connor betts

This is Connor Betts. We are told by MSM’s that this young man was a white nationalist. That is the narrative that they are peddling. They got one thing dead on! He definitely is a white male. They are also telling us that because he was a white nationalist he was prone to violence. Let’s take a look at his history to see just what kind of man he was, and what his possible motivation was for his killing spree.

His twitter account showed he had a deep interest in violence. He loved guns, owned at least 3 and shot at a local gun range frequently. He took dates to the range and taught them how to shoot. Having a deep interest in violence and owning guns is not necessarily an indicator that one would actually use weapons in mass killings. What was his trigger? Why did he do the deed? What in his past would have given his family, authorities, and friends insight that could have prevented this awful tragedy?

His interest in violence was not a recent acquisition. He kept a “kill and rape” list in High School that identified those he wanted to kill and girls that turned his overtures down that were deserving of violent rape. These lists were remarkably free of any racial bias, he was an equal opportunity hater. He was an intimidating bully in High School, without many friends. He also was turned in to the law authorities on several occasions for his violent behavior and his “hit lists”. In spite of this, he passed a background check in order to legally buy his weapons.

In High School, he was in a band called the “Menstrual Munchies”, a porno-grind band. Lyrics described violent rapes of innocent women, pornographic tunes tied to degrading women in all sorts of fashion.

His twitter account was rife with left wing postings! He was an ardent supporter of ANTIFA, and also admired and supported both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The user’s Twitter bio read: “he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / I’m going to hell and I’m not coming back.” One tweet used the hashtag #HailSatan. His twitter page showed he liked the El Paso mass shooting, but unlike that shooter, his admiration was just for the kill count, not for the racist underpinnings.

His profile is not one of a white nationalist, but of a very disturbed individual that lived at home with his family. His problems were very evident to all around him. He was turned into law enforcement numerous times, but nothing was done to treat his mental condition. This shows that there was a failure in the system, where he actually passed background checks in spite of all of his very obvious warning signs.

Once again we are given a narrative that does not hold up to the light of day. Connor Betts was not a white nationalist, he was mentally ill, prone to violence, and was never treated. His past problems were never on his record (possibly because he was a minor) and he legally purchased guns he never should have been allowed to own. There is a lot of blame here, with his family, current Ohio laws and law enforcement, but white nationalism was never in the picture.