George and Jenny McCullough are married with 5 sons and 4 grandchildren.  Both recently retired from their respective careers.  George was Director of Sales & Marketing at Epmar Corporation and a Navy veteran. Jenny was Technical Director of Vascular Surgery at Kaiser’s Baldwin Park hospital.  They live in Lakewood California and are looking forward to relocating to Dayton Nevada in the future.

Both George and Jenny have passionate interests in politics, travel and Animal Welfare.  On the political side, since retirement these two have attended political rallies, interviewing participants, taking pictures of the event and blogging on their findings.  George also offers his opinions on politics as it happens.  They both also have stories of dog rescues, and the people that abused their animals. They also love to travel, both by air and in their recently acquired RV, sharing with their readers various adventures.  With George’s writing and Jenny’s pictures, they create an interesting blog!

Enjoy!  Your comments are also appreciated!