protest international activist movement protesting against racism and fighting for justice – Demonstrators from different cultures and race protest on street for equal rights

In McKinney, Texas last night there was a talk about “How to fight against CRT”.  The speaker was Cody Weaver, a sitting board member of Plano ISD.  He is definitely against any of this ideology being taught in Texas Schools, and is educating people all over North Texas to its evils, and most importantly, how to fight back.  He did do a great job indicating that he was not representing his ISD, but was acting as an individual.

Cody spent some time letting us know what he is not saying, and letting us know this could be part of our own future argument:

  1.  Not saying that racism does not exist in America today.
  2. Not saying that systemic and institutional racism did not exist in the past.
  3. Not saying that disparities do not exist.
  4. Not saying that slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and redlining had no effect on black communities.
  5. Not saying that SEL programs that CRT is attached to need to be ended.

We were told about Richard Delgado J.D., the law professor that was the creator of this ideology, CRT.  He currently teaches at the University of Alabama school of Law.  He founded CRT, combining Radical Feminism tenets (destroy current system rather than work within it for change) to critical legal studies, making a mix of white hatred combined with showing white people, especially white males as oppressors, and the rest of the races, especially blacks as the oppressed.  In a nutshell, the only way he sees that we can achieve equity (equal outcomes for all races), is to eliminate white supremacy, a scourge that all white people are guilty of, and have white people understand their new place in the world.  That is purported to be the only way to bring the white people down off their unearned perch and give all other races the opportunity to achieve equity in society.  Richard Delgado believed that changes have to be done immediately, otherwise, white racists would quelch it!  His book on this subject is “Faces at the bottom of the well”.

Cody hit on SEL (social and emotional learning), pointing out that it has been around for decades, and is not all bad.  It addresses students that are most in need of educational assistance due to infirmity, or due to poor family situations.  It can be effective in giving these individuals a “leg up” that they would not otherwise have, as opposed to them falling through the cracks and not participating in the learning environment.  He clearly stated that when SEL is used in this sparing fashion, it is a positive source of good.  However, CRT needs to be taken out of the SEL curriculum, as it is nothing more than a dark ideology that separates, rather than unites students of every stripe.

Cody spent time discussing Derrick Bell, a Harvard Law Professor and author.  He wrote a book called “Faces at the bottom of the well”.  His thrust with this book is that CRT must be implemented in schools and throughout society immediately, and cannot be implemented piece meal like other initiatives.  Incrementalism cannot be practiced with this ideology, and if it is tried that way, it would never happen.  White people would kill the movement in its tracks.  CRT goes against everything that was accomplished in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, and those accomplishments were in fact failures because those social changes never addressed the root problem, and that is identified as “White Supremacist’s”.

Now he discusses the backbone of CRT:

  1.  The predicament of social reforms, is that “everything must change at once”.  “Otherwise, change will be swallowed up by the remaining elements, so that we remain roughly as we were before.”  Pg.91 Derrick Bell’s book “Faces at the bottom of the well”.
  2. Racism is ordinary, not aberrational.
  3. System of white over color ascendancy.
  4. Social construction thesis.
  5. Interest convergence – The notion that white people will only go along with “racial justice” if there is something in it for them, and this only happened for a short period of time when white elitists saw that they would in some way politically profit from it.

Key themes of CRT:

  1. Interest convergence.
  2. Revisionist history(1619 Project)
  3. Storytelling and counter-story telling (false narratives)
  4. Critique of present Liberalism


  1.  Whiteness-Quality pertaining to Euro-American or Caucasian people or traditions.
  2. Whiteness as a property-the notion that whiteness in itself has great value for its possessor and conveys a host of unearned privileges and benefits.
  3. Property interest in whiteness-idea that white skin and identity are economically viable.

White Fragility:

“Whiteness is a dynamic, relational, and operating at all times and on myriad levels.  These processes and practices include basic rights, values, beliefs, perspectives and experiences purported to be commonly shared by all but which are actually only consistently afforded to white people.” Robin D’Angelo

Being White, being good:

“All white people are racist and complicit by virtue of benefiting from privileges that are not something that they can voluntarily renounce.”  Barbara Applebaum


Many critical race theorists and social scientists alike hold that racism is pervasive, systemic, and deeply ingrained.  If we take this perspective, then no white member in society seems quite so innocent.  They are all racists.

CRT today:

Now called Culturally Responsive Teaching, with courageous conversations about race.

Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research and Practice – Geneva Gay “Although the students in the US are becoming increasingly diverse, most of the teachers are white, female, and monolingual.  Race and institutionalized racism are significant factors that influence and mediate the interactions of students from different ethnic, cultural


  1.  Whiteness-Quality pertaining to Euro-American or Caucasian people or traditions.
  2. Whiteness as a property-the notion that whiteness in itself has great value for its possessor and conveys a host of unearned privileges and benefits.
  3. Property interest in whiteness-idea that white skin and identity are economically viable.

White Fragility:

“Whiteness is a dynamic, relational, and operating at all times and on myriad levels.  These processes and practices include basic rights, values, beliefs, perspectives and experiences purported to be commonly shared by all but which are actually only consistently afforded to white people.” Robin D’Angelo

Being White, being good:

“All white people are racist and complicit by virtue of benefiting from privileges that are not something that they can voluntarily renounce.”  Barbara Applebaum


Many critical race theorists and social scientists alike hold that racism is pervasive, systemic, and deeply ingrained.  If we take this perspective, then no white member in society seems quite so innocent.  They are all racists.

CRT today:

Now called Culturally Responsive Teaching, with courageous conversations about race.

Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research and Practice – Geneva Gay “Although the students in the US are becoming increasingly diverse, most of the teachers are white, female, and monolingual.  Race and institutionalized racism are significant factors that influence and mediate the interactions of students from different ethnic, cultural, language, and social class groups.” Geneva Gray


  1.  Whiteness-Quality pertaining to Euro-American or Caucasian people or traditions.
  2. Whiteness as a property-the notion that whiteness in itself has great value for its possessor and conveys a host of unearned privileges and benefits.
  3. Property interest in whiteness-idea that white skin and identity are economically viable.

White Fragility:

“Whiteness is a dynamic, relational, and operating at all times and on myriad levels.  These processes and practices include basic rights, values, beliefs, perspectives and experiences purported to be commonly shared by all but which are actually only consistently afforded to white people.” Robin D’Angelo

Being White, being good:

“All white people are racist and complicit by virtue of benefiting from privileges that are not something that they can voluntarily renounce.”  Barbara Applebaum


Many critical race theorists and social scientists alike hold that racism is pervasive, systemic, and deeply ingrained.  If we take this perspective, then no white member in society seems quite so innocent.  They are all racists.

CRT today:

Now called Culturally Responsive Teaching, with courageous conversations about race.

Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research and Practice – Geneva Gay


“The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination.  The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination.  The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination!” – Geneva Gray

“Denial is the heartbeat of racism.” Ibram Kendi

The NEA, the largest teacher’s union in the country with over 14000 members, voted last week to support CRT nationwide in all schools, colleges and universities in the USA, and will be sending learning materials and staffers to teachers and districts that need help in implementation.  They will also be teaching ISD’s how to fight back from parental intrusion, and assist with word craft to assist in the masking of CRT’s true identity. 

What can parents do?  First, take an active interest in your child’s education.  Examine take home assignments, and if you see CRT rearing its ugly head, complain to the teacher and principal.  If that does not work, go to the ISD, and then to the board.  Let them know what you want from them in the way of education.  Write letters to your state representatives and your governor.  Push hard, and organize with other parents to push back from this toxic ideology.  Remember, this is not a partisan issue, people from both sides of the fence will see this for what it is, and will not want their children indoctrinated!  The only way to end this is to show courage and fight, and to be effective, you have to know what your fighting against, and this presentation has done a very good job of exposing the enemy for us. 


Texas city elections are supposedly non-partisan by law.  That is not even a question anymore.  They are not non-partisan, thanks to Democrat PAC’s and the DNC.  Case in point, the Little Elm mayoral election.

My wife and I interviewed each candidate, there were 3 running for mayor, to find out who we were going to support.  At that time each candidate said that the election was non-partisan and did not display any interest in displaying their own politics, just wanted us to know that they wanted to serve the city.  Each of them indicated that as city politicians, their primary concern was to ensure that we had adequate policing, a robust fire/EMS department, and that the garbage was picked up on time. 

Our community is in growth mode, and I also pushed them for insight into their vision for the future.  Two of the candidates seemed to be taken aback on that question, and their answers were sketchy at best.  One candidate had a concise vision, one that took into account growth patterns and the need for services to fulfill the needs of our growing community.  This man was currently the President of the Little Elm Economic Development Corporation, and had detailed insight into the specific needs of our growing community, and had a detailed plan to achieve those goals.  He won us both over, and at that point earned our vote.

The campaign was on, and my wife and I were intimately involved in the process.  We called potential supporters, walked many neighborhoods, and motivated others to do the same.  We were a big part of this candidate’s ground game.  We worked hard all the way up to election day.

During the campaign, we went to a local restaurant for lunch, and saw one of the other candidates there.  He was with a group of people, some with signs, and all with tee shirts that said “Denton Together” and “Fuel 50”.  We came back to say hello to the candidate, and was introduced to a man, apparently the leader of that group, that was obviously a partisan Democrat.  It was evident that the race had gone partisan.  At that meeting the candidate, who is black, also intimated that the race was contentious because of racial divisions in the city.  We did not see that, and we told him so, but he was adamant on that point.

When home, we looked up Denton Together’s website, and found out it is a PAC, raising money through ACTBLUE, which is the largest Democrat PAC in the country.  We also discovered that this PAC was set-up to turn Texas blue, by starting from the bottom, winning city elections first, then county, and ultimately taking candidates to the state level to turn Texas blue.  Texas has 38 electoral votes, and if they go blue, so does the whole country in Presidential elections, turning our country into a perpetual one-party state.  With This realization we were energized, and so were those we were campaigning with to go the extra mile for our chosen candidate.  As conservatives, we were going to do everything possible to make sure that our city, and Texas itself stays on the right side of politics.

The general election resulted in a runoff.  None of the 3 candidates garnered over 50% of the vote, and a new election was called, and our candidate, along with the candidate supported by Denton Together, were now running against each other.  Denton Together brought in people from out of town to walk all neighborhoods, and signs, mailers, and an electronic billboard were part of their effort.  Still, it looked like a real horse race, with both candidates tracking close to each other.

On May 4th, the opposition kicked Denton Together to the curb, and brought in a paid Democrat operative to manage the remainder of their campaign.  This man was the organizer on the ground for Pete Buttigieg’s primary campaign in both Iowa and Texas, and was part of the campaign for Raphael Warnock in Georgia.  He also is currently a leader for the DNC to turn Texas blue.  He was brought in because it appeared that our candidate had a very good chance to win.

This Democrat operative pulled out the stops, and played the race card hard.  Soon after he came to the opposition’s campaign, a mysterious video showed up on-line for only about 5 minutes.  Hardly a person saw it, but after it was taken down and eliminated from U-tube, it was presented by the opposition campaign as a racist rant from our candidate.  A screen shot of the introduction was widely distributed, with their carefully concocted racist narrative boldly attached to it.  Now the fire of racism was not only lit, but gasoline was poured onto the fire.  This incited black voters that would normally stay home to go to the polls, and it worked.  On June 5th, there was a flood of minority voters going to the polls, and subsequently the opposition candidate did win by a slim margin of about 280 votes.  Was this tactic cynical?  Yes.  Was it effective?  Absolutely! 

This story of the mayoral election in Little Elm is a minor part of a bigger play.  It shows that Democrats, in their quest for power, will do absolutely anything, however despicable to win.  We see that on the national stage, with this party threatening to pack the Supreme Court with Progressive Judges so that rulings will always go in their favor.  We see them preparing to eliminate the filibuster to make it impossible for the minority party to stop their toxic bills from becoming law.  They even are trying to pass a law to take elections away from the states, to ensure that every way possible to cheat will be in their parties control forevermore. 

As conservatives we need an awakening.  We have to realize that the opposing party has taken the gloves off, and is fighting us with their bare knuckles.  We can no longer play by the established rules, but instead our gloves have to come off too, and then we have to fight on a level playing field.  If we do not, they will surely win, and our country will be changed forever, and not for the better!


It is estimated that as many as 800 individuals entered the Capital building uninvited on January 6th.  There were thousands that stayed outside the building that same day, protesting what they were sure was a “stolen election”.  In all of that activity, only one person was killed, an unarmed woman climbing through a window shot dead by an unidentified undercover Capital police officer.  Now let’s look at some interesting facts.

The Capital police are well funded.  Their budget for 2021 is $516,000,000.  Their budget has grown from $115,000,000 in 2000 to what it is today, and that equates to a 7.4% increase year over year, even though the inflation rate averaged over the same period of time just 2.1% per annum.  Their current budget is larger than the combined budgets of both Atlanta and Detroit, and with a staff of over 2,300 officers they have more feet on the ground than either of those 2 cities.  All that in the way of assets, and they only protect an area of less than 2 square miles!  Interesting that Congress has recently allotted an additional $350,000,000 for the Capital police this year to modernize equipment and pay for post-Jan.6th overtime, and this is the same party that has been telling our big cities to “defund” the police!  Hypocrisy at it worst.  They tell us that we don’t need protection, but they double down on their own!   

Warnings were coming in from the FBI that there would be trouble, and the White House offered to send in the National Guard to supplant the efforts of the Capital police.  The warnings were ignored, and the offer of troops were disregarded.  Wondering why?

Who controls the Capital Police?  The Congressional Master at Arms does, and is a direct report to Nancy Pelosi.  She appoints that position.  It can be safely surmised that Nancy Pelosi did not want additional help for January 6th.  Why?  She wanted trouble, she wanted something else to hang Donald Trump with, and she needed a narrative.  Her proscribed narrative was, and is “insurrection”, and the fault would be pinned on our ex-president.

Now she puts together a Congressional commission to investigate this “insurrection”.  Initially, Jim Jordan(R-Ohio) and Jim Banks(R-Ind) were picked by Kevin McCarthy as 2 of 5 members for this 13-member panel, but Nancy Pelosi refused to seat them, because they were already asking questions about her personal involvement in the January 6th event.  In response, Kevin McCarthy pulled all 5 of his picks off the panel.  The only Republican on the panel now is Trump hater Liz Cheney, the rest of the panel occupied by Trump impeachment antagonists including Adam Schiff(D-California).  She has put together a modern version of a “lynch mob” and this suits Nancy just fine! 

The investigation is a sham.  Most likely, Nancy Pelosi has already written what the outcome will be, and that is that Donald Trump instigated the so called “insurrection”.  This in her mind would invalidate any future hope for him to run again for the Presidency.  It will not work, as this “investigation” is a sham, but it is also a diversion that the Democrats need in order to direct attention away from rampant inflation, open borders, out of control debt, and looming new taxation that will affect all of us. 

Nancy and her Democrats have increased their own personal protection.  That just may be a wise decision based on their current involvement in deconstructing America as we know it.  As their popularity drops even further (yes that is happening), they will need the Capital police, and their new equipment even more than they may realize!


Marx wrote about Communism in 1848.  Today Progressive leftists have decided to improve upon his work.  Marx thought that the Bourgeoisie (Upper Class capitalist property and business owners) would become too powerful and begin exploiting the Proletariat (poor working class).  This would foment a Revolution where the Proletariat would conquer the Bourgeoisie and collectively eliminate property rights.  At that point, there would be a Utopian society made up of people who would forever live in peace, sharing in the bounty that the Bourgeoisie had “stolen” from them.  Property ownership would not be necessary, as everyone would share and share alike, contributing to the collective with their own respective talents. 

Not withstanding that this Utopia has never been achieved, although tried all over the world, Progressives believe that the framework was faulty, and this time they will get it right!  Now let’s take a look at what they are changing:

  1.  The Bourgeoisie has been changed to white people.  White people, whether or not they actually realize it, promote White Supremacy, which holds down people of color (the new  Proletariat) from achieving equity in our society.
  2. White people need to be put in their place and taught to embrace their racism for what it is, the systemic system that exploits people of color.
  3. White accountability needs to happen, where the white race is put in their proper place, and all people of color are brought up to the position of equity in society that the white race had stolen from them. This implies that private property will be redistributed as public property in a more equitable fashion.
  4. This is the Communist Revolution of the 21st Century. 

We see this every day in the news.  Our military is required to embrace Critical Race Theory.  Our federal bureaucracy is required to do the same.  Mega-corporations are now hiring CDO’s (Chief Diversity Officers) to ensure that people of color are brought up to their proper place, and that white employees understand their new places in the organization.  Critical Race Theory has now been embraced by the largest teacher’s union in our country, and every public school is scrambling to implement this ideology into their Curriculum using SEL (Social Emotional Learning) as the tool to get this into the minds of children from 1st through the 12th grades.  There is a full-court press to get this done in the USA, with the Federal Government offering billions of dollars to public schools to get this job done.

Yes, we are in a Civil War, although for now it is a bloodless one.  The Progressive Left is using their time right now to push this agenda forward, as they know if they do not succeed the backlash will be the end of them as a political force.  The Biden Administration, and whomever is pulling it’s strings is in the forefront, and the estimated 168 members of congress that have affiliations to the Socialist and Communist parties, all of them identifying as Democrats, are in league with this movement. 

As Conservatives, we need to fight this movement at every corner.  We need to vote the leftists out of office and Republicans too that will not fight, fire leftist bureaucrats, and we need to take back our schools.  Start at the local level by going to your School District meetings and tell the board that you will not support their Marxist policies.  We also need to get people involved in the history of our country, the actual history, not the one put forth by those that would destroy us.  Americans need to know what makes America great, our Constitution, and stress the evil of Socialism/Communism!  We have a relatively short time to do this, through social media, through our voting, and through our pressure on elected patriots and school boards to push back against this movement that has the potential to destroy us.  If we do not, this Civil War will no longer end up bloodless, and I pray that never happens.  Last time it did, American lives lost topped over 600,000, and the population in 1865 was just 1/10th of our population today.  That equates to a modern loss factor of over 6 million people!  We cannot let this happen.  Socialism/Communism murdered over 100 million in the last century!  We cannot start this century with the same mistakes, and certainly not on our own soil!


Our largest cities were burned and looted last summer by Marxist groups that used the death of George Floyd as their cover.  The Progressive Mayors and Governors let the riots and looting happen, and in some cases, even marched with the rioters.  Our big cities, all run with “Progressive” governance, will take many years to return to a state of normalcy.

ANTIFA and BLM, both Marxist organizations, are given a pass for their destruction, but those that walked into the halls of Congress January 6th, are still in jail.  Our southern border is still wide open, and we have no real idea who and what is coming across.  We are told it’s a simple “challenge” by the Biden Administration.

Money for leftist “wish lists” like Medicare for All and the New Green Deal are being jammed through Congress using the reconciliation tool, a tool that was designed to only address budgets and only to be used once per budget session.  Instead, the Senate, divided 50/50, is using it many times this year to get their way, with the Vice President being the tie-breaking vote.  It appears that the left is trying to spend over 11 trillion dollars over and above the actual budget in the first 200 days of the Biden Administration, one that does not by any means have a mandate, and they are attempting to do this without any bi-partisanship.

The Progressives are even trying to codify the cheating that went on in battleground states as a federal rule, even though the Constitution explicitly gives individual states the power to control their election processes.  They know that if they control the voting and the counting, they will be in charge of us forever.

Virtually every positive action taken by President Trump has been nullified, and this is sending signals to our adversaries that the Biden Administration is weak, and can be taken advantage of.  China is actively dismissing our diplomats, Putin basically ignores Biden’s warnings at their meeting, and Iran showers Israel with missiles while our President does nothing. 

Critical Race Theory is being imposed upon our military for no good reason at all.  This pernicious Marxist tool will only create division in our services, which by their very nature requires unity to be effective.  It is also being embedded in all of our schools and universities. The nature of this action is dumbfounding!

All these problems, and what does Biden say our main problem in society is?  White Supremacy no less!  Our people are watching this like having a front seat to a massive train wreck.  Why are the Progressives doing this?  Simply because they believe that they have to go big now, because in 2022 their power to fundamentally change our system would no longer be there if they do not act now!

Progressives are not going to get all that they are pushing for.  Their own ranks are weakening, with moderates realizing that going forward with all this nonsense will certainly end their political careers.  Parents are pushing back at their school districts and Colleges, saying enough is enough with CRT!  People are forming groups to fight Progressive ideology, and are becoming effective as a tool to push their elected representatives to fight back! 

What Progressives are doing is convincing Americans that they cannot govern, and that they do not have the interests of the American public in mind.  That translates to big victories for conservative candidates in 2022 and beyond.  That people are the silver linings in this train wreck we now are witnessing!

What should a concerned citizen do?  Get involved with your PTA, attend your school district meetings, with the idea that your voice needs to be heard.  Get involved with your local government by attending monthly meetings (open to the public) to ensure that they are representing your needs.  Most importantly, get involved with your state and federal representatives and let them know what you think. You can call their offices, write them, and even e-mail them with your concerns!  If possible, find local organizations that can help with these tasks.  If you do not have the time to do this, at least donate to candidates and PAC’s like that represent solutions to this mess we are now in.  Rough times are ahead, but we will prevail!


The Democrat Party and their operatives continue to lie to us.  We know they are lying, and they know we know their lying.  And they continue lying to us in the form of unsupported narratives.  We are told that our country is systemically racist, even though we are the least racist country in the world.  The border crisis is Trumps fault, but we know Biden is the one that opened up the floodgates. Our police kill countless unarmed black men for no reason, when in fact only 9 unarmed black men, resisting arrest were killed in 2019.  We are told the biggest danger to our Republic is White Supremacy, when we know it is ANTIFA, BLM, Progressive priorities, and China.  With the economy roaring back, we are told that we need to spend another 4+ trillion dollars in borrowed money to stimulate the economy.  We are told the covid-19 relief bill is necessary, but precious little in the bill has anything to do with covid relief, but instead mostly pork for Progressive states and a litany of Progressive causes unrelated to the pandemic.  Then there is the “Infrastructure” bill that only uses a small amount of the spending on actual infrastructure, the rest going to a Progressive wish list of Socialist redistribution programs.  They are attempting to make the “NEW GREEN DEAL” a reality, in the face of minimal support and sketchy evidence of it having any real effect on the environment.  We are told this is and existential threat, and that could not be further from the truth, and the solution is more damaging than the supposed problem.  I could go on, but in short, they are taking us down a road to perdition, and expecting us to follow them to the end! 

It is like we are living in a dreary Soviet Union redux, except we are the Soviets.  Democrats are on a race to fundamentally transform our nation into a “Socialist Paradise”, ensuring us that it will be different this time.  We are lied to just like the Soviets did to their citizens.  We are expected to believe their propaganda, or at least do nothing in its path.  They know that their window to do this is quickly coming to an end, with the 2022 elections coming up, where they will undoubtedly suffer major setbacks in the House and Senate.  Even without a mandate, they are marching all of us to a place where most of us do not want to go!

Their goal is to undermine our Constitutional rights, and to greatly increase the size and scope of the Federal Government.  This could mean total control of our lives, from cradle to grave, and would undermine everything that the Constitution guarantees us, including our liberty.  If they actually pull everything off the way they are planning, America as we know it will be dead forever.

We do not have to fall victim to their lies and power grab.  We need to fight back by writing our state and federal representatives to let them know that we will not stand for this.  We have to pressure them to fight for our country, our liberty, our very way of life!  We need to do this now, and we also need to work to get patriot candidates elected in 2022. If we sit back and do nothing, they win.


The founding fathers of the United States of America were learned men.  They studied the bible, and also studied the notable philosophers of their time.  They read Nicolo Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, James Harrington, John Locke, Charles De Montesquieu, Thomas Paine, John Stuart Mill and others.  From the wisdom of these works, they crafted a wonderful document, the United States Constitution, which guaranteed liberty for all, and an abundance of freedom that opened up the creative juices of all with ambition, eventually making their new country the greatest nation on earth. 

The Constitution that they put together was a blueprint for limited government that honored not only the God given rights of men, but diffused and limited centralized power, giving the individual and their states more power than the Federal Government.  Nothing like it had ever been seen, nor has been seen since.  It established a Republic rather than a Democracy, in order to protect the individual’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Their main concern with a Democracy was that it had the effect of sublimating the individual to the collective (mob rule).  The individual in a Republic is Supreme. 

This way of life revolved around an educated populace, one that understood the founding principles, and adhered to them.  Without that knowledge and adherence to the Constitution, the whole experiment could unravel.  When walking out of the final day of the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked a question by a lady: “What have we got, a Monarchy or a Republic?  Franklin replied, A Republic if you can keep it!”  Even Franklin had some doubt that this grand experiment would succeed!

Succeed it did, and the original 13 colonies evolved into the most successful and powerful country in the world!  People from all around the world fought to get to the USA, and once they were here, they readily assimilated into the melting pot of America, proud to be citizens of the United States of America!

World War I came around, and after a time the United States joined the allies to win it!  With its supreme manufacturing power to resupply the allies, and hundreds of thousands of fresh fighting men crossing the Atlantic to join them, Germany surrendered.  This is the time that the USA came of age, and was recognized as an economy and a military that surpassed all others. 

As the USA’s economy eclipsed all others on the planet, there were dark clouds on the horizon.  In 1929 the stock market collapsed.  Prices collapsed because of the imbalance of the supply side with new forms of manufacturing, and half of all workers in the country were out of work.

President Franklin Roosevelt was subsequently elected, and he greatly expanded the reach and scope of the Federal Government over American lives.  Many agencies were formed, and the Federal Government was now growing like a weed.  Public works projects and other Federally funded employment were greatly expanded, and this did put some of the laid off workers back in the workforce, but it did not end the depression, which lasted until 1939.  Only World War II could end the depression, and our entry into the war put all back to work, either in the military or in support jobs for the war effort.  Although President Roosevelt was of a mind that something had to be done to eliminate the suffering caused by the depression, its unintended consequence was that by greatly expanding the Federal Government, the individual was shrunken, and the collective was now starting to become the norm. 

World War II was won, with American manufacturing and military taking a front seat for that victory.  Our economy boomed back, not only because of its capacity to produce goods, but also because our production capacity was one of the only ones that was not decimated by the war.  There was a period of unequalled prosperity from the end of the war that lasted for decades, and we shared our prosperity with the world at large. 

Federal Government expansion continued under President Lyndon Johnson.  His “Great Society” program was a huge federal overreach that created countless entitlements for those that were in poverty, and created new agencies that oversaw the programs put in place.  It was to have ended poverty as we know it, but in spite of spending trillions of dollars, it did not have any effect on poverty rates, and had the unintended consequence of destroying family units in order to qualify for these benefits.  That created a vast underclass of people that still to this day are dependent on the government for their sustenance. 

With the exception of Presidents Reagan and Trump, who attempted to shrink bureaucracy, every succeeding President created and expanded an alphabet of government agencies, programs, and regulations.  The current President, Biden, is now on the cusp of greatly expanding an already bloated and overreaching Federal Government.  He and his administration are following the Saul Alinsky playbook on “How to Create a Socialist State”.  Listed below is his playbook:

“There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist state.  The first is most important.”

  1. Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people. (re-instituting Obamacare, single payer system in the works)
  2. Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you’re providing everything to live. (Proposed tax increases, trillions being spent on left wing programs with borrowed money, causing eventual out of control inflation, expanding on the corona virus narrative)
  3. Debt – Increase debt to an unsustainable level, that way you are able to greatly increase taxes, and that will create more poverty. (currently at $30 Trillion and climbing fast, also think “Green New Deal” that is being disguised as the infrastructure bill, refer to tax bill proposal)
  4. Gun Control – Remove people’s ability to defend themselves from the government.  That way you are able to create a police state.  (Gun control measures now being implemented by executive orders, and being considered by Congress)
  5. Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives.  (Latest corona virus bill expanding unemployment benefits, food banks, etc.…)
  6. Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school. (Common core, civics and history not being taught, Universities controlled by leftists, MSM’s controlled by leftists, Hollywood controlled by leftists)
  7. Religion – Remove the belief in God from the government and schools. (Already done)
  8. Class warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor.  This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take over the wealthy with the support of the poor.  (See proposed tax bill, black VS white, white VS Asian, police VS black, etc.….)

The Biden administration is following this playbook, and if they succeed, our experiment in being a Democratic Republic will finally come to an end.  We need to fight hard to ensure that he does not succeed!  Let your representatives at the Federal and State level know that we all are taking these moves seriously and implore them to join the fight to keep our country and our Constitution.  Let’s do everything that we can to disprove Benjamin Franklin’s doubts!  We must keep our Republic!  We cannot lose our freedom and our God given rights!


We have seen a reckless move to the far left from the Biden Administration.  Over 50 executive orders dismantling the Trump quest to control the border, a gun grab, a move to impose damaging regulations to business, giving special rights to minorities and transsexuals, and a host of other left-wing wish lists.  That’s not all!

Biden recently signed into law, without any Republican support using the reconciliation clause to Senate rules, the “American Rescue Plan Act” sold as a covid-19 stimulus bill to rescue an already self-correcting economy.  Eligible taxpayers would be getting a $1400 stimulus check, and even more if it includes other family members.  This part of this behemoth 1.9 trillion-dollar bill costs taxpayers $422 billion dollars for their stimulus checks, or approximately 22% of the total bill.  The rest of the bill deals with nothing other than Progressive pork, and relief for poorly managed blue cities and states that have not managed their own budgets properly for many decades.  It is an expensive waste, one that if it were the entire GDP of most 1st world countries, it would be #8 on the list.  This is an unneeded bill that our great grandchildren will be paying for.

The economic madness does not stop with the American Rescue Plan Act!  Biden is now promoting his $2.25 trillion Build Green Infrastructure Act.  Only about $621 billion will go towards what we currently define as infrastructure, the rest will go for mostly a modified version of the “Green New Deal”, pushing electric cars, busses and trucks, and other initiatives that are in no way related to “infrastructure”.  This is another very expensive Act, and if passed in its totality, will be pushed through as a “reconciliation bill” not requiring a single Republican vote.  We are being told that even though there is only 1 reconciliation bill allowed per year according to Senate rules, they are just going to change that rule and ram this one through. 

And there is much more to this out-of-control spending spree.  Biden is now getting ready to ask for another $1 trillion dollars for child care, health care and a litany of other left-wing wishes.  I wonder if this will call for another Senate rule change expanding the reconciliation rule, as this one will never pass the smell test with Republican Senators.

This will be over $4 trillion dollars that we don’t have, and we are only 3 months into his Presidency.  I wonder what our fiscal debt will be after 4 years of “Progressive” leadership?  How much borrowing is too much?  How much printing of worthless money can take place before our dollar is worthless? 

How does Biden say we will pay for all this spending?  Tax corporations much more, tax the “rich” much more, but supposedly it will not touch the middle class?  Corporations do not pay tax, they simply raise prices, lower wages, and lower investment in expansion and R&D to pay for the additional cost, which translates to higher prices, higher interest rates, and higher inflation, which is the hidden tax on the middle class, who will have to live with these changes.  Another unintended consequence to raising the corporate tax is that we will now be taxing these companies at a much higher rate than other international companies, putting them at a global trade disadvantage.  People making over $400,000 per year also contribute to the plight of the middle class, being that many of these people are small business owners who will also cut payrolls and business investment to make up for the higher tax, thereby squeezing the unskilled worker out of jobs.  This is bad policy intended to fund even worse policies, and it will hurt all of us, regardless of income. 

There are bills on the table that would damage States rights to regulate their own voting systems, which is a Constitutional right.  These bills, HR1 and S1would federalize all elections, and embed all the bad practices of the 2020 election into codified law.  It also contains provisions to make DC and Puerto Rico states, effectively making the USA a one-party state, as these two territories are heavily Democratic in their voting patterns, and we are evenly split right now along party lines. This may be a stretch, as it would have to have a 60 Senate vote consensus, but have no fear, the Democrat controlled Senate is designing a rule change to get rid of the filibuster, so they can jam it through without any Republican votes in an evenly divided Senate, with Kamala Harris as the tie breaker. 

Biden does not stop here!  Now he is putting together a commission that will give him and the Senate recommendations on how to pack the Supreme Court, the last bastion of protection we have from Progressive over-reach.  It is the Democrats design to blow up the court so that rulings will always favor them, cementing the one-party state throughout perpetuity.  They do not want a “balance of power”, but instead they are doubling down on getting permanent power over all of us. 

Are you missing Donald Trump yet? 


Woe to those who call evil good

and good evil.

Who put darkness for light

and light for darkness.

Who put bitter for sweet

and sweet for bitter.  Isaiah 5:20

Isaiah was a Hebrew prophet that lived in Israel in 800BC.  He proclaimed to be the prophet of warning from God to a Godless people.  The warning was that the Israelite’s had to have an awakening, a turning back from their evil ways to God, or God would not protect them from the Assyrians.  The “evil ways” were not terribly different from what is happening in America and for that matter the Western World.  There was a worship of riches over God, a broken value system that honored perversions and falsehoods over the word of the Lord, and a turning away from all that which is righteous.  People there still honored empty ceremonies of sacrifice to their God, but did not live a Godly life.  The rulers of Northern Israel were evil and treacherous, and had no use for their own creator. 

The Israelite’s did not listen to Isaiah, and the Assyrians conquered and destroyed Northern Israel, and scattered the 10 tribes (considered the lost tribes) all over their Empire, and they were absorbed into the greater Assyrian Society, and then Northern Israel was repopulated by Assyrians.  This is not only a bible story, but an accurate historical account.  The moral is once a nation turns away from the one true God, they are no longer under his protection.

In America today, Christianity and Judaism are under attack.  Church and Temple attendance is down, and the moral code in our country is gravitating to honor possessions rather than God.  Our elected officials are making executive orders and passing laws that go directly against the rule of God.  Late term abortions, and honoring those who would mutilate their bodies in a feeble attempt to change their sex is now being codified.  Teaching our children that there are over 64 different genders in public schools is a common practice.  Denigrating the white race, and teaching about toxic masculinity is the order of the day in our schools. Our President and the Democrat Party inviting Central Americans to traverse over 1000 miles through a dangerous Mexico to enter our country illegally, with many of them abused and assaulted by cartels is now commonplace.  Politicians robbing generations of Americans of their wealth with uncontrolled borrowing in the name of “social justice” is the order of the day.  Worshiping the environment over God is the political rule.  Valuing money over God is common practice.  Broken families are now a norm.

Like Israel in 800 B.C., we have turned away from our creator.  We also have a similar problem, and that is our enemies see that we now are weak in our path, and they are willing and able to take advantage of us losing our way.   Vladimir Putin is openly making fun of our weak and cognitively declining President.  He is now massing troops on the Ukraine border, and likely will attack any day.  China’s trade delegation openly disparaged our country when discussing issues with our new Secretary of State and his team.  China and Russia are doing joint military training exercises, and both countries are now allied with Iran, another enemy and the #1 sponsor of terror in the world.  All 3 of these countries have a vested interest in our destruction.  We are in a bad place, with no moral center, and with incompetent leadership devoid of any real spiritual substance. 

We need a Great Awakening, and we need one fast!  We need to find our way back to God, back to a life of righteousness!  We have done this here before, and we need to do it again.  If we do not, Isaiah may have been not only talking about the Northern tribes of Israel, but about us, the former “Shining City on the hill”. 


Throughout history poor leadership inevitably leads to a path of decline and destruction.  The Roman Empire in the west declined for many reasons, but one of the main ones was lack of leadership.  One example of poor leadership was the Emperor Nero, who famously fiddled while Rome burned.  He was famous for his debauchery and lack of concern for his citizens.  He represented a long line of ineffective leaders who eventually led to the dissolution of the Western Roman Empire. It got so bad near the end that citizens refused to fight for Rome, and mercenaries had to be hired for security.  Rome’s enemies saw firsthand the lack of leadership.    These mercenaries eventually were part of the invasion force of the Goths and Visigoths who finally put the Western Empire down.

The French Monarchy saw revolution and their own eventual demise for their lack of leadership.  King Louis XVI and his Queen, Marie Antoinette, were installed as rulers of France in 1774.  The monarchy inherited severe debt from their predecessors and a restless population that felt they were not treated well with this ancient feudal system.  They tried to press the King for substantive change, but the King resisted, and his lack of leadership at this crucial moment in time lead to revolution and the monarchies overthrow, and in time with both he and his queen were delivered to the guillotine.   A reign of terror followed, where many thousands of Frenchmen were sent to the same deadly fate.  It took years, and finally Napoleon Bonaparte’s coup to end the killings.

Great Britain in the 1930’s had a Prime Minister named Neville Chamberlain.  During this same period, Adolph Hitler came to power, his NAZI regime energized by the ending of WW1, followed by Germany’s surrender and the infamous treaty of Versailles.  This treaty in effect ruined any recovery for Germany from this devastating war by gutting their treasury for many years and hobbling them economically and militarily.  Hitler took advantage of this terrible situation to rise to power with the idea that Germany would take over Europe and eventually the world.  Prime Minister Chamberlain and other European leaders, remembering the horrors of the last war, took on the position of appeasement with Hitler, allowing him to take over Czechoslovakia and other territories unopposed.  Their weakness drove Hitler to believe that they would do nothing to stop his plans for future expansion, driving the appeasers and eventually the rest of the world to war.  Once again, Germany lost, but not before millions lost their lives, and the Western European powers lost their Imperial dynasties. 

Weakness is recognized by evil.  Terrible events happen when evil is on the march, and their target is always the same, weakness.  The Roman Empire fell from their own weakness.  The French Monarchy did the same, and Western European countries were essentially destroyed and their colonies were lost because of their weakness.  Weakness breeds evil response, and evil only succeeds when they take advantage of that situation.  It has happened throughout human history, and I have given you several examples of that.  

That brings the conversation to the USA today.  We have a weak, doddering President, obviously controlled by others unseen.  He has made in his first 50 days, unprecedented executive orders that weaken us as a nation, not only in our eyes, but in the eyes of the international community.  He is signing into law bills that further denigrate our society, dividing us into even more sub-groups of victimization.  Our international enemies see this, and so do our allies.  Our allies no longer trust the leadership coming from Washington, and our enemies see an unprecedented opportunity to dethrone us from our leadership position in the world.  The world is an exponentially more dangerous place now than it was just a few short months ago. 

Vladimir Putin is now mocking Joe Biden.  The Chinese delegation that met with our top diplomats in Alaska publicly dismissed them and mocked our country as a flawed enterprise.  Iran has snubbed Biden’s overture to rejoin the past nuclear agreement, and other enemies are following suit!  Not only that, but our allies are having second thoughts about our veracity.

Yes, we are in the midst of very dark, dangerous times. We appear very weak as a nation, and that is an invitation for disaster. The left, at least temporarily have operational control of our government and the direction of our nation. We have to pray that we do not get into a war, or have irrevocable damage to our form of government. Prayer alone is not enough, we as a people have to resist by insisting that our representatives, nationally, statewide and locally honor their sworn duty to our Constitution. We also have to find better candidates for the 2022 election and beyond to insure that this weakness never rears its ugly head again here in this greatest country that has ever existed!