We recently found out that President Trump’s Florida residence at Mar A Lago was raided by the FBI.  No particular reason has been given for the raid.  This is simply just another attack on him from the Administrative State to try to push him away from running in 2024.  They have been doing this for 6 years, and so far have come up with zero.  What do they think they will find now?

The Administrative State is the key word to understand everything that is happening around us right now.  The people that actually control us are leftist bureaucrats.  They run everything.  They have all the intelligence agencies, the IRS, the EPA and virtually the entire framework of the Federal Government.  These same leftists have been busy for over a half a century.  They have taken over our educational system, our media, Hollywood, virtually everything in our present culture.  Now they also have the levers of power in Washington, and they are not going to give up their power.  They will do anything to keep it and grow it stronger.  In fact, they want to give us what Obama promised, a fundamental transformation to Socialism, and after that Globalism.  They are relentless, and they know their time is starting to run out, and they are also desperate. 

They have been successful in indoctrinating the last 2 generations of our children, who for the most part believe that being “woke” is the most intelligent way for them to live their lives.  They do not believe in any debate in society.  They believe that what they are fed in popular culture is the righteous way to live and to direct the country.  They have been successfully indoctrinated, and do not want and will not stand to hear dissenting opinions. 

The left is terrified of Donald Trump.  He is popular, makes good sense, and now the lefts policies are failing in terrible fashion.  What their biggest fear is, is that Donald Trump will be elected once again, and he will start on the long haul to fix all that they have broken.  They look at him as their own personal “anti-Christ” who has the potential to roll back all the gains that they have made for the past ½ century.  They have to destroy him, one way or another.  They have been trying for about 6 years, and have come up with nothing.  They are banking of the January 6th Commission, and of course the raid they did on his Florida home for something, anything, that they can hang him with.  If they find nothing, what will be their next step?  Will they simply hire someone to do the unthinkable? 

Right now, we are not free.  The left wants to double the IRS auditor population to keep us in line.  They want to double down on the Green New Deal, and they want to hobble our manufacturing companies with regulations and taxes that will stifle growth and put us into economic malaise.  They want us to fail so that they can fundamentally transform us, and everything happening now with the economy has been pre-planned to achieve that goal.  The only real fly in their ointment is Donald J. Trump. 

They have over-reached.  What they are doing to DJT is putting his supporters into over-drive.  They are also with their overreach putting people on the fence, good people that are just waking up into his corner.  What used to be a question has now been answered.  DJT is running for President, and unless they do the “unthinkable” he will be the President in 2024.  He also will win converts with our young people, as they see their lives improve, and will re-start his promise to “drain the swamp”.  With luck, he will get much done, and Ron DeSantis can finish the work after Trump retires.  Yes, we have great hope, and yes, the left has become their own worst enemy!  God bless America, and God bless the Conservative movement!

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