Monoclonal antibody infusions have had remarkable success in getting rid of covid-19 variants with infected people. The latest variant, omicron, can be eliminated in people with the beginnings of mild symptoms using just one of the 4 monoclonal antibodies now in production.  That one is called SOTROVIMAB.  The other 3 varieties available are effectively useless in fighting omicron. 

Since September, the Federal Government has taken over distribution of monoclonal antibodies.  In doing this they purport to eliminate shortages, but instead are creating them in some states.   Texas, in particular, and other mostly Red States, have suffered shortages because of the Feds way of distributing these antibody’s.  It seems that Blue states can have as much as they need, but states like Texas and Florida are held back on distributions for apparently political reasons.  See the numbers here:  https://www.phe.gov/emergency/events/COVID19/therapeutics/distribution/Documents/mabs-distribution-27Dec2021.pdf

Its looking like if your state is blue and complies, you can have your fill of these therapeutics, but if you’re a red state with people that will never comply, your mostly out of luck.  Texas will be given another distribution after the end of the year, but I for one bet that smaller blue states will be given much more based on their population numbers.

This is the Biden Administration’s way of punishing those that refuse to give up their liberty for a fleeting sense of safety.  Don’t take the jab, then you deserve to die!  This is the same administration that promised to eliminate the virus, but instead, they are milking it for all that it will give them for more power over us.  The only science here is “political science”, and Fauci is the godfather of this thinking!

The Biden Administration is still pushing so called “vaccines”, that are not really vaccines at all.  In order to put them in this category they had to change the actual definition of what a vaccine is.  Here is the definition as put forth by a medical professional: https://www.rxlist.com/vaccination/definition.htm  mRNA shots do not fit into this category, but with the new definition that allows that, they therefore are called “vaccinations”.  Instead, these shots are DNA modifying substances that are increasingly less and less effective, where those that have had the shots and boosters, still get sick, and still pass on the virus to others.  That begs the question as to why mandates are in place for shots that effectively do little to keep one healthy, and no one knows what the long-term side effects are, including the manufacturers.  In fact, they are given by the government a pass on any law suits that may happen in the future if it turns out that the side effects are damaging, and those damaging side effects like myocarditis are already killing people.  In fact, the original scientist that developed the first mRNA shots, advises against taking them!  Here is a video of the scientist and his thoughts on the matter! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E2UkhCWosg

One has to wonder how so many excellent therapeutics have been squashed or regulated by the Biden Administration, and how the shots seem to be the only answer from them forthcoming?  I say, follow the money!  Big Pharma must be putting a lot of riches into the hands of politicians that are supporting shots! 

It’s looking like a “RED TSUNAMI” this coming November for the mid-terms! If this happens, we need to press congress to impeach Biden. His conduct has been unconscionable in the last 11 months, especially with withholding treatments like monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutics from red states. This amounts to the likes of murdering his opponents, and he has to pay for that! Remember in November what has transpired in the last 11 months, and vote accordingly!


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