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It is interesting how leftists are now rejoicing in Cohen’s plea of guilty to lying to congress about when the proposed business deal to put a Trump tower in Moscow was shelved. Instead of January 2016 it was shelved in June of 2016. So what?
There is nothing illegal about a candidate conducting business while running for office. At any point before the November 2016 election, it was perfectly legal and appropriate to run his business while running for office. Further, there is no law on the books that says a person cannot do business with Russia. In fact, American companies at that point in time regularly did business with Russia. Russia is an antagonist to us, but we are not at war with them.
I can only guess that the hope is on the left that something, virtually anything may be dug up on our President to somehow taint him before the 2020 election cycle. Russian collusion is dead, so maybe, just maybe Mueller might find something else in Trumps past to hang over his head. He certainly has tried his worst to find anything. He has hired partisan “pit bull” lawyers, ones that will stop at nothing to convict. So partisan are these lawyers that some even represented the Clintons, their foundation, and other leftist causes. They are working hard. They have ruined many lives, manufactured crimes to extract any type of damaging information, while hanging long sentences over the heads of those they target.
The shameful part of this whole process is that it is a sham. Instead of running a legitimate investigation, Mueller and his team are simply building a gallows, and manufacturing crimes that they hope will eventually give them the cover to put their noose around the Presidents neck. This is not how justice is supposed to work in this country. Justice in this country always presupposes innocence, and investigations are never conducted as a fishing exercise when no reasonable evidence of wrongdoing is evident. That is patently against our system of justice, and it is a travesty that all of us should take notice of. This is a kangaroo court, much like those found in current day China and Cuba.
The investigation was started on the premise that the dossier that was paid for by the Clinton election campaign had verified and damning information in it. That was patently false, and by now anyone with half a brain knows that. This is simply an effort to get Trump at any cost, including the destruction of our very own criminal justice system. This is a very sad time for our country, watching one of the most sacred tenants of our government perverted to serve the ends of partisan hatred. Every American should be concerned about this growing cancer, as it will eventually have an effect on all of us, and not in a positive way!

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