Adam Schiff News Pictures Of The Week - November 29

After close to 3 years of multiple investigations, the Russian Collusion narrative proved to be a red herring.  The Democrats held out hope that the Mueller report would change that, but it was a bomb, pointing out that the collusion narrative did not have legs.  Not willing to give up, the Democrats subpoenaed Robert Mueller with the hope that a personal interview would give them something, anything they may use to impeach our President.  Instead, he gave them nothing more than even less reason to impeach, and Mr. Mueller’s poor performance even put his lengthy and costly investigation in a very poor light, with Mueller stating there was no collusion, and not even giving them any ammo on the backup narrative of “obstruction of justice’. 

Now fast forward to the latest attempt to impeach.  The same Democrats were jubilant that the President was caught in a phone conversation that appeared to give them the information Mueller did not, a reason to impeach the President.

A CIA agent was the whistleblower.  This agent pointed out that the President asked the new Ukrainian President to “interfere in our upcoming election” by investigating the Biden family.  He pointed out that the “quid pro quo” was the military assistance that our President temporarily withheld allegedly for reasons of possible Ukrainian corruption weeks earlier.  The Democrats felt that they finally got him, and that it was imperative for them to impeach DJT as soon as possible! 

The thought process was that this is the perfect situation for them to pursue impeachment in the election year.  Since the conversations between heads of state are always classified and not available for public consumption, they could have the likes of Schiff and Nadler make up volumes of damaging narratives about the President and this phone call without any possible way to verify.  The whistleblower would also be protected, with identity and content of the complaint held in indefinite abeyance.  They felt that this was the only way that they could win back the Presidency, as their candidates are too weak to do it on their own.  This, in their minds was the “perfect storm” to sink the Trump candidacy! 

There were many unintended consequences to their new narratives.  First, in order to be a “whistleblower” one would have to be part of a bureaucracy where crimes were committed, and the alleged criminal would have to be part of the same organization.  Further, the evidence would have to be “first hand”.  In other words, the whistleblower would have to have seen the crime himself.  Unfortunately, the information in the complaint was second hand hearsay, and obviously the complainant was not a witness to the alleged crime, and did not have access to the phone call transcript.  Further, since the alleged criminal was our President, he did not qualify as being a part of the intelligence agency whose member originated the complaint, thereby making the complaint useless, and the complainant’s status as a whistleblower “null and void”.

Still, the Democrats charged forward on their investigation to impeach, but another unintended consequence happened.  DJT declassified the phone call transcript and made it available to the public.  As read, there was nothing remotely criminal about the conversation.  A case could be made that our President should not have asked for help investigating the Biden’s past corruption, but the request does not rise to the level of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors”.  At most, it pointed out that the President was indiscrete when asking for investigatory assistance. 

Shortly after, the transcript of the actual complaint was declassified and released.  It showed definitively that it was inaccurate, second hand, and politically biased.  This made the case for impeachment impossible to justify, but the Democrats soldier on with their efforts to do just that, impeach the President. 

Another unintended consequence of the Democrats embracing the phone call as the reason for impeachment was that it effectively killed the Biden presidential bid.  It brought to light the criminality of his own “quid pro quo” activity while he was the Vice President, resulting in the firing of the prosecutor investigating the same company where his son was making $50,000 per month as a member of their board.  Biden withheld 1.5 billion dollars in aid until the prosecutor was fired, and he was fired hours after the firing demand.  This showed that the only “quid pro quo” was done by the Democratic front runner, thus eliminating him from the presidential run.

It is apparent that they hope to burden us with their false narratives right up to election day in the hope of wearing us down with their manufactured drama.  They are hoping beyond hope that they can fatigue the President’s base to the point where they will be “absent without leave” on election day.  It is their only hope to succeed, but they have not taken one prescient fact to task, and that is they are actually energizing President Trump’s base to vote “en masse”! As a footnote, an additional $15 million dollars has rolled into the President’s re-election fund since the start of this new impeachment process!

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