Lost, Hell, Limbo, Night, Dark, Forest

Do you walk on the other side of the street when you see seedy people coming towards you?

Do you protect your handbag when a group of youths of color approach?

Do you sit in another subway car if the one you embark on has loud ruffians?

Do you evaluate a new neighborhood by making assumptions about the neighbors?

Do you slow down your vehicle when you think that there may be a policeman ahead?

Do you look twice at the dark-skinned man in a turban boarding the same plane as yourself?

Do you watch the stranger with some trepidation as he walks up your front walkway?

It is a natural human condition to prejudge situations.  It is one of our best defenses, and is a natural action that is ingrained in every one of us.  Prejudging situations keeps us safe, and eliminates much random violence and criminality.  Profiling, a subset of prejudice, is how we absolutely protect not just ourselves, but our families. 

Tying prejudice in with racism is done all the time to divide us.   The narratives that keep this alive abound on the left.  We are told that prejudice leads to racism, and that we have to fight to eliminate this sin from ourselves.  We are told that we should not judge racial groups by personal experience or habit, because we should give everyone the benefit of the doubt.  We are told never to profile a person, that the act itself is evil.  We even tell our security men (TSA) at the airport not to profile anyone.  In the same paragraph we are also told that diversity is our strength.  In that thought, the left also prejudges all white men to be the problem with most of society.

The whole argument against prejudice is crazy!  We are told to eliminate one of our greatest security gifts from God in order to achieve “Social Justice”.  Yet, these same social justice warriors prejudge “toxic white masculinity”, white men in general, and white people.  They find great fault with white existence, but find people of color to be faultless, and clean as driven snow.  This is done with a great deal of prejudice and profiling on their part, driven by their desire to marginalize white people in particular politically.

Prejudice is not going away.  SJW’s can scream about it all they want.  People of all colors and backgrounds practice prejudice on a constant basis, and that will never stop.  The “law of the jungle” states that only the fittest survive, and the fittest pre-judge their situations on a minute by minute basis. 

Prejudice is a tool.  Like all tools, it can be used for good, or it can be used for evil. Most people use it for good, and those that use it for nefarious reasons will never stop.  Instead of fighting prejudice, we should embrace the good in it, and continue to point out that there are those that use the tool as an evil wedge against us all. 

My wife and I will continue to pre-judge our life’s journey.  We proudly wear the badge of prejudiced people.  How about you?

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