It is estimated that as many as 800 individuals entered the Capital building uninvited on January 6th.  There were thousands that stayed outside the building that same day, protesting what they were sure was a “stolen election”.  In all of that activity, only one person was killed, an unarmed woman climbing through a window shot dead by an unidentified undercover Capital police officer.  Now let’s look at some interesting facts.

The Capital police are well funded.  Their budget for 2021 is $516,000,000.  Their budget has grown from $115,000,000 in 2000 to what it is today, and that equates to a 7.4% increase year over year, even though the inflation rate averaged over the same period of time just 2.1% per annum.  Their current budget is larger than the combined budgets of both Atlanta and Detroit, and with a staff of over 2,300 officers they have more feet on the ground than either of those 2 cities.  All that in the way of assets, and they only protect an area of less than 2 square miles!  Interesting that Congress has recently allotted an additional $350,000,000 for the Capital police this year to modernize equipment and pay for post-Jan.6th overtime, and this is the same party that has been telling our big cities to “defund” the police!  Hypocrisy at it worst.  They tell us that we don’t need protection, but they double down on their own!   

Warnings were coming in from the FBI that there would be trouble, and the White House offered to send in the National Guard to supplant the efforts of the Capital police.  The warnings were ignored, and the offer of troops were disregarded.  Wondering why?

Who controls the Capital Police?  The Congressional Master at Arms does, and is a direct report to Nancy Pelosi.  She appoints that position.  It can be safely surmised that Nancy Pelosi did not want additional help for January 6th.  Why?  She wanted trouble, she wanted something else to hang Donald Trump with, and she needed a narrative.  Her proscribed narrative was, and is “insurrection”, and the fault would be pinned on our ex-president.

Now she puts together a Congressional commission to investigate this “insurrection”.  Initially, Jim Jordan(R-Ohio) and Jim Banks(R-Ind) were picked by Kevin McCarthy as 2 of 5 members for this 13-member panel, but Nancy Pelosi refused to seat them, because they were already asking questions about her personal involvement in the January 6th event.  In response, Kevin McCarthy pulled all 5 of his picks off the panel.  The only Republican on the panel now is Trump hater Liz Cheney, the rest of the panel occupied by Trump impeachment antagonists including Adam Schiff(D-California).  She has put together a modern version of a “lynch mob” and this suits Nancy just fine! 

The investigation is a sham.  Most likely, Nancy Pelosi has already written what the outcome will be, and that is that Donald Trump instigated the so called “insurrection”.  This in her mind would invalidate any future hope for him to run again for the Presidency.  It will not work, as this “investigation” is a sham, but it is also a diversion that the Democrats need in order to direct attention away from rampant inflation, open borders, out of control debt, and looming new taxation that will affect all of us. 

Nancy and her Democrats have increased their own personal protection.  That just may be a wise decision based on their current involvement in deconstructing America as we know it.  As their popularity drops even further (yes that is happening), they will need the Capital police, and their new equipment even more than they may realize!

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