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A 4 year attempted coup, finally accomplished with a stolen election. A radical takeover of the Capital building, and now 4 dead and dozens of DC police injured. Democrats now holding all power in the Federal government, with our freedom on the line. It truly is a dark and bleak January!

We have a lot of problems that will be hard to fix with what amounts to a 1 party Federal government, but all is not lost. Sadly, we will be suffering through 4 years of a Biden/Harris regime that is moving hard to the left, but there is a silver lining. With our election system in tatters, destroyed by those that want to transform America, this new regime will be tainted with the general knowledge that they are illegitimate, and as time goes on, that illegitimacy will come to full light.

In Washington, it will still be very hard for the Biden regime to pull off some of their most radical schemes, with the Senate at 50/50, and at least 10 Democrat Senators that are centrists. If McConnell can pull it off and reach over to the other side of the isle convincingly, he can hold off some of the lefts most damaging dreams of transformation. That, however, is not the best news!

As a Republic, the States are granted more power than the Federal government over much of our political lives. That power is absolute, and it includes insuring that elections are fair and accurate. We have seen that our elections are not, and it will be up to states, not the Federal government to fix this defining problem, and up to us to push our state and local officials to get that job done. Politics has always been a local issue, and that has not changed.

We will survive the next 4 years, just as we have done throughout our history. Much can be done to make our country a better place, and that starts locally. Get active politically, embrace local elections as you have never done before. Run for office if you can, and if you cannot, campaign for those that hold similar values to your own. Insure that you are heard where you live, and make your town a better place. Make your county and then your state a better place, and focus on the end game, to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”!

Remember, politicians do not have power, unless we give them the power that each and every one of us have. If we do not give them that which is ours to give, they have nothing. Nothing is lost, unless we just give up, and that is not what Americans do. Yes, the next 2 years will be rocky, but with a little luck, we will take back the Senate and the House at the midterms, and effectively neuter this illegitimate regime. Keep your eyes on the end-game, and never give up!

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