Gallup release a poll last month that indicated Americans believe that illegal immigration is one of the top two problems facing our country. The biggest problem is the idea that our government does not work for the people. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are primary reasons why people have little faith in our government. They prefer to play politics rather than execute the most important duty of their office, to protect the security of the citizens of the United States.

These two say that there is no border problem, that it is a fiction of the President, who is simply trying to placate his voting base prior to the 2020 election. They say it is a fabrication that has no real meaning, that a “border wall” is unneeded and a waste of money.

Right now we have 60,000+ crossing the border monthly, most of which are minors both accompanied by parents and unaccompanied. These people are coming over as economic migrants, most of them will not pass muster as asylum seekers. They will, however be released into our country until their court date comes up, and most will never show up for that. With them come many diseases that will spread throughout our citizenry. Criminals also come in with the flow of illegals, creating more crime on our side of the border. People will also die attempting to come here, and Nancy and Chuck say this is not a crisis. They are right, it is not a crisis, it is an invasion!

The President is asking for 5 billion dollars for additional border security. It is estimated that we spend 159 billion dollars annually to maintain these illegal aliens in our country. It is insanity to do nothing, and nothing is exactly what Nancy and Chuck are planning. They don’t care about Americans, they care about their own power, and their hate for Donald Trump. Nothing else seems to matter to them, not even the 800,000 federal workers without paychecks, most of whom vote Democrat.

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