The hallmark of the American justice system is the concept of “Equal Justice under the law”.  This means that all citizens are expected to obey the laws of the land, and those that do not are treated equally under our justice system.  This is a concept that sets our system apart from all others.  It was embedded in our constitution so that we would be a nation of laws, not just of men. 

The phrase “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW” is engraved in front of the Supreme Court building.  It is there because this concept is the backbone of our Judicial system.  The 14th Amendment of our Constitution addresses this concept in detail, and the Supreme Court has upheld the concept without fail for over a century. 

Something has gone wrong!  It seems that in the last decade, the concept has been eroding.  Just look at rulings from the 9th circuit court, the Trump “collusion and obstruction investigation” and the numerous lives ruined in this corrupt process, and the exoneration of Hillary Clinton in the face of her felonious activities.  It seems that if your connected you can literally get away with anything, but if you’re on the wrong side of the Progressive movement, you will suffer egregiously! 

This lopsided broken justice system needs to be fixed, and it needs to be fixed immediately.  Jussie Smollett needs his case to be reviewed by the Illinois Supreme Court and brought back to trial.  Prosecutor Foxx and her team need to be held accountable and charged for subverting justice.  In like fashion, all those that were complicit in exonerating Hillary Clinton need to be held accountable, as do all those that were responsible for the illegal and disastrous Trump Collusion and Obstruction investigation.

The stakes are just too high!  Our system needs to be fixed.  If it is not addressed and soon, the whole Justice system we count on for our society will crumble.  If we cannot count on equal justice, the American way of life is doomed.  Our nation cannot withstand this judicial anarchy.

In our country, “Equal Justice under the law” is not optional!  It is mandatory and needs to be upheld at all costs.  We need to bring order back into the system, and we need to do it now!


I find it interesting that people are looking at the Mueller investigation as a separate event.  It was not, it was a part of a larger political shift that went awry.  That political shift started 11 years ago when a dark horse, a Manchurian Candidate was presented to the American people.  That candidate was Barack Obama, a one term Senator that came out of nowhere.  A half black, half white metro-sexual that took the political scene by storm, with slick marketing and a vague message of hope and change that somehow resonated with the majority.  He promised to “Fundamentally transform our system” and somehow that message was candy to our ears.  We did not hear any explanation for the change he was to pursue or the transformation he had in mind.  We were wrapped up in electing the “First black President”, a moment in history that as a society we could not pass up.  With few exceptions the media was extolling his virtues and money came roaring in to his election coffers.  Before we could catch our breath, we had a new President, one that was set on giving us something new and shiny, change and transformation that he had promised.

We were told to ignore the fact that his mother was an atheist and a leftist, his grandparents were leftists, and he was mentored by the likes of Bernadette Dohrn and Bill Ayers, both Weather Underground terrorists and Communist leaning leftists.  He was also mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a known Communist radical.  We also were told that his relationship with the Reverend Wright, a USA hating leftist preacher was nothing to worry about.  We were told that he was a Democrat, and not someone that ran for state office in Illinois as a member of a Marxist new party, affiliated with ACORN.  There were many other warning bells ringing, but the MSM’s ignored them and we were told they amounted to nothing.  We now had this man in the office of the President of the United States, and he was all about bringing his promise of change and transformation to bear.

Fast forward 8 years.  The 2016 election is here.  President Obama has come to the realization that our government with its 2-party system and checks and balances is a tough cookie to transform.  It seems that each time he attempts to do something big, it is like pushing on a giant glob of jello, where it moves, but when the pressure is lifted, it bounces back to where it was in the first place.  It is apparent that it will take more than the 8 years he has had to do this “fundamental transformation”.  He needs to have a backup plan, and that plan is to give Hillary Clinton, a fellow Progressive the blessing and support to become the 45th President of the United States. 

Hillary is now running for President, and has the most money anyone has ever had to make this run.  Everything seems in place for her.  She even has wrested control of the DNC and uses that to effectively kill any competition in her own party.  She buries her nearest competitor, Bernie Sanders, with dirty tricks and so called “SUPER DELEGATES” that she lobbies in advance for their support, insuring she gets the Democrat nomination.  In most everyone’s minds, she is a shoo in to become the next President.

Something unexpected happens.  Instead of having a run of the mill Republican as her competitor for President, along comes Donald Trump, a billionaire that is not part of the political system, someone that does not have allegiance to anyone except the American people.  Someone that cannot be bought off, someone that cannot be controlled in any fashion.  The race is on, and all the rules have changed.  She is now in the fight of her life, a fight that she is destined to lose. 

She commissions a fake dossier from Fusion GPS, who hires Christopher Steele to work with the Russians to create this damning document accusing DJT of crimes that make him vulnerable to Russian influence if elected.  It also questions his moral center, implying that he is not fit for office.  The dossier is disseminated to all 16 intelligence agencies of the Federal Government and eventually the media, and is used to open up a counter-intelligence investigation against the Trump campaign.  This costed the Clinton campaign and the DNC millions of dollars, and was the hope that DJT could once and for all be damaged beyond repair. 

The Obama Administration, meanwhile, did everything within its power to eliminate any problems with Hillary’s various crimes.  Using the FBI and the DOJ, Hillary’s use of an unprotected private server for even Top Secret messages, her destruction of 30,000+ damning e-mails, destroying electronic devices and wiping out the hard drive on her personal server were forgiven.  In an unusual and illegal pardoning, James Comey, Director of the FBI actually made a public statement that there was nothing there, no illegal activity on the part of Hillary’s use of the server and destruction of e-mails and devices.  We were told by James Comey “that no charges are appropriate in this case.”  He did not have the authority to make such a statement, that was the purview of the Attorney General alone, but it was left to stand by the Obama Administration. 

It seemed the fix was in.  Trumps campaign was sullied by the fake dossier.  Intelligence agencies were monitoring his campaign with everything at their disposal.  FISA warrants were pulled and spies were inserted into his campaign to find damning information and to disrupt the campaign itself.  Hillary still had more money than Trump, and she was advertising at a rate that was never seen before.  The smart money was betting on her victory, a bet that was active until the last second of the election!

The American people were tired of the false promises of Obama.  We knew that Hillary would just be an extension of his lies.  To the surprise of the political pundits, Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States.  There was shock and dismay on the left.  How could this happen?  They needed another plan.  A plan that would at best take this new President out, or at least insure that he would not be a 2 term President.  The insurance policy that they came up with was the Mueller investigation.  Surely, he with 12 seasoned partisan lawyers and 40 FBI agents, with an unlimited budget would find something, anything that would put this President, this big mistake down. 

That brings us to present.  In spite of their efforts they could not find any chargeable offense with the Trump campaign or the President.  They made the effort, even ruined many people’s lives trying to get them to give up something, anything disparaging about the President, but to no avail.  The irony is that their effort to put this President down has given him one of the greatest gifts he could hope for.  They gave him his honor back, and a big tool for him to use to guarantee a 2nd term!  It is interesting to note that when good men stand up to evil, they more often than not are the winners.  Our President is a winner.


The glue for any nation is its citizens.  A nation’s citizens are those that embrace the values of the nation.  They understand what constitutes the very essence of their nation, and are willing to stand and if necessary, suffer the ultimate sacrifice so that their fellows can live in the nation that they so love.  Every citizen is entitled to the rights and privileges of their citizenship, and they understand how valuable those rights are. 

In our nation each citizen has the obligation to understand the constitution that sets down the rules that we live by.  This document stands out above all others, and insures our liberty and freedom, and sets limits to what the role of government is in our private lives.  It is the document that has catapulted us beyond all other nations.  It is truly the reason why our nation stands alone in its greatness, both internally and on the world stage.

Our country has always been open to those from the outside.  Those that came here historically have come because they understood that we stood for liberty, freedom, and the right to pursue happiness based on their own efforts.  They knew that in America, everyone owns the fruits of their labors, and that there is an absolute right to buy and own your own property.  When they came, they knew that they would be required to embrace our laws, defend our nation, askew any other allegiance to another nation, and most importantly to learn and embrace our Constitution.  They also knew that to be American is to speak English.  This is what people did to become American, and yes, our country is the only one in the world where anyone with the right attitude has the ability to be one of us.  This cannot be accomplished anywhere else. 

Over the years the idea and the value of citizenship has been eroded. Many people now come here illegally.  They do not come for liberty, freedom, or the right to buy or own property.  They do not come here to become an American.  They come here because of our broken immigration laws, knowing we will let them in illegally and our social welfare system will take care of them from cradle to grave.  They do not embrace the value of being American, they keep their own national identities, their own languages and customs, even flying their own flags when invading our borders.  They are the anthesis of what our ideal immigrant has been.  They are no longer expected and pushed to be an American in the traditional sense, but once here, they are here to stay, and with anchor babies and chain migration, they become a larger, and a very parasitic part of our society. 

We also have a broken educational system.  Our primary and secondary public schools no longer teach students about Americanism.  Instead of reinforcing young minds to the greatness of America, teaching civics, how our government works for the people and the Constitution that is to guide them in that governance, they are taught about the evils of American society.  They are taught about slavery and how our nation held onto that horrific institution.  They are lessoned in how Americans stole their country from Indians and Mexicans.  Instead of being educated in the virtues of Capitalism, Socialism is embraced as the economic system that promotes fairness and equality.  They are indoctrinated in anti-Americanism.  They are falsely told that the rest of the world is more honorable and just than we are.  This has created generations of people that no longer value American Citizenship, people willing to tear down what we have to emulate the rest of the world, a fallen world that cannot compare to the advantage of being American.  They have not been educated to be citizens, they have been educated in anarchy.

With our broken immigration system, the devaluation of citizenship, and our broken educational system, we find ourselves in an unenviable position.  We find ourselves with some people in power that do not value our country or its values.  We have generations of pseudo-citizens that do not know the value of what we have, and listen to these new leaders when they discuss Socialism, Social Justice, and righting the wrongs of America.  We have the very illegal aliens that have come to our country for their “free ride” voting illegally with the nod of approval from these new leaders and pseudo-citizens, voting for Socialism and the destruction of our society.  We find ourselves in an untenable position, where our negligence has led to the possible overthrow of all that is American.

If we are to take our country back from the brink of extinction, we need to protect our borders, not only with a wall, but with laws that discourage illegal aliens from coming.  We need to close the loopholes that make it possible for them to come and live off our largess.  Not only eliminating loopholes they exploit to come in, but to eliminate any possibility for them to enjoy social welfare that they have never contributed to.  We need to strengthen our citizenship requirements, not only for those born here, but for those that wish to be American.  We need to come back to basics, or we soon will be just another failed nation in the annals of history.