We are witnessing the systematic destruction of our duly elected President.  This is being perpetrated not only by a highly partisan special counsel that is looking into every aspect of Donald Trump’s life, but by state officials that are investigating his business, his charities, his personal and private acquaintances, and his family.  In the wings is a newly elected Democrat majority in the House of Representatives incentivized to investigate in tandem with these other prosecutors in order to make a case for impeachment.  This has nothing to do with “Russian Collusion”.  This has everything to do with implementing an actual coup on the office of the President by forces that desire to change the results of a legally certified election.  The will of the people be damned, these forces will do anything to eliminate Trump.

The hope now for them is that somewhere in the pile of investigations there is something that points to any wrongdoing.  Did he cheat on his taxes?  Did a family member make an unsavory business decision?  Did Trump use money from his charity for personal expenses?  Anything, no matter how small or insignificant will do.  Anything that will justify digging deeper into his life, digging deeper into the lives of those around him.  The narrative of possibilities may even be enough.  Keep the pressure up, and maybe impeachment won’t be necessary.  He might step down voluntarily.  He might lose his base as the investigations endlessly dig into what seems to be a boundless abyss of possible wrongdoings.  As a fallback, he might decide that it is not worth the trouble to run for a second term. 

This isn’t just about the President.  In effect, the ruling class is coming after us.  That’s right, they are coming after everything that gives us, the people power over them.  The Constitution according to the ruling class should be a living document.  In their minds, it is to restrictive on their power.  They tell us that the Bill of Rights is outdated, and that the Amendments are not indicative to the time we currently live in.  The First and Second Amendments are under withering attack.  They want to restrict free speech, and their desire to confiscate guns is never-ending.  New voters are coming by the thousands from Third World countries due to their “Open Borders” policy.  The balance of power in our country is shifting in fast order.  These new people are uneducated, unskilled, and will vote for the party that will give them benefits.  We are becoming a state that is increasingly governed by a ruling class that knows they need new votes to tilt the balance of power forever in their favor.  Make no mistake about it, they need to take our power, our freedom, in order to insure that they will rule us.  Trump is simply in their way.  That’s why he has to go. 

We as Americans, as a free people cannot stand by and do nothing but simply witness the destruction of our Republic.  Every freedom loving American needs to take a stand.  Democracies don’t fall apart, they are taken apart by people’s decisions.  We know what decisions are being made by the ruling class to take apart our system.  Will we make the decision not to anything?