Joe promised us when campaigning for President that he would end our reliance on petroleum products.  He didn’t end our reliance, but he is in the process of strangling our petroleum industry and prices are skyrocketing.

Joe promised that he would “stop the virus in its tracks”.  He didn’t stop the virus, but he did lie to us so often that our faith in the CDC has been destroyed.

Joe promised us his spending bills would revive the economy.  Instead, we have high inflation and interest rates are rising fast.

Joe wants to fix inflation and high interest rates with his “BUILD BACK BETTER” bill, but that $5 Trillion plus spending plan would just devalue the dollar even more.

Joe promised to get us out of Afghanistan.  He turned what could have been an orderly withdrawal into a rout, and abandoned our Afghan allies to the Taliban.

Joe promised he would solve our supply chain problems.  Instead, he appointed Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary, who knows nothing of logistics, and Pete then promptly took off 6 weeks in the middle of the crisis to attend his adopted babies. 

Joe decided to end the southern border crisis by stopping the border wall and ending all Trump era policies.  We now have a virtual invasion of illegal aliens on our southern border.

Joe has decided in the midst of the southern border crisis, to end the title 42 border policy soon, and now we are expecting the invasion to double in size.

Joe has decided since Elon Musk bought Twitter, that he needs Homeland Security to establish an “office of disinformation”, which will turn into a partisan disaster. 

Joe wants the Iran deal back in place, and is using Russian diplomats to negotiate for us.  These are from the same country that is invading Ukraine and considering it a war against the west.  I’m sure that will not go well.

Joe wants to send Ukraine $40 billion dollars in aid because they are being invaded by Russians, but cannot find a single dollar to stop the invasion happening on our Southern border. 

Joe wants the largest tax increase in history, and he is telling us that the increase will be good for people and good for business.  I doubt that will ever be true.

Joe wants to give up our medical sovereignty to the WHO, which would be the first step for One World Government.  I doubt that will pass muster with SCOTUS!

I could go on and on and on, but you get the point!  This Administration is a hot mess!  At every turn, bad decisions are made, expecting a positive conclusion that never happens.  This is a textbook definition of insanity.  Wrong way Joe is virtually taking us down the path to perdition, all the while telling us he has our best interests in mind.  But does he?

There is a silver lining.  His Administrations policies are so wretched they are pushing voters into a corner, where they have no where else to go but to punish the incumbent party, and that is surely going to happen.  Republicans will win big in November, taking over the House and the Senate by big numbers.  Problem is, will we be in WWIII before that happens?  Time will tell, but at least his most damaging desires for us will then be stymied for the remainder of his term.  

One thought on “WRONG WAY JOE!”

  1. Pretty comprehensive account of a failing administration but the readers already know that. How do we reach those in the illusional world who think this guy has a functioning brain? Telling believers to believe is a winning process, how do we change the doubters?

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