Marx wrote about Communism in 1848.  Today Progressive leftists have decided to improve upon his work.  Marx thought that the Bourgeoisie (Upper Class capitalist property and business owners) would become too powerful and begin exploiting the Proletariat (poor working class).  This would foment a Revolution where the Proletariat would conquer the Bourgeoisie and collectively eliminate property rights.  At that point, there would be a Utopian society made up of people who would forever live in peace, sharing in the bounty that the Bourgeoisie had “stolen” from them.  Property ownership would not be necessary, as everyone would share and share alike, contributing to the collective with their own respective talents. 

Not withstanding that this Utopia has never been achieved, although tried all over the world, Progressives believe that the framework was faulty, and this time they will get it right!  Now let’s take a look at what they are changing:

  1.  The Bourgeoisie has been changed to white people.  White people, whether or not they actually realize it, promote White Supremacy, which holds down people of color (the new  Proletariat) from achieving equity in our society.
  2. White people need to be put in their place and taught to embrace their racism for what it is, the systemic system that exploits people of color.
  3. White accountability needs to happen, where the white race is put in their proper place, and all people of color are brought up to the position of equity in society that the white race had stolen from them. This implies that private property will be redistributed as public property in a more equitable fashion.
  4. This is the Communist Revolution of the 21st Century. 

We see this every day in the news.  Our military is required to embrace Critical Race Theory.  Our federal bureaucracy is required to do the same.  Mega-corporations are now hiring CDO’s (Chief Diversity Officers) to ensure that people of color are brought up to their proper place, and that white employees understand their new places in the organization.  Critical Race Theory has now been embraced by the largest teacher’s union in our country, and every public school is scrambling to implement this ideology into their Curriculum using SEL (Social Emotional Learning) as the tool to get this into the minds of children from 1st through the 12th grades.  There is a full-court press to get this done in the USA, with the Federal Government offering billions of dollars to public schools to get this job done.

Yes, we are in a Civil War, although for now it is a bloodless one.  The Progressive Left is using their time right now to push this agenda forward, as they know if they do not succeed the backlash will be the end of them as a political force.  The Biden Administration, and whomever is pulling it’s strings is in the forefront, and the estimated 168 members of congress that have affiliations to the Socialist and Communist parties, all of them identifying as Democrats, are in league with this movement. 

As Conservatives, we need to fight this movement at every corner.  We need to vote the leftists out of office and Republicans too that will not fight, fire leftist bureaucrats, and we need to take back our schools.  Start at the local level by going to your School District meetings and tell the board that you will not support their Marxist policies.  We also need to get people involved in the history of our country, the actual history, not the one put forth by those that would destroy us.  Americans need to know what makes America great, our Constitution, and stress the evil of Socialism/Communism!  We have a relatively short time to do this, through social media, through our voting, and through our pressure on elected patriots and school boards to push back against this movement that has the potential to destroy us.  If we do not, this Civil War will no longer end up bloodless, and I pray that never happens.  Last time it did, American lives lost topped over 600,000, and the population in 1865 was just 1/10th of our population today.  That equates to a modern loss factor of over 6 million people!  We cannot let this happen.  Socialism/Communism murdered over 100 million in the last century!  We cannot start this century with the same mistakes, and certainly not on our own soil!

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