I have to believe that Joe Biden is being used.  No one can be this stupid!  Everything that is being done in his name is a detriment to our country, our way of life, and our status in the world.  Open borders, hyper-inflationary policies, increasing the debt, the war on gas and oil, the war on our children, and hundreds of other issues with this guy.  On top of that, it is clearly evident that he is not of right mind.  He is old and demented.  Someone else is pulling the strings, and the end game seems to be to bring the USA to its knees. 

What is the game plan?  From what I can see, the ultimate plan is to crash our economy, enter ourselves into a “NEW WORLD ORDER”, and comply with those that would rule us.  What else could it possibly be?  We do have a hope, and that is that we take over the house and most probably the senate and stop the madness.  We also need every sensible State Attorney General to sue the Biden Administration for their unconstitutional works. 

The latest insult is the Executive Order to eliminate student loan debt.  It is patently unconstitutional, and needs big push back.  I’m sure that Attorney General Paxton of Texas will sue, and I’m also sure that many other Attorney Generals will follow suit.  I believe that the lawsuits are already being prepared, and the game is on! 

Time is running out for the Progressive Cabal that is now controlling our country.  They are not just going to stop here.  We will see many other insane budget additions come up before November, and I pray that our party will resist at every level.  We cannot let these people turn our wonderful country into a 3rd world state.  It would not only be devastating for us, but the whole world would suffer immensely.  We are the glue that keeps the world at peace.  If the world loses us, the world itself is lost!

The November election is coming up fast!  Please, vote your conscience, vote for our country, vote for our lifestyles, and most of all, vote for the safety and security of the world at large.  There has never been a more important election in our lifetimes, and what is at stake is critical!  Let’s take the country back, and let’s ensure that what is happening now does not continue, and is reversed at the first possible time.  We cannot continue to the “SHINING CITY ON THE HILL”, blessed by God, and admired by the world, if we continue on the path of destruction.  It has to end now, and we still have the vote to end the madness! 

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