We have reported on many rallies in the past, but this one was really unique.  Unlike rallies we have previously covered, this one was very positive, with only one dissenter.  It was a fun afternoon with people of all races and creeds getting together to celebrate our country, and also to get people involved in the voting process.  It was a highly successful event, and with some luck, it will get more people to the polls.

Johnny Nalbandian was there talking to everyone that would listen.  He is a good man, a dark horse candidate that is running as a conservative in one of the most liberal districts in the country.  I wish him luck, and you cannot find a better candidate to replace Adam Schiff!

Johnny Nalbandian waving to some of his supporters!

There was only one protester.  He added his comment to the proceeding, and then ran away!  No one else had anything negative to say about this gathering.  In fact, many people were interested enough to talk to those there, and bought Trump gear at the exhibit table!

The only one that decided to protest!

Table selling Trump paraphernalia.

The gas tax is giving California the highest gas prices in the nation!

Gays for Trump!

More Trump supporters!

Rally with interesting characters!
Media capturing opinions!

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