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For over 2 years, Adam Schiff had been the darling of cable news.  He was on hundreds of times on CNN, MSNBC and legacy news channels like CBS, ABC, and NBC.  His message was simple and to the point.  He claimed that President Trump was illegitimate.  He stated time and time again that the President colluded with the Russians to deceive the American people to steal an election that he did not deserve to win.  He would also state that the President is a stooge of Putin’s and deserves to be impeached.  Further, he continuously stated that he was in possession of incontrovertible evidence of this collusion, but cannot make it public until the Mueller investigation is over. 

The Mueller investigation is now over, and unfortunately for Adam Schiff, there was no collusion, and Adam Schiff has now been silent over his claims of having personal evidence of that crime.  His narrative has been totally debunked.  He lied to us for over 2 years, but apparently his lies are going to be unpunished and forgotten.  In fact, he is now chair of the House Intelligence Committee, a position that puts him in the forefront of the new Impeachment inquiry.  How convenient. 

He is now the official face of the Democrat push to impeach the President.  They are pushing for impeachment on the basis of the transcript of the recent conversation the President had with the new President of the Ukraine.  In fact, Schiff and the Democrats announced the inquiry for impeachment before they even had the transcript available to read, based on 2nd hand information in a complaint by an alleged whistleblower who apparently is a low-level CIA employee, who had no direct contact with the phone call in question.  The Washington Post breathlessly wrote “so troubling that it prompted an official in the US intelligence community to file a formal whistleblower complaint.”

Once the transcript was made available to the public, it became apparent that the phone call was for the most part innocuous, not in any way rising to the level of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors”.  In other words, it did not constitute an impeachable offense.  That did not deter the Democrats or Adam Schiff.  Last Thursday on live television, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff had news conference to inform the American people just how evil the President is, and that they are proceeding forthwith into an expedited impeachment inquiry.  Adam, in full glory, even read into the record an utterly fabricated statement from President Trump to the President of the Ukraine.  This fabrication highlighted a false narrative that gave credence to the impeachment inquiry, but had no basis in fact.  He later, when questioned about it, stated it was a parody, not to be taken seriously, but the damage was done, and the false narrative embraced by CNN, MSNBC, and the legacy news channels.

Once again Adam Schiff is in the driver’s seat with a false narrative that has the potential to damage the President’s re-election chances.  He is their best propagandist, and will do whatever he can to bolster the impeachment argument with as many lies as he thinks the American public will stand.  Stay tuned for more of his public television appearances bolstering false narratives of impending impeachment. 

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