640+ Afghan refugees on our C-17 heading to America

We have witnessed for the last few days the tremendous tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan.  The Taliban taking over the entire country in just days.  The Afghan army disappearing into the countryside, not to be seen again. National leaders escaping and now residing in safer environs.  Complete chaos everywhere, and the execution of our exit from that country appearing to be an unplanned and poorly executed mess. 

Taliban soldiers are going door to door in Kabul looking for those that assisted Americans in order to execute them.  Women being subjugated into burka’s and now subservient to their Taliban masters.  Every fabric of their fragile society under attack, with nothing else to look forward to but the terror of Taliban leadership.

Making matters even worse, the Taliban now have our Blackhawk helicopters, our M1A2 tanks, our Humvee’s, and all the artillery that we left behind. They also have inherited our Air Force we gave to the Afghans.  By default, they are one of the best equipped armed forces in the world.  They even were left with a lethal Air Force consisting of a large mix of US and Russian helicopters, and A-29 Super Tucano’s, completely weaponized to be lethal ground support.  Now the Taliban have all the tools necessary not only to control the country with an American made “Iron Fist”, but thanks to the Biden Administration, they have enough weapons of war to terrorize surrounding countries, which most likely will happen.

Was this really an unplanned mess, or was it something else altogether?  With the terror happening now in Afghanistan, and with the Taliban in control of a lethal mix of left-behind weaponry, it most likely is something else. 

The withdrawal plan with the previous administration was predicated on the Taliban living up to their agreement, which they did not. They then would have been bombed to submission and brought back to the negotiating process. Instead, Biden ignored their breach of contract and created the mess happening now. I’m certain this mess is purposeful. It will certainly bring in excess of hundreds of thousands of Islamic immigrants here over the next few years, with the hope of making them subservient Democrat voters, much the same thought process as opening the Southern border. It’s all about finally giving us that “fundamental transformation” that Obama originally promised. Make no mistake, this chaos was planned, and was executed perfectly for the desired result.

We are in big trouble. There is a concerted effort by the Progressives/Socialists/Marxists and the Islamist’s to bring down our country. In order to fight back, we need to understand the threat. There is an organization that does a very good job of educating people on this topic.

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