Mr. Mueller spoke to us today.  In a nutshell, he cast a dark shadow over the Collusion theory, indicating that although there was not enough direct evidence present to indict, there could have been collusion, but that there was not sufficient evidence to actually make a charge.  With Obstruction, there was in his opinion a clear case for Presidential obstruction, but no charges were made because a sitting president cannot be indicted according to Federal law.  Then he made it clear that what he is speaking to is directly contained in his report, that he would not be making any more statements, but if required, would only refer to the report itself.   His speech was clearly a political statement, and he invoked the Congress to do their job.  It was an invitation to impeach, and Jerry Nadler will make sure that does happen.

The report has been out for weeks.  We all have had the opportunity to read it.  The first part, Collusion was a wet noodle.  It clearly pointed out that there was no collusion.  The second part, Obstruction, was a legal work of fiction, showing the President growing weary, and discussing with his staff ways to shut the “witch hunt” down once and for all.  None of that happened, and for political reasons, the “witch hunt” went on until its inevitable conclusion.  In effect, no Obstruction actually happened, but was considered by the President, a man unjustly accused of crimes that never happened.  A President aware that he was the target of a coup, who wanted to fight back, but had the realization that doing so would convince the public of alleged guilt to fictional crimes that would surely lead to impeachment, and one that may have even been supported in the Senate.  

The Mueller team clearly was formed to get the President, no other reason than that.  Even though they spent much time, treasure and effort to bring him down, there was nothing there for them to indict, nothing there for them to get their job done the way the swamp wanted.  Now, with the “Investigation of the Investigators” and the IG report on its way, its panic time in Washington, and that is exactly why Mr. Mueller spoke in public. 

The swamp desperately wants impeachment, and Jerry Nadler is a willing accomplice.  The House will impeach, and drag it out before the media until November 2020, hoping beyond hope that the public will have a tainted view of the President, and vote Democrat to actually get rid of him.  They know that impeachment is dead on arrival if it goes to the Senate, so instead it will be a “show trial”.  They are hoping that this circus will divert attention from other investigations that will be damning to the Democrats if the public pays attention.  With a compliant print and television media, they may be right, but I give the American public more credit for common sense than that.

The swamp is terrified that the truth will come out, and that truth could very well include indictments for many in the bureaucracy, including Mr. Mueller and his band of merry lawyers.  The Clinton Campaign and the DNC will also be threatened, as they were major players in the investigation and the coup.  Democrat Senators and Congressmen will also be implicated.  It will be an interesting run up to the 2020 election.  Fasten your seatbelts people, this is going to be quite a ride!

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