed for!  The Establishment, both Democrats and Republicans, are pushing for Kevin McCarthy to be the Speaker.  A few real Conservative Republicans are saying “NOT ON MY DEAD BODY”!!!!  Dramatic for sure, but it gives all of us hope that we can eventually fix the mess that is Washington! Pray for the process, and understand this is a process that was intended for by our Founding Fathers!

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