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The Supreme Court today did something very unusual.  They decided to take up the issue of citizenship on the upcoming census.  Why is that so unusual?  It is unusual because they are bi-passing the 2nd District Appeals court, a move that they have not done since 2004.  They did this because there is a very big constitutional question about how the census is being used.  The Trump Administration contends that not asking the question “Are you a citizen” inflates the numbers of people in Congressional Districts, people identified erroneously as legal citizens. 

There are between 20 and 30 million illegal aliens in our country.  There are over 37 million legal green card carrying aliens in our country.  That means there are somewhere around 60 to 70 million aliens in our country, none of which should be counted as people (citizens) in the census.  That is very important for a number of reasons, reasons that many American citizens are just now starting to understand.

There are 435 Congressional Districts today, with each one representing approximately 711,000 people.  These districts have the ability to elect 1 congressman per district.  Congressional districts also have a direct role in how the Federal largess is redistributed throughout our nation.  That includes funding for many social programs, infrastructure programs and a host of other programs in each district.  Every 10 years a census is done by the Federal Government to determine among other things, what the population of citizens is in each district, to determine where new districts should be formed, and where older districts with population decreases should be retired. 

Doing the math, there could be as many as 84 congressional districts just with the alien population as it stands today.  We know that many illegal aliens do not historically participate in the census, so it is unlikely that figure would stand.  Many legal aliens do.  Regardless, states with a high number of aliens of all stripes benefit from the count, with California alone it is estimated that between 5 and 8 Congressional Districts would be at risk if the alien population was not counted as citizens in the census.   New York State could lose as many as 5 seats.  New York alone would lose as much as 7 billion federal dollars, and California as much as 15 billion dollars.  The stakes are high for blue states that offer sanctuary to illegals, and they are horrified that the Supreme Court may rule that the citizenship question may be upheld!

Another reason to be concerned is that by allocating congressional districts according to aggregate population as opposed to the population of citizens, it gives aliens, those whose voices should not be heard at the ballot box a voice in the direction of our country. This is not only unconstitutional, but it is an affront to our political system. Our system is a Democratic Republic, where citizens alone are represented by elected officials. Nowhere in our Constitution is there a provision for foreign nationals to have a voice in the direction of our country. With the broken way the census is conducted, that is exactly what is happening now.

The ACLU is speaking up on this issue: “Adding a citizenship question to the census would cause incalculable damage to our democracy,” Dale Ho, director of the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, said in a statement Friday. “The evidence presented at trial exposed this was the Trump administration’s plan from the get-go.”  ACLU said the district court found that Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas face a “certainly impending” or “substantial risk of losing a seat” in the House and that numerous states would “lose funds from several federal programs” if the citizenship question is included. 

Nancy Pelosi issued a statement today, showing just how important this issue is. “The Census is a pillar of our democracy, ensuring that all are equally counted and represented.

“As the district court found, the Trump Administration’s efforts to add a citizenship question to the Census would obstruct Congress’s constitutional responsibility to carry out an ‘actual Enumeration’ of the ‘whole number of persons in each State’ and maintain oversight of this cornerstone of our democracy, according to the Commerce Department’s own administrative record and calculations.  It found further that the Trump Administration’s proposed citizenship question violated procedural and substantive safeguards established by law.

“The House’s amicus brief articulates the compelling interests behind the accurate and complete enumeration of the Census:  the House’s own institutional integrity.  The Trump Administration’s efforts to compromise the Census would jeopardize the accuracy of the apportionment of the House, as well as the allocation of federal funds to states and localities, undermining the integrity of the Congress and its ability to represent and serve the American people.

“The proper conduct of the Census requires that the district court’s ruling be affirmed promptly to ensure the integrity and timely execution of this vital institution of our democracy.”

Many other politicians from blue states are also speaking out!  They are terrified that our Presidents Supreme Court picks will tip the court to uphold the constitution.  If that happens they will be left holding the bag for the cost of their ill-advised decisions. Will Chief Justice Roberts go with upholding the constitution?  Will he once again be the “swing vote” to uphold the lower courts ruling?  Time will tell, but it is not a slam dunk, and if the lower court is upheld, count on the blue states winning with more Liberal congressmen and more federal money in their pocket.

Bottom line folks is that the Democrats rig the system, and get illegal votes, inaccurate census counts, and that is how they get more people in congress. That is how they get more money to take our system down. That is how they retain power.

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