Pictures from the Los Angeles “March for Life” rally.

Selling pussy hats…
Seems pretty proud of her sign.
Capitalism at work!
Hollywood marching….
Where did she get that number?
Selling water to the masses!
More Capitalism!
Oh boy!

Socialist activism….
Sign party!
Took awhile to cook that slogan up!
What they really want, but most won’t say!
Another bright boy!
Seems like the NRA can do nothing right today!
Big turn out for Planned Parenthood supporters!
Young socialist in action!
A Liberal Progressive Socialist in action!
Communist Party sign….
Panning the crowd….
Children as pawns…
What an idiot!
Children holding parents signs…
Sikhs feeding the protesters for free!

Sign from small 2nd Amendment protester group!

Police keeping the Socialists from rioting on the 2nd Amendment supporters.

Police escorting 2nd Amendment supporters back to their cars.
Just what we need, a little race baiting!
Christian preacher accosted by old Communist women.
Police coming to the rescue of the preacher.

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