Yogi Berra Remembered In Photos

The Russia collusion narrative was a flop.  The long-awaited Mueller Report brought to light exactly nothing.  That didn’t deter Nancy Pelosi and her fellows, they impeached the President anyway, without any convincing evidence of “High crimes and Misdemeanors”.  That didn’t go well, their case was thrown out by the Senate.  In short, not only did they not have any evidence, they effectively had no power.  Elections matter, and they did not control the Senate.

Now, Ruth Bader Ginsberg has passed away, leaving the President to pick yet another Supreme Court Justice.  The Democrats in Washington are at their wits end, bringing about threats, innuendo’s, protests at Senate Republican’s homes and at the Supreme Court itself.  They want to honor RBG’s final wish, that a new President pick her successor.  What they have forgotten, is that the President, and for that matter they themselves have sworn an oath to abide by and protect the Constitution.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi say now that they are going to use every arrow in their quiver to stop the President from making his selection.  They ignore that it is his Constitutional duty to make his selection and present it to the Senate forthwith.  They point to Obama’s selection right before his 8-year term was over, and how the Senate refused to even consider his choice.  They say this is a precedent, and the Republican Senate needs to live to that standard.  Somehow, they even say their fight is for the protection of the Constitution and our Republic, but its not.  They simply do not want another strict Constitutionalist on the bench, and their hope is that Biden will win and put a Progressive operative on the bench, and possible expand the bench to accommodate even more Progressives.  They have even threatened to make Puerto Rico and DC states to insure Democrat control of the Senate if the President fills RBG’s post.

Nancy Pelosi and her minions have even threatened to impeach the President again if he does his Constitutional duty, and to make it even more interesting, she also implies that Attorney General Barr may also be impeached on the same grounds.  What they seem to ignore is that they are powerless.  This Saturday the President will announce his selection, it will go to the Senate, and after a few weeks, once again the Supreme Court will be at full staff.  Dems, led by Kamala Harris will accuse the selectee of many things, even have witnesses to supposed crimes and moral turpitude, but in the end, it will just be a cynical hissy fit that will fade away once the final selection is made.

The impeachment has to go through the Senate, and it will never pass muster.  All their accusations, screaming, indignation’s, and allegations of wrongdoing will fall on deaf ears, and Donald J. Trump will once again be elected President, and the DOJ will bring light into the Russian collusion scam.  The Democrat Party is a pathetic shadow of what they once were, now powerless and mean. 

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