We all should be worried.  Everything that our society has held dear is now in jeopardy.  The fundamentals that have brought the USA and Western Civilization to unprecedented wealth and influence is rapidly waning.  Instead of finding improvements on this model, people in power are finding ways to destroy it.

Climate change is one of the biggest drivers.  This narrative preaches that if we do not eliminate CO2 from our planet, all life will be destroyed.  To accomplish this goal, all carbon-based products, including energy sources must be eliminated.    We are now telling 3rd world countries that they must help us save the world by only using green energy.  Problem is that to date the only energy source that is inexpensive and dependable is carbon based.  In effect, we are telling these countries that they cannot modernize.  We are also on a path to degrade our own economy and limit our freedom of movement by embracing the Climate Change narrative.  We are told we must go to electric vehicles to eliminate Climate Change.  Problem is, electric vehicles do not have the range needed, and use too much electricity when charging, which would take place at night, when solar and wind power is basically non-existent.  To add to the problem, we do not have an electrical grid that could handle all cars and trucks using electricity, and there seems to be no plans to replace grids

We now are embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion(DEI) as the wave of the future.  No longer are people promoted by their own efforts, but by the color of their skin.  Even corporations are embracing this thought, and are now being rated by their own Environmental and Social Governance scoring (ESG).  In effect, these businesses are compelled to embrace the climate change narrative and DEI in how they maintain their organizations to keep their standing with large capital investment blocks like Vanguard and Black Rock.  These non-financial factors do not increase profits for investors, but rather hampers these organizations from their primary duty, to create income and value for stockholders. 

We are not allowing energy companies to explore for oil and gas.  Even though “Green Energy” is not a real solution, we are ignoring what is.  We have some of the largest reserves of oil and gas in the world, yet we now are dependent on countries that do not like us for this life giving fuel source. 

Our southern border is wide open, and we have let at least 8-10 million illegal aliens have crossed this border without consequence.  In fact, they have been invited in by the Biden Administration.  The EU also effectively has open borders, and those countries for the most part are being invaded every day with immigrants from Northern Africa and the Middle East.  All of this is causing a very potent demographic twist to the population of Western Countries, and not a shift that bodes well for the future. 

BLM and ANTIFA have taken their toll in our larger cities.  Rioting, looting, burning, and at times killing, destroying these cities inner cores. These organized rioters for the most part go unpunished.   All the while these same cities have defunded their police forces. 

The FBI, CIA, IRS, and other alphabet agencies weaponized by the left, now going after Conservatives for not complying with the left’s preferred narratives.  January 6th protestors still languishing in jail for years without trial, and those that have gone to court given lengthy prison sentences.  Our DOJ calling them insurgents because they protested what was obviously an unfair and rigged Presidential election. 

Unsustainable Federal deficit spending, and no end in sight!  We are now at 33+trillion dollars in debt, and the Biden Administration wants a budget that would embrace future deficit spending at the same unsustainable rate.  This will not end well.  If we stay on this path, we will bankrupt the country and put us into a depression.  Right now the dollar is the benchmark for international transactions, but once bankrupt it will be unseated bringing even more economic calamity not only on us but on the rest of the world. 

In short, we are seeing social and economic chaos throughout the world.  Most of this chaos is pointed at Western Democracies, especially the USA.  I do not see any of this as incidental.  This has the appearance of a well thought out plan by the left to bring Western Civilization to its knees.  WEF, the UN, and other international agencies are not hiding that they want to destroy nationhood, and bring the world together in Socialist Utopia.  They cannot get their dream if Western nations are left intact.  Problem is that Socialism does not work, and there will never be Utopia for any of us while we are alive on earth. 

Western Society, especially here in the USA is rooted in a vision of the world.  A big part of that vision is openness, but that same openness is not the same as moral agnosticism.  We have as a society a moral center, and that needs to be embraced!

In order to defend ourselves, we need to be loud and clear about our beliefs.  There should be no mistaking the fundamental values that we hold dear, those values that our Constitution embraces.  We must vote for those that also hold our Constitution dear.  Not only vote, but campaign, poll watch, and donate to their campaigns.  If we do not take an active role, those elitists that are bent on destroying our civilization will win, and we cannot let that happen.  We need to step up so that future generations can enjoy the same freedoms and access to opportunity that we were blessed with!  Evil will not give up without a fight, and neither should we.  We can win this, but we must fight!


  1. George you make good points but please be fair in your critique of our political establishment. Both side have taken their eye off of the challenges you cite and are only focused on control and power.

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