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Yes, it is a “New Year”. Time marches on, and so does progress. The stock market has rebounded, and just today the DJI is up 330 points! The President is finally getting positive trade movement from China! We have more jobs now than job seekers, and the economy is still on fire. By many measurements we are doing great!

In spite of that we have dark clouds hovering over all of this positive news. A new caravan of economic migrants just passed unmolested into Mexico, heading for our border. The Democrats are not interested in border security, and the Speaker of the House even tried to escape out of country to insure that negotiations would not go forward. The President stopped her and a busload of other Democrat congressmen from flying away on an Air Force jet, but that just seems to make them more interested in payback than in making a deal on the border.

The government is still partially “shutdown”. 800,000 federal workers are without pay, and the President will not reopen unless the Democrats negotiate with him to end the border crisis. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will not give an inch, and instead spend their time attempting to place all the blame for the shutdown on the shoulders of our President. The President meanwhile is doing his best to allay their efforts by making a compelling case that it is the Democrats keeping these workers from their pay, not his Administration. It is a mess, and there is no solution in sight!

Democrats are rejoicing in an unverified report from Buzzfeed News (A far left news-feed with little credibility) that Michael Cohen will testify to congress that the President ordered him to lie to them about Trump’s interest in building a tower in Moscow. They believe that this is all they need to impeach him, and it is most probable that they will start that process forthwith. Being that there is no illegality for a private citizen to engage potential partners in Russia for a real estate venture in Moscow and Trump was a private citizen at the time, asking his attorney to lie about something that was not in any way illegal makes no sense. That will not hold them back. They will impeach him, take their time doing it and effectively kill anything positive to happen for the next 2 years.

Democratic Socialism is taking hold of the Democrat Party. There are now a myriad of contestants from that party for the 2020 Presidential race, and they are all embracing elements of this socialist movement. Freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in the forefront of this phenomena, pushing hard for her “Green Agenda” and “Medicare for all”. She cannot run for President because she is too young, but she is making a difference in the Democratic narrative. Its as though the 20th Century never happened, and 100 million souls were never sacrificed at the alter of Socialism.

A New Year usually means a new start. This New Year instead promises a toxic mix of political insanity. Gridlock in Washington, the left doubling down on Socialism, an Impeached President and open borders. All of this has the potential to take away the gains in the economy and quality of life that we currently enjoy. In a sane New Year we would be instead simply be celebrating a successful economy, more money in our pockets and a brighter future for ourselves and our families. It is truly a shame that our government is the Grinch that stole the fruitful promise of the New Year!

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