There was a time when our 2-party system worked.  Both parties, although different in noticeable ways, held the same basic values at each of their cores.  The Constitution set up the system of government and guaranteed certain rights. The Constitution has given us separation of powers, so that no one man or group can lord over all others.   This system of separation of powers has worked well over the years, and afforded us stability that is lacking in most other world governments.  Not only did it give us inalienable rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, but amendments to the document expanded on those rights, making the USA the freest country in the world.  Our economic system, Capitalism, was never in question, and made our economy the envy of the world.  Our military was admired by our citizens of every stripe, and either welcomed or feared by our allies and enemies alike.  These core values were never in question, until lately.

The Republican Party still holds these values in their core.  Every day they have to battle to ensure that these values are not trampled upon, but the Democrats are pursuing change to our way of life that would end America as we know it.  AOC and her “squad” promote a toxic mix of socialism and identity politics, along with a very destructive brand of environmentalism with “THE GREEN NEW DEAL” and with their social media tools, are constantly messaging large followings on these topics.  These 4 women, along with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have moved the Democrat Party far to the left, embracing government-controlled health care, the eventual end to most constitutional amendments, and effectively advocating the destruction of our Constitution.  They call for open borders, the dissolution of ICE, and the welcoming of hordes of people from other less fortunate countries.  These people are more than welcome because they are coming for social benefits, and will vote for those benefits, they will vote Democrat.  In fact, they are advocating for the destruction of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  They believe that they can create a Socialist Utopia, with the state controlling every aspect of our lives.  This of course, would mean the destruction of our economy, and the forfeiture of our freedom. 

24 Democrats are currently running for President.  They all are in their own ways advocating for this dangerous form of political and economic change in our country.  They are doubling down on the divisive strategy of identity politics, and vilifying all that do not agree with them.  They, along with a good portion of the Democratic Party, have in effect morphed into something entirely different than their name suggests.  Their advocations indicate that the Democratic Party of yesterday is dead, is just a rotting hulk.  The only thing recognizable that is left is the name.  Everything else points to the party now of record is the Socialist Party, with little to nothing about it Democratic. 

The 2020 election is to be the most important one we have had since Lincoln.  This election will determine whether we will continue to be a country that values individual freedom, values the economic freedom of Capitalism, or the tyranny of Socialism.  This election will also decide if we are to remain a country, or with open borders to devolve into nothing more than a failed experiment.  People, our votes will count.  We can vote to keep the country we love, or to embrace the shackles that will be put upon us by the party that once was “Democratic”.    

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