This year so far has been very trying.  It starts out with an attempt to remove a duly elected President, without any real evidence that any wrongdoing had taken place.  After that failed, we were subjected to a virus from China that allegedly had the power to kill millions of us.  After that, we had a black man, George Floyd was murdered by errant police officers that then caused a nationwide spate of protesting, rioting, and killing of more innocents, followed by a worldwide reaction, causing riots and protests in major cities around the world.  What do all these events have in common?  What is the common thread to all these events?  Let’s see.

The impeachment was led by Democrats.  After the Mueller Report indicated no wrongdoing, they decided to impeach the President anyway.  They tried to do it with partisan witnesses that actually had nothing to add in the way of “high crimes and misdemeanors”.  There was drama, posturing, and an attempt to prolong the process for maximum political damage, but the Senate, controlled by Republicans quickly killed the effort when it reached them for a trial. 

Covid-19, the virus from China came to us shortly after the failed impeachment attempt.  At first, the WHO told us not to worry, but as trouble was brewing in China, and with the virus attacking Italy and other places on the planet, fear set in hard.  The President imposed travel bans on China and other affected areas of the world to stop the spread.  It hit us, and out of fear, the whole country, with the exception of a few states, shut down all business and told everyone to “shelter at home”.  We were using modeling from various sources that stated that if we did not shut down, millions would die.  The shut down extended from weeks to months, and our economy was torn up, with over 40 million out of work. 

We found out the models and the experts were dead wrong.  Looking at Sweden we discovered that “sheltering at home” was more dangerous than just protecting those in danger, older people with co-morbidities.  That did not deter blue states and cities that are Democrat run from keeping people at home, and killing their economies.  It now morphed from a strictly health issue to a political one.  These Democrat enclaves made the political calculation that if they shut down long enough to drive our country into a deep recession, that the President would take the blame, and their guy Biden would be the next President.  So far, that calculation does not look like it will play out, with citizens countrywide demanding their jobs and their lives back!

Now, George Floyd, a 7-time felon is murdered by errant police officers.  On a normal day, this would probably not make headlines, but with 40 million of us out of work, locked up in our houses, the country lit on fire!  A graphic video of his death struck a chord in every American’s heart!  Protesters hit the streets in many of our cities, and were followed by far-left groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter and most likely criminals released from jail on the pretense of stemming the tide of covid-19 infections in prisons around the country.  What started out peacefully turned into full-scale riots, stores looted, and people killed and injured in the process. 

All the while, our leftist media and Democrat politicians gave accolades to the protesters, downplaying the looting, rioting, and praising the protesters.  Soon after, far-left groups began protesting the George Floyd murder, complete with rioting and looting, in cities around the world.

What does all of this have in common?  Leftists, who want Donald Trump removed in order to achieve their dream of One World Government, and Socialism for all.  Our President has been identified as the one major obstacle they have in their way of achieving a Utopian society of their own design.  “America First” is a policy that goes against their grain, and they are trying everything that they can to stop him from being re-elected. 

These protests and riots are well organized, and appear to be adequately funded.  During the riots, ANTIFA has been labeled a domestic terrorist organization.  Black Lives Matter so far has not been labeled the same, even though their mission statement is very close to ANTIFA.  That is probably a political calculation not to also include BLM in the same category as ANTIFA, because in the black community they are held in higher regard.

Who or what organizations actually have funded these uprisings?  There has been a lot of speculation, but nothing concrete has come to the fore.  Speculation is that the Open Society Foundations, funded with 32 billion dollars by George Soros is actually behind this, but no concrete evidence exists pointing there.  Russia, China and other world governments that have a vested interest in getting rid of Trump may be the source of funding, but that too has not been shown to have any evidence of involvement.  One thing we do know, is this is not the end.  Something else is coming soon, and your guess is as good as mine!

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