It’s only a matter of 2 days before the New Year sets in, and it is time to reflect on what 2019 brought to us. We have an economy that is on fire! Joblessness is at an all time low, and there are now more jobs than people looking for work. The middle class is getting the biggest raise overall in decades. The stock market is booming, and retirement accounts are bulging with newfound cash. In spite of a global downturn, we are growing our economy at about a 3% rate. In almost every measure, the United States has been better off in 2019 than any other time in recent history.

The “Swamp” is starting to drain. AG Barr and Special Prosecutor John Durham are days away from releasing their report on the biggest political scandal our country has ever seen. There will be indictments and prosecutions, and these lawmen are going to insure that this type of atrocity will never happen again. Our President is shrinking the entrenched bureaucracy by not replacing those that retire or quit for another job in the general marketplace. Still, there are swamp creatures that will not go easily, as the status quo continues to enrich them.

Dianne Feinstein’s husband stands to make up to 1 billion dollars on a real estate deal put together by Senator Feinstein herself. His company, CBRE is the sole agent for selling post office buildings that are no longer needed by the USPS. Many of these buildings are in prime locations in major cities. Without his wife’s lobbying, this deal would never have happened. God only knows how many other deals are lining the pockets of our entrenched politicians and bureaucrats?

With all of this good news, and with some of the bad, the only one that has actually suffered to date is our President. He is primarily responsible for most of the good news, but still, his opposition in Congress decided to Impeach him, without a crime! How’s that for injustice?

The New Year is laden with promise! The economy show no sign of slowing. Justice will prevail and the President will be exonerated in a Senate trial if Nancy Pelosi ever releases the articles of impeachment. The 2020 election is looming, and it promises to bring about much needed change in our political system. Congress just might sway back to the Republicans, and it appears that Donald Trump will continue as President!

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