In Philadelphia recently Biden gave a speech in front of a backdrop that looked like it came from the depths of hell. He said that these” MAGA Republicans” are a direct threat to our “democracy”. All lies, especially because we do not have a democracy, but instead our forefathers designed this country as a Republic to protect individual rights from “mob rule”.
He has also said that our greatest threat as a nation is “climate change”, and that the Chinese are not a threat, that they are “Good people, folks”. Another obvious lie. The Chinese, along with their ambition of world dominance is by far our greatest threat.
He told us that the “Inflation Reduction Act”, was just what we needed to combat inflation, but it was never designed to reduce inflation, but instead was a back door to a version of the “Green New Deal”. Another lie, this act will increase inflation and spend ½ trillion dollars on initiatives that will do nothing to improve the environment, but will line special interests with money, some of which will be donated back to the Democrat Party.
He even told us last year that the most important thing we can do if we live in a hurricane prone area, is to get vaccinated! Another stupid lie, and it makes one wonder if he really does think we are stupid, or at least that his handlers do!
I could go on and on with incidents of him lying to us, but I think I will touch on his biggest lie of all. He states that since “climate change” is the biggest threat we face, he introduced an Executive order to have all federal agencies to have a 60% reduction in carbon-based fuels by 2035, and have a net zero policy by 2050. First, this will never happen, as there are no real reliable replacements for petroleum products for fuel, heating, and a myriad of other uses we have for this feedstock. Here is a small list of some of the uses we have for petroleum products:

SolventsDiesel fuelMotor OilBearing Grease
InkFloor WaxBallpoint PensFootball Cleats
Bicycle TiresSports Car BodiesNail PolishFishing lures
DressesTiresGolf BagsPerfumes
CassettesDishwasher partsTool BoxesShoe Polish
Motorcycle HelmetCaulkingPetroleum JellyTransparent Tape
CD PlayerFaucet WashersAntisepticsClothesline
CurtainsFood PreservativesBasketballsSoap
Vitamin CapsulesAntihistaminesPursesShoes
DashboardsCortisoneDeodorantShoelace Aglets
PuttyDyesPanty HoseRefrigerant
PercolatorsLife JacketsRubbing AlcoholLinings
SkisTV CabinetsRugsElectrician’s Tape
Tool RacksCar Battery CasesEpoxyPaint
MopsSlacksInsect RepellentOil Filters
UmbrellasYarnFertilizersHair Coloring
RoofingToilet SeatsFishing RodsLipstick
Denture AdhesiveLinoleumIce Cube TraysSynthetic Rubber
SpeakersPlastic WoodElectric BlanketsGlycerin
Tennis RacketsRubber CementFishing BootsDice
Nylon RopeCandlesTrash BagsHouse Paint
Water PipesHand LotionRoller SkatesSurf Boards
ShampooWheelsPaint RollersShower Curtains
Guitar StringsLuggageAspirinSafety Glasses
AntifreezeFootball HelmetsAwningsEyeglasses
ClothesToothbrushesIce ChestsFootballs
CombsCD’s & DVD’sPaint BrushesDetergents
VaporizersBalloonsSun GlassesTents
Heart ValvesCrayonsParachutesTelephones
AnestheticsArtificial TurfArtificial limbsBandages
DenturesModel CarsFolding DoorsHair Curlers
Cold creamMovie filmContact lensesDrinking Cups
Fan BeltsCar EnamelShaving CreamAmmonia
RefrigeratorsGolf BallsToothpasteGasoline  

This executive order also includes the military.  Analysts say that we would have to drastically reduce the footprint of our military to come anywhere near this dictate.  At the same time our real present and future danger, China, is quickly building up its military to challenge and overtake our own.  Can you imagine fighter jets without jet fuel, and a military with electric vehicles?  Who will benefit besides China if we actually go down this ridiculous path?  Could it be military contractors, who will be obliged to kick back a percentage to the Democrat Party? 

We already have seen Europe, an area that deeply embraced their own version of the “Green New Deal”, suffering because of the lack of petroleum and natural gas that was formerly coming from Russia.  Their windmills and solar panels will not be enough to keep them warm this winter, let alone power their economies.  That future is for us, if we do not do something to stop the madness.  

We have mid-term elections coming up in just a few weeks.  If you want to tie the hands of Sleepy Joe, we need to vote Republican, and that goes for Federal, State, and County elections.  We cannot let them win.  If we do nothing, they will, and our lives will change forever.  Save our Country, our State, and our County, and do the right thing!  Vote Republican!  Remember, every vote that stays home, is a vote for the insanity we now are witnessing.  Every vote counts!

Here is a video from Senate Republicans stating why we have to make changes now!

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