Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer walk out of the White House after a meeting in Washington on Oct. 16. 

Leadership is tough. Often one has to make hard decisions for the betterment of the organization. Our President is in that position. Just like a CEO of a large company, a President is the final arbiter of USA policy. He at times makes decisions that do not sit well with at least some other politicians, and for reasons other than logic would suggest. Politics is an ugly profession, and that ugliness is on graphic display today.

The President ran partly on the promise to end the “endless wars” we seem to be endlessly engulfed in. He is honoring that promise by pulling out special operations forces out of Northern Syria, with the eventual plan to get all of our military out of Syria permanently. He rightly considers this part of the world, with centuries of hate behind them and the prospect of centuries more of the same, a particular area where there is little to no hope of finding a peaceful solution. He is right about this, and there is no logical reason for us to continue down the same road, expecting different results rather than the failures we continually derive from our presence there.

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat followers in the House, people that up until now were firmly against military action of any kind, are now cynically using the pullout for political gain. They now present themselves as “hawks”, and condemn the President for “destabilizing” the region, a region that has been perennially destabilized throughout history. This attempt to use the Presidents decision against him is just another of their current tactics to speed him along to impeachment in the House.

The debate on the pullout will be in the news and later in the history books. Talking heads will expound on the worthiness of the move, some agreeing with the President, and others siding with Nancy Pelosi’s minions in condemning the effort. History will have the final say in the matter, and the present and future in the region will have to play out for that story to be written.

Make no mistake about it. Nancy Pelosi and her minions were elected to represent their districts. Our President was elected to represent all of us. Pelosi was elected by the lunatic fringe in the San Fransisco Bay area, and from all accounts she does an exemplary job of representing them, but she is not speaking for the vast majority of American citizens. Her toxic narrative is designed to take a duly elected President down, and in no way is representing the best interests of the United States. She and her followers should be ashamed, and as voters, we all should remind them of that shame in the 2020 election cycle.

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