I have been taking time lately trying to get my head around why it does not appear that there is much public outrage about the scandals perpetrated on us by the previous administration. Why is it that Americans as a whole no longer seem to care that their government went out of control in the Obama Administration, and holdovers from that era are still perpetrating crimes right under the nose of the current administration. Except for Fox News, National Review and some bloggers, there seems to be little interest in finding truth, even though these scandals make Watergate look pale in comparison.

Is it the mainstream media propping up false narratives that deflect the meanings of these scandals? Is it that Americans actually agree with the what happened, see nothing wrong with an overreaching government? What is it that precludes our population from being indignant to the point of action when presented with facts?

So many scandals have hit us in the last 9 years, including but not limited to Obamacare, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservative groups, FBI spying on private citizens, the Clinton Campaign, along with the DNC colluding to insure that Bernie Sanders would not the the Democratic Presidential nominee by rigging the primary election. the Clinton Campaign colluding with the Russians to come up with a fake dossier to put the character of the Republican Presidential nominee in question, the Obama Administration working with the FBI to sabotage the new administration, and I could go on and on and on….  So many scandals, and nothing but lies to defend them, and no resolutions in sight.

Maybe it is a collective numbness, an attention deficit brought on by a non-stop barrage of scandals?  Maybe we have as a society been so traumatized that we cannot pay any more attention to this lawlessness?  Are we trying to ignore all the scandals to hold onto some form of sanity?  I hope not because if this is the case, our country is surely lost!

I pray that we come to our senses, and hold people accountable for their misdeeds. I have faith that we are basically a good people, and that truth will become evident and good will triumph over evil, but there is much evil to overcome.


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