Our largest cities were burned and looted last summer by Marxist groups that used the death of George Floyd as their cover.  The Progressive Mayors and Governors let the riots and looting happen, and in some cases, even marched with the rioters.  Our big cities, all run with “Progressive” governance, will take many years to return to a state of normalcy.

ANTIFA and BLM, both Marxist organizations, are given a pass for their destruction, but those that walked into the halls of Congress January 6th, are still in jail.  Our southern border is still wide open, and we have no real idea who and what is coming across.  We are told it’s a simple “challenge” by the Biden Administration.

Money for leftist “wish lists” like Medicare for All and the New Green Deal are being jammed through Congress using the reconciliation tool, a tool that was designed to only address budgets and only to be used once per budget session.  Instead, the Senate, divided 50/50, is using it many times this year to get their way, with the Vice President being the tie-breaking vote.  It appears that the left is trying to spend over 11 trillion dollars over and above the actual budget in the first 200 days of the Biden Administration, one that does not by any means have a mandate, and they are attempting to do this without any bi-partisanship.

The Progressives are even trying to codify the cheating that went on in battleground states as a federal rule, even though the Constitution explicitly gives individual states the power to control their election processes.  They know that if they control the voting and the counting, they will be in charge of us forever.

Virtually every positive action taken by President Trump has been nullified, and this is sending signals to our adversaries that the Biden Administration is weak, and can be taken advantage of.  China is actively dismissing our diplomats, Putin basically ignores Biden’s warnings at their meeting, and Iran showers Israel with missiles while our President does nothing. 

Critical Race Theory is being imposed upon our military for no good reason at all.  This pernicious Marxist tool will only create division in our services, which by their very nature requires unity to be effective.  It is also being embedded in all of our schools and universities. The nature of this action is dumbfounding!

All these problems, and what does Biden say our main problem in society is?  White Supremacy no less!  Our people are watching this like having a front seat to a massive train wreck.  Why are the Progressives doing this?  Simply because they believe that they have to go big now, because in 2022 their power to fundamentally change our system would no longer be there if they do not act now!

Progressives are not going to get all that they are pushing for.  Their own ranks are weakening, with moderates realizing that going forward with all this nonsense will certainly end their political careers.  Parents are pushing back at their school districts and Colleges, saying enough is enough with CRT!  People are forming groups to fight Progressive ideology, and are becoming effective as a tool to push their elected representatives to fight back! 

What Progressives are doing is convincing Americans that they cannot govern, and that they do not have the interests of the American public in mind.  That translates to big victories for conservative candidates in 2022 and beyond.  That people are the silver linings in this train wreck we now are witnessing!

What should a concerned citizen do?  Get involved with your PTA, attend your school district meetings, with the idea that your voice needs to be heard.  Get involved with your local government by attending monthly meetings (open to the public) to ensure that they are representing your needs.  Most importantly, get involved with your state and federal representatives and let them know what you think. You can call their offices, write them, and even e-mail them with your concerns!  If possible, find local organizations that can help with these tasks.  If you do not have the time to do this, at least donate to candidates and PAC’s like that represent solutions to this mess we are now in.  Rough times are ahead, but we will prevail!


Texas city elections are supposedly non-partisan by law.  That is not even a question anymore.  They are not non-partisan, thanks to Democrat PAC’s and the DNC.  Case in point, the Little Elm mayoral election.

My wife and I interviewed each candidate, there were 3 running for mayor, to find out who we were going to support.  At that time each candidate said that the election was non-partisan and did not display any interest in displaying their own politics, just wanted us to know that they wanted to serve the city.  Each of them indicated that as city politicians, their primary concern was to ensure that we had adequate policing, a robust fire/EMS department, and that the garbage was picked up on time. 

Our community is in growth mode, and I also pushed them for insight into their vision for the future.  Two of the candidates seemed to be taken aback on that question, and their answers were sketchy at best.  One candidate had a concise vision, one that took into account growth patterns and the need for services to fulfill the needs of our growing community.  This man was currently the President of the Little Elm Economic Development Corporation, and had detailed insight into the specific needs of our growing community, and had a detailed plan to achieve those goals.  He won us both over, and at that point earned our vote.

The campaign was on, and my wife and I were intimately involved in the process.  We called potential supporters, walked many neighborhoods, and motivated others to do the same.  We were a big part of this candidate’s ground game.  We worked hard all the way up to election day.

During the campaign, we went to a local restaurant for lunch, and saw one of the other candidates there.  He was with a group of people, some with signs, and all with tee shirts that said “Denton Together” and “Fuel 50”.  We came back to say hello to the candidate, and was introduced to a man, apparently the leader of that group, that was obviously a partisan Democrat.  It was evident that the race had gone partisan.  At that meeting the candidate, who is black, also intimated that the race was contentious because of racial divisions in the city.  We did not see that, and we told him so, but he was adamant on that point.

When home, we looked up Denton Together’s website, and found out it is a PAC, raising money through ACTBLUE, which is the largest Democrat PAC in the country.  We also discovered that this PAC was set-up to turn Texas blue, by starting from the bottom, winning city elections first, then county, and ultimately taking candidates to the state level to turn Texas blue.  Texas has 38 electoral votes, and if they go blue, so does the whole country in Presidential elections, turning our country into a perpetual one-party state.  With This realization we were energized, and so were those we were campaigning with to go the extra mile for our chosen candidate.  As conservatives, we were going to do everything possible to make sure that our city, and Texas itself stays on the right side of politics.

The general election resulted in a runoff.  None of the 3 candidates garnered over 50% of the vote, and a new election was called, and our candidate, along with the candidate supported by Denton Together, were now running against each other.  Denton Together brought in people from out of town to walk all neighborhoods, and signs, mailers, and an electronic billboard were part of their effort.  Still, it looked like a real horse race, with both candidates tracking close to each other.

On May 4th, the opposition kicked Denton Together to the curb, and brought in a paid Democrat operative to manage the remainder of their campaign.  This man was the organizer on the ground for Pete Buttigieg’s primary campaign in both Iowa and Texas, and was part of the campaign for Raphael Warnock in Georgia.  He also is currently a leader for the DNC to turn Texas blue.  He was brought in because it appeared that our candidate had a very good chance to win.

This Democrat operative pulled out the stops, and played the race card hard.  Soon after he came to the opposition’s campaign, a mysterious video showed up on-line for only about 5 minutes.  Hardly a person saw it, but after it was taken down and eliminated from U-tube, it was presented by the opposition campaign as a racist rant from our candidate.  A screen shot of the introduction was widely distributed, with their carefully concocted racist narrative boldly attached to it.  Now the fire of racism was not only lit, but gasoline was poured onto the fire.  This incited black voters that would normally stay home to go to the polls, and it worked.  On June 5th, there was a flood of minority voters going to the polls, and subsequently the opposition candidate did win by a slim margin of about 280 votes.  Was this tactic cynical?  Yes.  Was it effective?  Absolutely! 

This story of the mayoral election in Little Elm is a minor part of a bigger play.  It shows that Democrats, in their quest for power, will do absolutely anything, however despicable to win.  We see that on the national stage, with this party threatening to pack the Supreme Court with Progressive Judges so that rulings will always go in their favor.  We see them preparing to eliminate the filibuster to make it impossible for the minority party to stop their toxic bills from becoming law.  They even are trying to pass a law to take elections away from the states, to ensure that every way possible to cheat will be in their parties control forevermore. 

As conservatives we need an awakening.  We have to realize that the opposing party has taken the gloves off, and is fighting us with their bare knuckles.  We can no longer play by the established rules, but instead our gloves have to come off too, and then we have to fight on a level playing field.  If we do not, they will surely win, and our country will be changed forever, and not for the better!