I am going to focus on Great Britian and America in this essay.  There are parallels that we as Americans need to consider historically. Why?  It is because if history is not understood and heeded, the same mistakes that took down the British Empire is likely to give us the same result.

Great Britain’s roadmap to Socialism started with the Fabian Society.  This group was formed at the London school of Economics in January 1884. This group consisted of economists, and well-known poets and authors including George Bernard Shaw.  Most of these men were personally tutored by Karl Marx in London before his death in 1883, and were convinced that the best way for society to evolve would be through Socialism.

They formulated their platform through essays.  Those documents were called the Fabian essays.  They highlighted their thoughts about the evils of Capitalism and the overriding benefits of Socialism.  They believed that Socialism provided for economic and social justice, whereas they did not believe that Capitalism did so.  In their minds Capitalism put to many riches into too few hands, with the vast majority of the public suffering for the greed of the owners of capital. The end game was to not only change Great Britain’s economy to Socialism, but to eventually put together an international order where the entire world would have equitable social and economic outcomes. Does any of this start to sound familiar to you?

Their “coat of arms” was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but that was later dropped due to unpopular connotations.  They believed that a strategy of incrementalism was in order, so that slowly but surely over decades, the system could be changed without causing any social unrest.  They formed the Labor Party, and embarked on a patient journey for gradual and permanent change.  They wanted free health and dental care, and they got that.  They wanted the government to own major corporations, and they got that.  They wanted the government to take over rental properties, including single family homes, and they got that.  They also got millions more government employees running these efforts, and ruined what otherwise would have been a vibrant post WW2 economy.  What they got instead was economic and social malaise, and eventually Margaret Thatcher, who embarked on an effort to change all the damage that these Socialists had done.  Starting to look more like something we are going through right now? 

Yes, we are incrementally going the same way Great Britain did.  We are seeing some of the same mistakes.  Socialism is a losing proposition, but one that captures the imagination of those that are not students of history.    If one does not embrace history, they are doomed to repeat the misfortunes that others have in the past. 

2024 is key to rescuing ourselves from the malaise of Socialism.  We need a drastic change in political leadership, and also need to eliminate politicians that are pressing for social and economic change that would destroy our country.  Vote for your lifestyle, vote for your pocketbook, vote for your family, vote for God and Country, and vote for those that will embrace the Constitution and free markets.  We must, otherwise we may be seeing the end of this great experiment.  If we lose, we will have to fight twice as hard to get back what we have lost!  Get out and vote people, and vote wisely!

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