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There has been much debate about guns recently, with mass shootings and many deaths in Texas.  The Democratic Presidential candidates have all come to the conclusion that the problem is guns, and their solutions run from total confiscation to a mandatory buyback of semi-automatic rifles.  They believe that if they can get guns that fire rapidly off the street, then the problem is solved. 

Our President has indicated that the problem is not guns, but a serious mental health issue.  He believes that disturbed individuals should not be afforded the opportunity to purchase firearms and ammunition, and that the state should do more with government sponsored treatment for the mentally impaired. 

It takes people to shoot guns.  Guns are inanimate objects that can do nothing by themselves.  Without people, guns are useless and benign.  Our President is onto something, and that is mental health.  However, mental health will not be achieved with any state sponsored program.  Mental health is something that can only be achieved by persons with a moral center, and the institutions that promote moral centers, our churches and synagogues, are losing the battle. 

Our society is changing fast, with the younger generations ignoring God.  In 1986 10% of young people declared that they did not follow a religion or believe in God.  Today, it is 40% of Millennials that do not believe in God (as reported by the Religious News Service 6/26/2018 article).  In addition, the vast majority of mass shooters were either fatherless, or had fathers that did not live at home.  They also are Millennial’s, or close in age to them. It is a fair assumption that broken families, not held together by God’s word, is a major reason for this phenomenon.  Without a cohesive family, based on the Judean/Christian ethic, these young people feel lost and alone, and they have no moral center to fall back on.  This is what drives them to do these nefarious acts, and this trend will not stop until we as a society do something to curb this societal trend.  

We need to have another religious enlightenment, favoring the word of our God over the word of Progressive governance.  Without that our country will be lost.   

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